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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just got an '08 A4 SE sedan with manual transmission, bluetooth and iPod for invoice minus $2000 (which is the cash from Audi to dealer). Interestingly enough, the SE has a moonroof even though it's not listed as SE equipment and it's not listed on the sticker, either. Anybody else have a moonroof with their SE?
  • Bryan,

    I looked at an A4 SE 2.0 manual a couple of weeks ago at Winner Audi in Wilmington, Delaware. It had a sunroof, which I believe the sales rep said was included in the SE package.
  • Thanks - in the meantime, I asked the dealer who said that Audi made sunroofs standard on all 2008 A4's which is why it doesn't show up in the SE package. Whatever, it's a fun car!
  • chugschugs Posts: 3
    Just bought a Audi 2008

    Brilliant black/black inside,Special Edition package
    Bluetooth,6-speed Automatic Transmission with Tiptronic
    Invoice - $32,600,
    OTD-$33,300(30600,2100(NJ Tax)-600(doc and dmv))
  • Thanks to help from folks here (thanks!), I did get the 2k off from dealer, however I had a tough negotiations due to how rare the last 2008 full S-Line package manuals are. I could only locate two left over on the east coast. Dealer bought out my BMW 328xi coupe lease as well and that saved me $1,650 in lease expenses.

    I found 3 left on the west coast including a black on black with the titanium package in OR. Go get 'em guys while you can - love this wagon!!! Great price, great handling, great interior, great MPG, great utility, and great looks.

    MSRP = $35,250. Paid $32,288. Light SIlver black interior with SE package, s-line package, and (lame) iPod dock.
  • I think they are crazy! That is an awful deal. Larger markets like Chicago ect. offer more competition re: prices. I am contemplating an A4, however I live in a one dealer town.
  • I think some outstanding deals should be around since inventory is decent and the all new A4 coming very soon.
  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    I got a letter(& a call from my dealership) about a lease buyout program. I have one of those great deals from 2 yrs ago on a A4 2.0T Quattro (379 mth, 24 months 15k miles per year, nothing down, not even a security deposit nevermind a cap cost reduction) . . . so anyway, the deal is to turn it in 3 months early (they pay the payments) & $2,500 towards a new or certified preowned Audi, purchase or lease . . . So the question is, how good a deal can I get before the $2,500 is applied, or is the $2,500 really just a slightly enhanced version of the 2k audi to dealer cash that has been out there? Even if I could get $2,500 below invoice, thats not too bad? Would be too good to be true to get 2k below invoice that people have been getting & then get another $2,500?????? If so, then I'm there getting every option I can get on a A4 3.2 Quattro!!! That could even make the current 24 months lease looks decent? Clearly the 36 month deal would look nice.
  • Can you tell me if that included the Audi Certification - price seems kind of nice if so. I am new to this and considering a 2008 2.0 Quattro 4-Dr. Sedan with S-Line Appearance and Premium Package. Price with certification is about $29500. This will be my first 4 cyclinder but it certainly seems to have enough pep and I tend to like speed. How does that price sound to you. $8k miles. Thanks.
  • jmd164jmd164 Posts: 7
    cant wait to see the response to your question. i'm in exactly the same boat. i just got my letter from audi today about the 2500. i paid 368 a month for 24 month lease with 0 down. walked in and walked out with a brand new audi
  • nkbuynkbuy Posts: 24
    Can you please tell me the dealer where you got this from and who you dealt with?

  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    Running the numbers it looks like I was only getting 1k better then the advertized A6 deal (2,500 down 489 mth 10k yr 36 month) Still a very good deal, but far from the full 2.k5 . . . .I just put down a deposit on a Certified 2007 A4 3.2. Loaded w/ convience & navigation, 6 disc changer, orig sticker was about ~42k, asking 29.9k with 24k miles on it & new tires. Take off 2,500 for the lease pull forward deal & then $500 in an owner loyality bonus & we're talking 27k for a car that stickered for 6k more than the 2.0T I have now (27k is the buyout on my 2.0T). . . . They also have 1.9% financing on 2006 certified pre-owned . . . How can you beat that? . .I looked at a new 2008 3.2 & the lease was ~$750 a month including the 2,500 (all upfront fees and 6% sales tax rolled in for zero drive off, 36 month, 12k yr)
  • Ordered my 2009 A4 2.0T late last week. My first Audi and I can't wait for it to arrive from Germany.

    Premium Plus with the wood trim. Paid $37,400 (including destination, but not taxes, title.) This also included $500 off from Audi for attending the Audi A4 Driving Experience at Summit Point ( Very fun and free event that ended up saving me $500)

    I live in a one dealer area in Virginia and I didn't feel that there was much negotiating yet. They seem to be selling these A4's before they even arrive in the US.

    Tested the 3.2 at Summit Point and a 2.0 demo at the dealer. The 2.0 feels just as quick with all of the low end torque. Just my two cents. Instead of paying for the bigger engine ... spend that money on adding options.
  • Just curious.. did the dealership tell you when you will be able to take delivery on your car?
  • I was told 70-90 days .... but dealer also said that once a car is marked at the factory as "sold", the wait time can be less. Not sure how that works (I've never ordered a car directly from the factory).

    Basically, the dealer looked at their alottment and found the color and package I was looking for. They found one that had the chrome accents and were able to change the car to wood trim on the factory computer. They get weekly updates on the progress of the car.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 136
    Hi there, I am looking to see what others have paid (or ordered) for a 09 (B8) A4 2.0 for a 36months lease, 10k per year. Please include if you put any money down towards the cap cost. and also what was the cap cost and all the other fees (DMV+bank etc).

    I have not been to the dealer yet, but according to my calculations this is what I get:

    MSRP 38,150 (Premium Plus ibis white + sport package)
    Residual 58%
    Money factor 0.00171 (4.1%)
    Estimated Cap cost $34,907 (I've saw someone in the forums that paid 8.5% off MSRP) or you guyst think that that price is unrealistic

    I come up with monthly pmts of $484.21 (including the NJ tax of 7%).

    I am curious to know how much are you paying for similar leasees.

    Thanks in advance for your replies
  • Just curious... Have you seen the actual 2009 model lease numbers?

    Just off the top of my head... Anything more than $2000 off MSRP would amaze me... considering this all-new model just came out... I have no actual info, but I'll guess that the lease quotes willl end up being at least $150/mo. higher than your estimation...


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I just leased the 2009 A4 2.0 premium plus with navigation on Saturday. I leased for 15,000 miles a year 36mths however. I put down 2500, which included NY state taxes (8.375%), 1st payment and any other fees.

    My payment per month is $583.00, they discounted 2100 off the MSRP price 40500 - 2200, came out to around $38,300.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 136
    Thanks guys for the prompt reply. That is what I thought, you got the car for 5.43% off MSRP, which makes more sense than the 8.5% discount that I've saw (it is a new car, thus that number seemed too aggresive).

    The monthly pmts that I calculated now is $521.33 which is not too bad. I was comtemplating the Acura TL Type S, (08), but the lease comes out to $500+ and although it has all the toys, I miss the way my 05 handled. Is there any loyalty discounted for having owned a audi before? I just returned mine last month.

    Last, did they have the car in stock or did you order it? if you ordered, how long did you have to wait?

    Thanks again,
  • They have it coming in, I will be getting it first week of October, they said if ordering it will take 2.5-3 months. They did have a lot of new 09s in the lot however but my color and options were not there. I am not sure if Audi has a loyalty program this is my first audi, i know BMW does so I would definitely ask them. Stick with the Audi, Acura is nice too but the 09 is impressive.

    Another dealer quoted me 650, wouldnt even budge off the price since it is so new, if your in jersey, that is where I purchased, Bell Audi in Edison.
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