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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I leased back in feb. a 2007 Audi A4 S-Line 3.2L Titanium 6 Speed Manual

    It has Titanium, Premium, Convenience, and Nav Package (no Bose though :o(

    MSRP: 44,890.00
    12K Lease

    I put $3000 down becuase I wanted to lower the payment a little bit.

    My Payment is $545 a month which includes all tune-up/services and the Lease Wear and Tear Protection. $588 w/Tax

    Is it a good deal???

    Please let me know

  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    I wanted to check if the asking price was fair or should offer less money:

    2004 A4 Quattro AWD 6 Speed Manual
    Color: Black
    Mileage: 32000
    Asking Price: $21500 + $2195 (Extended Warranty)

    It has leather seats, all power features (including moonroof), heated seats, etc.

    The same dealership also has the following car:

    2005 A4 Quattro AWD 6 Speed Manual
    Color: Silver
    Mileage: 27000
    Asking Price: $21900 + $2195 (Extended Warranty)

    There is not much difference between the price, and the 04 is a year older and has more miles on it. But I drove both and I felt more hp on the 04 and the exterior/interior conditions are better (05 one had noticeable scratches and dings)

  • Id like to say I am a car salesman. I work at very prestigious dealership with 300 thousand dollar cars. But i have worked at the lower end of the spectrum. And the difference in customers is drastic. People that buy 300 thousand dollar cars want a good deal as well. They are much more reasonable, they understand that your there to make money, it is a BUSINESS. They ask for 5 or 10 grand off, roughly 2-5 percent off. The cheaper cars, people ask for 10-15-20 percent off. Do people not use logic? It makes me think that the select few of us that make 150k plus a year are actually much smarter and more resonable then people give us credit for.

    Happens all the time, someone has a 25 thousand dollar accord and they pay 550 a month. They want to get into a 50 thousand dollar car for 100 bucks more a month. Where did you folks go to school? Twice the car, twice the payment, its not voodoo or crazy math.

    To be honest, yes car salesmen do cringe when you come through the door. You grind and grind for minimal amounts of money. If they discount a A4 more then 500 bucks you have a "mini", usually 100-200 dollar that the salesmen receive. People think that we make thousands and thousands of dollars off everyone. Its simply not true. If you are an educated person, you make a fair offer, not 1000 dollars under invoice, if you do, dont expect to get treated like a king. You make a low ball offer and you will get treated like a low ball customer.

    Anyone in business knows, If you make 7-10 percent profit its a good business. You ask us to give all our profit and make no money on interest rate's or anything and still ask to be treated with kid gloves. Give me a break. I dont ask you to tile my house for a grand under what you pay for it. Its a slap in the face honestly.

    Point being is, make fair offers, dont be unreasonable. We want to sell you a car more then you want to buy one! We are always willing to work with you on price. If all this goes as it should then its a very fun process, but you crying over 10 bucks a month is crazy. I expect alot of negative response to this, I am not attacking anyone at all, just trying to give some actuall infomation to you all.
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Thanks for the time you spent on replying my e-mail, but unfortunately all the information provided was unnecessary, unhelpful, unsolicited and a little bit insulting. I would recommend you not abusing this site and instead getting your frustration out using other means. Please don't ever reply to me again. I will then have to file a complaint to the website administrator if you do. I guess YOU are smart enough to have guessed you would get a negative reply. Good luck on making the $200-$300 extra bucks on each sale you make. Sincerely.
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    I think your point is valid but your delivery is very patronizing. I think you under estimate the audience in this forum, and your tone conveys that the consumer of an Audi is some how is not as reasonable in car purchasing as someone who wants to buy a Lamborghini, just because the vehicles are different in value.

    To be quite honest, a good deal is in the eye of the beholder. What may be reasonable to a savvy buyer who's purchased cars for 10 years may be unreasonable to some one like yourself, who sells cars for a living. And to be fair, this is part of the business that you, as a salesman, have signed up for. You're going to get a spectrum of buyers who understand that dealerships need to make a profit and will make what you constitute as a "fair" offer, and you're going to get the other end of buyers who will stop at nothing to buy a car at cost.

    My final point is that it's salesmen, such as yourself, that give the car buying process a bad name. Regardless if I'm purchasing the car at sticker versus purchasing the car at below invoice, the customer experience should remain the same. And it's that customer experience that will not only keep that customer coming back to your dealership, but also send referrals to your direction. If you don't think the buyer is making a fair deal, then counter it and let the negotiations begin - it's that simple. But to treat them differently because they make an offer which is unreasonable, creates a sour experience for both parties.

    Most of the cars I've purchased were no more than 3% over invoice. Heck, the Audi dealership where I bought my '06 A4 sold me my car for $800 over cost, which I thought was fair, and so did they. And regardless of what I offered, they still treated me like a king, which is why I will go back without hesitation.

    To your point, this process should be fun for not only the buyer, but also you as a salesman. And the enjoyment of the car purchasing process should not be contingent upon what's a fair deal in the eye of the salesman.

    Best of luck in your profession and I hope my comments offer you a different perspective on the car buying process (from a purchaser's perspective). And as a final suggestion, may I advise never using a buyer's forum to vent about your frustration about selling cars to people like "us".
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    Have you checked edmunds to see what the used car value is for both vehicles to ensure they are in sync with what they are listing it for? Also, is the 2005 A4 the 2005.5 model when it was redesigned or was it last year's model? Assuming the latter, are the vehicles with the 1.8T engine or the 3.0 engine?

    My advice is to go with the car you have a better connection with. While the 2005 is a bit younger, it sounds like you had a better drive in the 2004. Assuming the asking price is within reason against your research, I'd go with the 2004. The mileage is a nominal difference, and you're also buying the extended warrantry, which should help ease any concerns with buying an older car.
  • I did not intend to come off arrogant or rude. Im sure I did and i appoligize for that.

    Sales people are not born with this attitude. The "grinder" customer just gets old at a certain point. You work with someone for four hours trying to get them a deal and they are not willing to budge and make a fair offer. I find that to be unreasonable, basically we are suppose to give everything and if its not what you want you get up and leave. You are right, it is a negotiation. Not hey im gonna offer you a really low price and not move, if your not being reasonable then why should i be? To your purchase, 800 dollars over invoice is a fair offer, and i would except it. Its the people that tell you " my offer is 2 grand under invoice, either you do it or ill leave" That is plain disrespect to a salesperson and his job. If someone feels disrespect ed then why should the sales person continue to be rational when the customer isn't? Its a 50 50 relationship in the higher end vehicles, its almost a courtship.

    Also, Whatever you do for a living, lets say you install windows. You come to my house to give me a free estimate. You spend an hour with me showing me different options, giving opinions on what you think would fit me best. You've done your job very well, you lay down some pricing to me. I then proceed to tell you i want all that stuff for 2 grand less then you paid for it and if not then you can leave. This is common place in the 10-50 thousand dollar car market. That would blow your mind wouldn't it?

    The majority of us car salesmen are not grease balls. The majority of dealerships are not out to rip people off. Some of us actually care about the customer and put there needs in front of our own. Many times i have pushed customers to a vehicle that suits there needs better, even though i will make less money on the vehicle.
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    Thanks for your response . . . given the context of what you are talking about in your reply, I can appreciate your frustration. With that said, I think you choose the wrong forum to vent your angst about irrationale buyers. It seemed really out of context given this is an Audi A4 buying experience board. And from those that I've personally interacted with on here, I'd be hard pressed to think that those who've posted in this forum fall under the irrationale bucket.

    Much like with any job, you take the bad with the good. You're going to get the rationale buyers who know how this process works and knows there is a seller involved, and you're going to get those that are going to frustrate the crap outta you because they want a Luxry car for $2K under invoice. But to be quite frank, I'm shocked that kind of buyer exists in the $35K - $50K range.

    And my last post was not to insinuate all car salesmen are scum without spines; however, I've interacted with my fair share of schleprocks in the car industry. But the way your post came across made it seemed like that anyone who negotiates a "fair" deal is not worth your time. Now that I understand your perspective, I can appreciate where you are coming from and why you made your comments.
  • You are an intelligent person. I did not meen to insinuate that anyone who wants a fair deal is not worth my time. To be honest, If someone wants an invoice deal that is fine with me, the dealership is making hold back and whatever else on it any ways. Chances are, if you discount a car more then 700 bucks the sales person is getting his minimum on the car any ways. So he or she wants to make the sale so we can get some money in our pocket. Its just the under invoice deals that rub you the wrong way.

    Either way, I was just trying to let people know that we are not all liars, i am 23 years old and very established in the business. My folks taught me that lying is wrong, period. I think we all know when we are getting lied to and its not a good feeling. Im just saying....try and base your opinions on a case by case basis. Its not to the same magnitude what so ever, but we all know what stereo types can do, there just unfair and with out cause.

    Any who, Happy motoring!
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    I'm not in car sales, but I've been in sales and have worked with people of all different income brackets. The amount you spend on a car (or anything for that matter) doesn't say anything about the "type" of customer that you are. There are people making $100k/yr and buying 911's, and there are people making $1m+ and buying Chevy's. Bottom line is that everyone wants a good deal, regardless of how rich you are. Are people who make more money better educated and thus bargain more fairly? Mayble. Or maybe it's just that people who walk into the lower-end dealerships get treated like crap and that's why they don't trust anyone.

    I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. And frankly, I've been insulted at several dealerships by salepeople giving the same BS about how they don't discount the cars, that I'm so lucky I walked into the dealership today because it's the best program they've ever offered, and that if I don't buy the car today there's no guarantee they'll have any more left to sell. And I've been treated differently when I've driven in with a Civic than with my Audi. And just like a saleperson sizes up a customer, customers size up whether a saleperson is full of BS right away.

    Point is - if customers get treated fairly, they'll be more reasonable back. You're absolutely correct about a 50-50 relationship. I find that people, generally, are reasonable... but you'll get bad ones no matter what income bracket you are selling cars to.
  • Hi! My daughter is looking for her first car. We found a 2001 Audi A4 with 61,000 miles for $11,900. What do you think of that?

    Are Audi A4 Parts a lot more expensive than Toyota parts,etc if something happens with the car?

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Just my humble opinion, but I wouldn't buy my 21 year old daughter an out-of-warranty Audi A4. I've had two Audis and loved them both but I sold them as soon as the warranty was up.

    Parts are expensive, labor is expensive, and most Audis need lots of both. When my 20 y.o. daughter needed a new car in February, I bit the bullet and bought her an 07 Pontiac G6: $600 out of pocket and $250/month for 60 months (out the door with TTL). It's not as flashy as the A4, but I don't have to worry about her calling in the middle of the night for a ride or a loan to fix her car.

    If you don't like domestics, you could get a heck of a nice used Camry or Accord and get the same piece of mind.
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Hi there, first of all thanks for backing me up. I never expected to recieve a reply like that one, but hopefully it won't happen again.

    I decided to buy a 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro instead. I really liked the 2004 I mentioned before, but the fact it was not a pre-owned certified car was bugging me a little.

    My new car had only 11 miles when I bought it. I test drove a different one (same model) and the performance, response and no turbo lag was what made me buy that car. However, after they brought my car from the warehouse (I wanted a black one) and drove it home, I immediately noticed the huge turbo lag, no low end torque at all and engine noise. It was nothing compared to the one I test drove. It feels more like driving a VW 2.5. I took it back yesterday to the service dept., they inspected it again and said all was fine. That it was because of the break-in period and they assured it would feel just like the car I test drove in a few hundred miles. Do you think my car performance will improve after the break-in period? The test drive car had 70 miles on it, so I expected my car to perform the same way, that's why I didn't test drive it before buying bad, I guess :(

    Thanks so much.
  • alex320alex320 Posts: 8
    I just bought a new 2007 A4 4dr CVT w/premium package yesterday and here's the deal I got:

    Purchase Price: $26,800
    OTD Price: $29,150

    The guy at the dealership said Audi is giving them incentives to move the A4's, so that's why I actually got it below invoice. Just thought I'd share the knowledge, this board was helpful to me in my new car search so I'm giving back.
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Hi alex320, thanks, very really helpful. Which area did you get your car from? Any idea what kind of availability they have (ie. are there still many available, or supply slim)?
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Wow!! That was a great deal. I paid $31000 for an 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro 6M with premium package and the blutooth feature. I guess you really have to try hard to get a good deal...if you don't ask you won't get it!!! This is a good example.
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Hey ZMP... when did you buys yours? Sounds like timing makes all the difference. Did yours have the cold weather package? Any other features?
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Hello!! I bought the car last Tuesday. I hadn't done any research on this car in particular since I was thinking about buying a pre-owned 2004 A4 instead. It just has the premium package and the bluetooth option. I think it's a 2007 instead of a 2007.5 because I had the bluetooth added without having to add the Convenience Package as required if you Build your Audi in their website. Did you read my previous e-mail I posted before Alex's? My car has a noticeable turbo lag and no low end torque. I'm a little worried and unimpressed with my car right now...I hope it really gets better after the "break-in period".

  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    I have a 2004 1.8T CVT right now. It does have low-end torque, but not off the line for some reason. I can't say I have turbo lag, but the CVT drives completely different from the other transmissions. I recently test drove other turbo cars and find the Audi turbo remarkable compared to the others. But it is a unique drive and you have to get used to it. I just test drove the 2007 and find very little difference between the way they drive. Give it some more time, I'm sure you'll come to enjoy it! But don't expect anything to change after the break-in period, this is it.

    Enjoy your new car! Thanks for the info.
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Thanks! It's just that the car I test drove the same day I bought the car had such a great response, nothing compared to my car. And that was the main reason I bought the car...thanks again and good luck with your new purchase. zmp.
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