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Audi TT



  • OK fellow TT owners, who has the info on suspension parts? I'm talking coilovers vs springs and/or shocks. What about cold intake systems vs just K&N filters? Id like to lower my ride height yet refrain from getting such a stiff ride. I've already installed 18" MasItaly's on Pirelli P7000's and the ride wasnt too bad, but now I'm looking for improved handling and a little extra HP boost. Also, who knows about what the extra HP created by a chip does to your tranny? I hear that the torque increase can be more than what the tranny can handle, is that true?

    Thanks guys and gals


    seriously itching for performance mods!!

    I can also be reached by email @
  • Hey, are any of you guys going? It's going to be a blast. November 30 - Dec 2. Fellow TT owners from Southern Cali please register and come on down. Castle tours and wine tasting for the weekend!
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    These stories are pretty scary. I've owned several OLD Saabs (not exactly known for reliability) and nothing I've been through compares to this. I guess if this were me, I'd get rid of the car. Then again, my web skills pale in comparison to his. Yikes.
  • Why is this forum so quiet? Folks like me who are considering a TT would like to hear from the owners.
  • I am a prospective TT owner. I have recently read a review stating that the TT has a significant blind spot with the top up. Can anyone verify this? If you currently own a TT I would like to hear from you on this subject.
  • TT(180hp) vs. BMW Z3(2.5)? I am leaning more towards buying a TT. Any input from anyone on this debate?
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    Based on the current models, I'd go with the TT just b/c it's the new kid on the block and so attractive. TT also has a decent sized trunk for short trips whereas the Z3's trunk is a little small. The Z3 drives better though b/c of the TT's turbo lag. Last, an all new Z3 is coming out next year. If you can wait, might want to see what the new Z3 offers.
  • the TT roadster does have a pretty big blindspot--like other drop-tops. however, i installed euro mirrors (they're split mirrors) that eliminated the blindspot entirely. as a matter of fact, i liked the mirrors so much, i also installed them on my grocery-getting sedan. they're about 140 bucks, and well worth the money for any car. we installed them ourselves; it wasn't difficult.

    the TT is awesome.
  • Maxwella,thank you for the advice. I will definitely look into the euro mirrors(when I get the car, that is). I am glad that you like the TT.
  • Leoniv,Thanks for the advice. I think I like the TT better as well. By the way, how pronounced is that Turbo Lag? From what I have read, the 180 HP TT's power kicks in at a relatively low 2500 rpm. The Z3 does have a 6 cylinder and has more torque than the TT(although not much more) Any thoughts?
  • This is more of a general roadster question, but does anyone own a TT as the only car in their household? Is it possible to survive with six feet of trunk space? Thanks.
  • The TT 180hp has 7.8 cu ft, while the BMW 325i convertible only has 7.7 cu ft. Of course, the TT does not have a back seat...
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    The TT's power does kick in at around 2k rpms, but if you ever let the clutch out below that "sweet" spot, you'll just about stall the car. I guess if you can train your foot to let the clutch out later, you'll be fine. I've never driven a turbo'd car so it doesn't feel natural letting the clutch out at 2500 rpms for normal starts. Also, even though the torque is about the same, the Z3 is over 200 lbs lighter so starting from a stop feels easier.
  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    I was seriously interested in a TT 225QR in '01; loved the styling,fit and finish, etc. But couldn't get past the artificial feeling turbo lag (probably more pronounced in the 225), especially in the stop and go environment I'm in--if you do mostly highway driving it wouldn't be as noticeable. Also resented paying $40k for a 4 cyl. car. So decided the 3.0 Z3 was for me; terrific engine, classic upright seating position, retro interior--and then got great discount from dealer cash back program that started in fall '01 and I believe still goes on. It's a buyer's market for Z3's.
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    If you're ever in the Cleveland area with your Z3 drop me an e-mail that you're coming and I'll show you some turbo lag. Actually the lag is less pronounced in the 225. This is my third turboed car and it by far has the least amount of lag. As for paying 40k for a 4 banger. Think of it this way. Is there another car on the market at that price range that delivers 125hp/liter? Sounds like you didn't even test drive the 225. If you had I think you might of been driving the car you really wanted. Hope I didn't come off rude. I just love the TT!
  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    No, I thoroughly test drove several TT's, took one home for a couple hrs., b/c it was the car I really wanted--even had the color scheme picked out (silver/baseball leather). The only problem was the turbo 4 and this was totally solved by the strong 3 litre BMW engine which I absolutely love. Also like the retro interior (admittedly not as stylish as the TT) and upright seating, all of which remind me of my first car, a '68Triumph 250. And the $3k cash back from BMW sealed the decision. But I still look twice at every TT I see, and appreciate the fact that there aren't that many around here in suburban Phila.
  • 6444064440 Posts: 2
    I had my heart set on a 323 BMW convertible, 2000, 5 speed, but I'm having trouble finding the one I want. The Audi TT is looking like a nice alternative. Does anyone have direct experience in comparing these two cars? I would be interested in a 2001 Audi TT, I don't need a 2002.Thanks for your responses.
  • Drive the TT thoroughly. As you can see from above, I cross shopped the TT with a Z3 roadster and was put off by the characteristics of the turbo 4. If you don't mind that, as well as the far less roomy interior, the TT is a little gem--and not nearly as common as the 3 series.
  • I live in Florida and am looking at a 2001 tt roadster, Lake Silver/grey, ~12,500 miles, cd changer. Certified to 100,000 miles at Audi. They are asking $32,000. Is this a good price? They said they may be able to take $800 off (after repeatedly asking). My other option is a 99 Merc slk230/28,000 miles/but it has a light re-paint on the passenger door (fits perfect though) for $27,000. I have to travel for both vehicles. Opinions?
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    32k for an 01 TT 180 convt seems a bit much. Depending on the options on the car, you can get a new TT 180 convt for a little over 34k (msrp). Most dealers are coming off of msrp (check out edmund's TMV) for the convertibles. For a few extra dollars, I'd go for a new 180 TT. I'd stay away from the SLK too. If it's been repainted, even if it looks good, in a few years, you'll really be able to tell the difference between paint jobs. Then you'll have a really hard time unloading it later.
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