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Low End Sedans (under $16k)



  • carfanatic007carfanatic007 Posts: 267
    I never accused you of lying. I said it was hard to believe. I still find it hard to believe that anyone would trade in a week old Honda Fit for a Nissan Murano. Two completely different vehicles. Sounds fake to me, that is what I meant. I like Honda. I think Japanese vehicles are far superior to Korean vehicles. That is my opinion.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I made a statement of fact, that someone had already sold their Fit because of an uncomfortable driving position. To that you replied:

    However, I seriously doubt that anyone has already "sold" there fit because it was uncomfortable. That, I find HARD to believe.

    When you "seriously doubt" and find "HARD to believe" someone when they have made a statement of fact, you are basically saying they are lying. A more friendly way of expressing your shock over such behavior might be, "Wow, I am really surprised someone would do that!"

    And by saying the story about getting rid of the Fit for a Murano sounds "fake", you are saying that you think the poster who told us about that experience is lying too.

    Which Korean vehicles in this class have you driven? The 2006 Rio? 2006 Rio5? 2006 Accent? Aveo? I don't think the Aveo is competitive anymore in this class, but if you haven't driven the latest models from Korea you might want to do that, as you might be pleasantly surprised if you do it with an open mind.

    You see, I am a Honda fan also and loved the two Civics I owned. But I am not stuck on any one brand, or country. Let the best car for my needs win (my money).
  • ross14ross14 Posts: 36
    The Olds Ciera is not small, or very economical. It has great sightlines( hood & trunk may be seen if Mom is tall enough). Is she ready to downsize? If not, the Camry 4 cylinder with adjustable seats is very comfortable for my petite wife. The Camry Le lifts her way up, whereas the Accord needs the most expensive model to get the height option. We get over 25 on the Hwy On our 2006. If mom feels safe in downsizing, the Elantra has wonderful seat adjustment, average mpg, & best warranty. I have 2 close friends with Elantras, & they are very saisfied. I would not suggest the new Honda Civic, because the sightlines are ridiculous. Mom might also get a kick out of the old Rav 4, or the Honda CRV, or the Matrix.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    Thanks. Well I have found out my mom wants a small and I do mean small car...I had a Ford Festiva years ago and she like my 99 Metro I had and wants close to the same kind of mileage...I did explain to her cars are heavier now and the mileage is lower on the small cars. I took a buttload of brouchers to Mom. Her picks were the Yaris, Fit, Aveo, 3-door Accent and the Rio5. Now she says could you get me some more info on them ....I wish she had a computer. So I am going to all the forums and listening to everyone talk about all the cars (except the 3-door Accent, sedan will be close).
  • ross14ross14 Posts: 36
    Assuming all the cars were 2 doors( Except the Rio5 4door), your Mom is picking cars way under 160" long. Even I would hesitate to drive 140 miles round trip in a Mini vehicle. I've had shorter cars( Fiat 600, & Bug-eyed Sprite) which I've enjoyed on the road, but never would they be acceptable as daily long trip rides. How about a minimum weight of 2700 pounds, with air bags front & side installed?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    First thing mom should do is draw up a list of requirements, then divide it into two categories: "blockers" (must-haves) and "pushers" (not a must-have, but if the car has it or does it better than other cars, it's a plus). Then she should review the specs to see if any cars can be eliminated just based on those and her "blockers". Then she should test-drive the remaining cars. For now, all she could drive are the Yaris, Fit, Aveo, and Rio5. (The Accent 3-door should be out soon. May want to wait for the 3-door since the suspension and steering, and back seat, are different from the 4-door.) Then eliminate any cars that don't meet all the "blockers" based on the test drive, and rank the others based on the "pushers".
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I found the Accent 4-door very comfortable and quiet on the highway and I expect it would make a good highway cruiser--except no cruise control! The Rio5 was similar but a little firmer ride and better handling. The Yaris 4-door wasn't a bad highway car either, and cruise is available. The Fit is a little firm but if the highways are smooth the automatic cruises quite nicely also--although cruise is available only on the Sport model. All these cars are available with ABS and side bags/curtains, except they seem harder to find with the Yaris since they are optional (also ABS is optional on the Rio5 and Accent GS). One thing, though--I would wait for the IIHS crash test results before buying one of these small cars. Especially if it were for my mom. :)
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    My mom will come up to Dallas the second week of June and we will hunt for cars and draw up a list. Believe me my mother has drove small cars most of her life and can more than handle it. By the way, she isnt that old.
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    I am looking for a compact sedan. Right now, I am comparing the accent and corolla. Also, interested in mazda 3 and focus. Anyone bought any of these cars around here recently. If so, from what dealership? Any good dealerships? Any horror stories?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    If you live in a major metropolitan area, the "ad specials" on Corollas are very hard to beat, offering $2,000 to $3,000 of discount. Toyota is the gold standard and the Corolla will deliver years of good service. The Mazda3 is more of an enthusiast's car, less of an appliance, but reliability is lower, resale isn't as good, and dealers are harder to find. Consider them the VW of Japanese cars. The Ford Focus is a Mazda3 on the last generation chassis and with the lowest resale value. It has been recommended by Consumer Reports, and I have owned several, but I can only recommend it at firesale prices (heavy rebates) due to the depreication thing.
  • jerchrijerchri Posts: 6
    For sure, ditch the Accent and Focus.
    I own a Mazda 3 so I'm obviously partial. For you it'll all come down to whether or not you want a car that's GREAT on gas or a car with a hint of European styling/comfort.

    Corolla's are unbelievable on gas. Simple styling that suits pretty much anyone and everyone, but nothing too unique. Excellent resale value and a well known, reliable engine.

    The Mazda3 is not as good on gas (gets around 5 mpg less than Corolla), but here's how it makes up for it. European styling (same C1 platform as some Volvos) for both the exterior and interior (sit in the Mazda3 and you'll forget you're in an econobox). Larger engine than Corolla (good for climbing hills). Excellent suspension and handling. *Drumroll* here's what Money magazine said..."The 3 posted strong reliability and owner feedback in its rookie year, which bodes well for resale values. Runner-up: Toyota Corolla"
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Calling the Mazda3 the "VW of Japanese cars" is very unfair to the Mazda3, in the reliability department. The Mazda3 has proven to be far more reliable than VWs.

    Also I've observed resale on the Mazda3 holding very well. I think a lot of that is there aren't many used Mazda3's to be had, plus there have never been big incentives on the Mazda3.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    In the real world, e.g. CR's tests, the Mazda3i automatic got only 2 mpg less than the Corolla--27 to 29. Plus it will put a smile on your face when you drive it. Best that can be said for the Corolla is that it probably won't put a frown on your face, unless you find the driving position unbearable like I do.

    If someone likes the Corolla, IMO they should also check out the Elantra GLS and Spectra. Both ride similarly to the Corolla (the Elantra sedan a little softer) but have superior back seat room and driving position (especially the Elantra). Plus a lot less money and the long warranty.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I meant to emphasize that Mazda3's are more notable for handling and styling like VW than for their appliance like durability; which is not to say they have miserable quality control survey results like VW, from what I hear they are much more reliable than VW's. But I'd still give the nod to Toyota and Honda first as "safe bets" and good buys are a lot easier to find on Toyotas than on Hondas.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228

    Around here, if you're looking for a Corolla, you will most likely get the best price from IRA or Boch. They are very competitive with each other and are extremely willing to deal on these.....both can get you in a new Corolla CE for under $11K if you can drive a manual. If not, $13-14K is not out of the question.
  • ronald711ronald711 Posts: 44
    If anyone is your travels to dealerships in KY, OH, IL, MO, IN, TN, WV come across a 2007 Yaris base sedan w/ automatic with the power package in a flint mica, please have the dealer contact me Ron Malinowski 630-400-1852. Dealers are unwilling to trade or try to locate so Im gonna wait for them to call me, I am faxing 106 dealerships with my request tonight, but if you guys can help and maybe get a referral, thats great too! (wants power locks, windows, ABS, Cruise) on BASE
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    I do not watch much TV, but tonight I saw the Yaris ad that features a spider made out of gas pump nossles. 1st the Yaris confronts it, scares it, runs it down, then sucks up the juices (gasoline that is). I thought it was the cleaverist, most creative add I have seen in a long time. Futhermore, it clearly displayed the purpose of the product in very memoriable manner. I think Toyota will get their money back many times on that one!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    I certainly understand why you want a 2007 Toyota Yaris base sedan with the automatic tranny, Flint Mica color and the Power Package. I have the new Yaris base sedan with the 5-speed on my futures list, albeit many many months ahead for a trade-in, if it ever happens. I like this new body style and I think it's engineered to deliver the goods in a very satisfying manner. It is worth it's $14,675 price (at least that's how much the one I let get away was selling for here in Pocatello, ID. It had the features I wanted and some for safety I didn't feel I even needed, they were there though), easily.

    What I don't understand with your situation, Ron, is why your local Toyota dealers won't spend a few sparable pennies and do some legwork for you and track one of these babies down for you. I find it lazy and disrespectful that they won't. :mad:

    Let me guess, it doesn't make them enough cash to spend the time doing this work for you. Nonsense!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • ronald711ronald711 Posts: 44
    Well, I put a $250 deposit, waited 6 weeks, dealership was great, explained refundable at any point, gave them every opportunity, they went to bat for me, they just don't exist in our region right now, they did but sold. So I understand, dealer didn't feel comofrtabl leaving me tied up with them when they could not get one on allocation after 4 attempts. but In inquring with so many other dealerships, this is an exact typical responds I get, and they just don't sit well with me.

    We can order your Yaris with the power package whenever your ready.The sooner the better. I 'll need a $1,000.00 deposit earnest money down to make the order.Will you be financing?, if so I need a credit statement as well.Other that we're good to go.The appraisal will be redone at the time of the trade.Subject to miles and condition as you may already know.

    And I the dealership does not wish to engage in any clauses stating if they can't get it in a reasonable time frame they will refund my deposit, My thought is clearly, I want many dealerships to know what I want, whoever can provide me a VIN # and estaimated delivery date to their dealership, then I will engage in the deposit, do you guys think Im out of line with this? if one dealer couldn't come through, what makes this guy above thing he can do it, he wants money so that if its takes 4 months, they got me stuck with them. Thats what I personally think is going on. So my thought every 2 weeks on allocation day, I will day 100 local dealership within 5 hour drive of me, and make my request clear. And restate that I am still in the market for this vehicle, lay out the options, and go from there, when I hear one has it, then Ill grab it. Until then I'm not a legal person and would not feel comfortable setting a contract with a dealership to set terms, eaiser to let the dealers come to me. And there are dealershpis that wont take a deposit from me until I test drive the car but they work on the honor system, if they can get the car I have first dibs on it, rear but their are dealers like that and Im willing to do everything I can do dealer with dealers like that!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    Yaris with your persistence and effort, Ron. I hope you get the one you want for the price you want. Keep us posted. ;)

    They are worth the effort!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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