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Read this before purchasing an Acura 3.2 CL



  • Good Idea. Lets add another $17,000 to get the same car.
    Oh I forgot. In the world of the superficial, the "Honda Experience" means you can't park your Honda in the "Doctor's Lot"
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Posts: 213
    Good luck on the BMW which has an average reliability at best. You should have considered a Lexus or an Infinity.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I agree! 9,600+ miles and NO PROBLEMS!! Two dealer visits for oil/filter changes and a tire rotation/balance. No rattles, no squeaks, no brake shudder. Best car I have ever owned!

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    6000 miles and no problems!!!

    2001 Chevrolet Impala LS with the 3800 Series II V6 engine..

    Just adding fuel to the fire...hehehe!!!
  • I'm the one who posted that the paint and fuel mileage on my 2001 Acura CL was lousey. Several of you guys have said you are getting over 20 mpg. but thats just a fantasy figure to me. I am nowhere close to that mpg and am only getting 15 mpg in the city and about 24 mpg on the freeway.

    I've had 4 very long conversations with the Acura customer service people and the dealer I bought my car from in April 2001 about my mileage problems. When I told them I was getting 15 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway they said that was typical. I then mentioned the sticker on the car said 19/29 and they told me the mileage posted on the sticker was done by the EPA under ideal conditions and that this wasn't typical fuel mileage!!!! Needless to say, I was very p*ssed!!!

    They then told me there was nothing they could do to help me out.

    I am going to tell everyone I know that I was deceived and I will probably never buy another Acura again. As for the resale, the lady that lost $8,500 on the sale of her car was just more depressing news to me.

    This car is getting the same fuel mileage as a gas guzzling SUV, and if I want to sell it, I'll lose my shirt to boot. Great, just great!

    It would have been cheaper to buy an American SUV, because then I could have gotten the same fuel mileage but in a bigger and heavier vehicle without pretending that I was trying to do the right thing in buying a supposedly fuel efficient car, beause I AM NOT driving a fuel efficient car!!

    I also wouldn't be paying for premium gas or the 'luxury car insurance' costs that come with owning an Acura CL. I am very unhappy with this car, especially in regards to the paint and the fuel mileage. I basically try to avoid driving my CL as much as possible because i feel I bought an overpriced gas guzzler. I should have bought a Volkswagen Jetta.

    Unhappy in the Piedmont (SC)
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Nothing wrong with an Impala. Glad you're having good luck.


    I'm sorry to read about your unhappiness with your CL. I certainly can sympathize with you because I had a number of problems when I had my "Motor Trend Car of the Year"- 1999 Chrysler 300M. It got to the point where I hated to sign on to the 300M site here because mostly everyone was getting great gas mileage and weren't experiencing any problems with their 300M's.

    So, I guess it happens that you can get a bad one in the bunch. Actually, this is the first car that has even gotten anywhere near the mileage figures shown on the window sticker. I thought everyone knew that those were under "ideal"(whatever that is) conditions.

    You really should go to site and ask in there about your problems. They are a great bunch. There are even guys there who work at Acura dealerships and might be able to help you with the gas mileage problems. I do know that if you take off from lights and race everything that you see, you mileage will drop. Only lately have I gunned it a few times and found out that I did pay for it with less than 20MPG!! A first for me. Since day one, I have never gotten less than 300 miles per tank or less than 20MPG. That's city/highway driving with/without AC on. Most times sunroof open.

    I hope things get better for you because I know what it's like to be paying for and driving something that you're not happy with.

    Keep us informed.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    fastdriver's post is right on the money.....

    yeah, I do feel bad that some people got stuck with "lemons". All car makers have this problem..... some just have more than others. I think if you understand the manufacturing process then you'll appreciate that even car on the same assembly line won't necessarily be the same.

    I'd say that you will have a hard time achieving good gas mileage with any V6 in the city. As for highway driving, I hope that you are getting the figure because you have your windows down and not exactly 100% highway......
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    "I think if you understand the manufacturing process then you'll appreciate that even cars on the same assembly line won't necessarily be the same."

    YOU'RE right on the money with that. My 300M was made in Canada on the SAME assembly line with the Dodge Intrepids, Chrysler Concordes and the former Chrysler LHS which they have discontinued for 2002. These cars were all made by the same people, with the same parts, but the reliability varied greatly! Many people had to have their power window motors replaced several times. That was probably the only problem I didn't have with that car! LOL.. It is crazy. That said, it does seem that many of the foreign name cars have fewer problems then the US ones. WHY? I can think of a number of reasons, but I don't want to start any wars here.


    I forgot about one thing RE: the paint. A week ago this past Friday, I was on I-95. Suddenly I heard a VERY loud BANG! It sounded like a rock hit the top of my car. My first thought- a big dent. When I got to my destination, it was dark, but I did look and didn't see anything. The next day I looked again because I was sure there would be a big chip. I didn't see a thing. This weekend when I finally washed my car and Zainoed it, I did notice a very slight dent in the top, but no chip. I can't believe it. The noise was unbelievable. I did see a small chip at the very front of the hood, near the "V", which COULD have been eliminated IF I had the bra on. The rock probably hit there and bounced up to hit the top of the car? I did have the moonroof open! I could have been knocked out if it hit me! Never thought of that until this minute.

  • Thanks to all for their frankness in their postings on the problems they are having with their cars. I was considering an Acura CL Sport, but I am convinced that it is not worth the hassle. Acura is not for me. I hate to have to fight with a dealer. Best to have quality and not have to fight, next best to have a dealer willing to fix up the messes of a poor auto manufacturer.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    There is some truth to durability here. I have a 96 Camry XLE V-6. It is dark green. The paint scratches so easy, and it NEVER comes off once it is scratched. It is made in the US, and I am sure the paint is water based.

    Just bought a 92 BMW 325i with 87K miles. I am pleasantly surprized at how well the paint is holding up on this car. I just waxed it, it hardly has any scartches. The weather stripes/sealers around the doors,and leather look very well.
  • hello. i was reading the posts regarding mpg for the cl. i have a 2001 cl premium with 3,100
    miles on it. after each fill up i figure out my mpg. i have had as low as 24 mpg and as high as 29
    mpg. usually i average 27. i don't fill up until the yellow light indicates a low fuel level. usually
    i pump in 15 gallons, so there's 2 gallons in the tank before the refuel. i can drive 400 plus miles
    on a tank. i recall the low mpg came during the hot summer and i used the air conditioner very
    frequently. i'm not a lead foot. i do most of my driving on the highway. i usually drive in the sport
    shift mode. i anticipate even higher miles per gallon because i feel my car isn't broken in as yet. i say this because my previous honda civics and acura integra achieved better fuel economy than the figures posted on the sticker. i expect to get 30 mpg. i am surprised that some of you are getting lower figures.
  • I own a 2001 TL. does any one know what Acura did to increase the horse power on the 2002 S? Is it just a computer chip change?
  • tl-s has a dual stage intake manifold, freer flowing exhaust, larger throttle body, higher compression ratio, and a couple other things here and there. it's not even close to a computer chip change.

    go to tl-s discussion forum for more questions on the tl-s.
  • andergtrandergtr Posts: 101
    this is my third acura and easily my most disappointing experience--i previously had an '89 integra and an '87 legend, both of which were great cars. based on my experience with acura, i figured that the CL-S would be a great deal.

    little things started surfacing on the car, including a pulley that made noise and had to be replaced before the 7,500-mile mark. also, the moonroof has continued to creak even after the dealer has inspected, resealed, and reinstalled the moonroof.

    the final straw came two weeks ago, when the tranny started to hunt for gears, shifting VERY abruptly. i figured that i would be able to get home and then drop off the car at the dealer first thing the next morning. no such luck--the tranny got stuck in third gear, and i had to drive the car back to the dealer (about 15 miles away) in stop/go traffic on a friday afternoon...all while being stuck in third gear. imagine going from 0 to 20 mph in third--guess i should be thankful that it didn't get stuck in first.

    anyway, i experienced much of the same frustration with acura. of course they apologized, but only after two angry phone calls to their headquarters in torrance, california, did i finally get them to extend the warranty to 75,000 miles.

    the car has a remanufactured tranny in it now, and i'm probably going to be looking at BMW's in the next few months.

    sorry, but this car has been a big letdown in terms of reliability. too bad--it's been a very fun car to drive otherwise.
  • so, how often did you abuse that sport shift? How do you know that it "stuck" in third?
  • rkw2rkw2 Posts: 66
    I sell cars for an Acura dealer here in NJ. Truthfully, I am not very impressed with the 3.2 CL or CL-S. It does not have the same high quality feel that the other Acuras have. I thought there is a lot of wind noise from the moon roof (even when closed but the sun shade is open). I find it has less power, less precise handling, and a harsher/noisier ride when compared to the 3.2 TL. The 2 cars are very similar, with the major difference being 2 doors (CL)vs 4 doors (TL). This is my 2 cents worth.

    As a word of advice for those leasing. If you are having the paint problesm. make sure you document everything, especially any communications with Acura. You don't want to be held responsible for this problem and then be charged $1000's when you turn the cars in at the end of your lease.
  • If carmakers had balls they'd replace, immediately, defective products. A defective paint job on a car is defective protective coating. Once the little peeling begins, the owner is never comfortable with the vehicle. Reading all of these posts puts a new twist on the term 'anxiety'. I think the guy with the Acura did the right thing getting rid of it, though I would have sued Honda for a replacement as they obviously sold a pig. I think imbro is on the right track looking for a BMW but I wouldn't spend a whole pile of dough on one at the outset. I have an '84 318i that has 265000 miles on it and my wife has put 100000 on it with her horrible driving habits, giving me testament to BMW durability. I have not been the best dad to that car and it's given me driving pleasure and safety for 5 years. I paid 5 grand for it and have probably put 5 grand into it and it's still a better car than most new 15000 dollar tin cans out there (witness: Toyota Corolla). Years ago I owned a little Toyota pickup with a door that couldn't have been more than 1.5 inches thick and the door clasp that did not look like the greatest locking device for the task. When I looked at the very first Acuras out of curiosity I opened the door and, lo and behold!, there was the very same door latch as on my low-end Toyota pickup. I looked no further.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    how is it possible that the CL has LESS power than the TL? They have the same powertrain and weigh essentially the same.... As far as the quality of "feel" that just might be because Acura had to cut corners to put in a lot and charge less.
  • nick51nick51 Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had problems with their rotars? I purchased my car when they first came out and it has 32K miles. The rotars have been turned TWICE! I have gone back and forth with the dealership and Acura trying to get them to replace the rotars but they will not. The warranty has paid for the turning. I think this is crazy. I am a normal driver. No crazy driving. They say the brake pads are fine. Something is not right!
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