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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    Just an FYI about the mileage. I have the 2007 A4 2.0T with automatic and get consistently 30 to 31 MPG with straight highway driving. Have never really looked at city driving at all. I realize the 2009 is a different animal and is not going to do quite as well. This is the first car I have owned that has done "as well as advertised" in the gas mileage area. I think we all know that the EPA procedures for measuring gas mileage do not translate to real life. They are meant as a mechanism to compare cars only. I did read last year that the EPA had changed-or was going to change-the mileage testing to try and come closer to real life but I have no idea if or when this will happen.
  • luvlee824 -- you lease for $583/month...does that include state tax?
  • wly1wly1 Posts: 4
    The 2009 2.0 AWD with AT actually has a bit better gas mileage rating than either the 07 or 08--27/21 vs. 27/19. My wife's 08 averages about 31 mpg highway at around 65-70 mph.
  • Hi tmchan00. The 2008 A4's dealer cash varies by trim level. It is $2,500 on the '08 A4 2.0L and $3,000 on the '08 A4 3.2L.

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  • Hi kipa. The 2008 A4's dealer cash varies by trim level. The last time that I saw it, it was $2,500 on the '08 A4 2.0L and $3,000 on the '08 A4 3.2L.

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  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    On 2009 A4s, I am getting 200$ above invoice without much negotiation. Is it a good price? Are there any dealer cashbacks on these cars?

    I don't suppose anyone would know if Nov. MF could be better/worse than Oct.?
  • Hi mukvij. I don't believe that Audi is currently providing any cash incentives on the 2009 A4 Sedan. $200 over invoice is a very good deal.

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  • rxkerxke Posts: 150

    What state/city are you getting $200 over invoice on a new 2009 A4? I am looking at a 3.2 with the premium plus package in NY.

  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    I am in Seattle
  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    Pardon my ignorance as I'm new here, but when you say $200 over invoice, is that for purchasing an '09 A4 3.2 or leasing one? Also, is this a car they had on the lot or one that you ordered? Lastly, what package was that?

    I'm in Louisiana and may be getting ready to purchase one myself.

    Thank you.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    If you're in a really crowded market with 5 Audi dealers on top of each other, you might get a deal like that. But I doubt a lot of dealers are going to be that desperate @ 200 over invoice. Edmunds average prices are less than $1000 off MSRP as a TMV.

    Audi is one of the few makers that has NO dealer holdback. So getting 200 over invoice will definately not be the norm around the country,
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    Cool..BTW, Costco auto purchase price for this is invoice + 500 so this is not too much better than that.
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    It is 09 2.0 T. purchase. Car on the lot. They offered premium or premium plus for this deal.
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    i am working on a similar deal for a premium avant. wondering if they are just trying to move inventory or whether audi is helping them in some way. my guess is that thier inventory levels are swelling. take a look at dealer' web site or for the number of a4's they have in stock. I am in NYC and am working with jack daniels in norther new jersey. they look like they have a huge a4 inventory right now, although not a lot of avants, per se.
  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    I put a deposit down on an '09 A4 3.2 April '08. Long story short, the car didn't get ordered until late July '08. Longer story short, car should be at dealer Nov. 17, '08.

    I'm wondering if anyone has received or has knowledge of receipt of a 3.2 which was ordered who would be willing to share some info w/ me. I'm looking for dates and prices in hopes of getting a good price after all the wait and mis-information and/or screw-ups. Late July, after car was supposedly ordered, I was told car would be here in 75 - 80 days. Late August I was informed it would be late Nov. before I got the car.

    Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm located in Louisiana.
  • I ordered A4 premium plus package with a few more options but it is 2.0T on mid september. Got an email from my dealer saying the car was already on a ship and it would arrive to a US port on 11/11 so i should get it around 11/17. Try to negotiate at invoice price or lower because you can.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 138
    kduda, how much did you end up paying for the 2.0 premium plus and what options did you choose? I am in the market for the same thing, with only the sport package but the dealer only wants a couple of hundreds off MSRP, I think they are crazy. Please share the details of your deal.

  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    What I've ordered is a 3.2, and I'm not finding any info about the 3.2. Best I can tell, the ones being sold thus far are the demos and/or the cars Audi supplied to the dealers, not the ones that were ordered, but that's also why I'm posting, looking for info from others who have received 3.2s.

    When I put down my deposit (April), I was told that I would have to pay MSRP, but that's also when I was supposed to have the first '09 A4 3.2 in Louisiana. Because the car wasn't ordered when it was supposed to have been plus the fact that the car is now not coming in until approx 50 days later than I was originally told (for reasons unknown to me), which was 75 - 80 days from the order date late July, I'm no longer willing to pay MSRP.

    I hope that makes some sense even though I can't help you out on the 2.0T. The last I was told was my car should be here and ready for me Nov 17th, but that's been a couple of weeks ago. I'll be sure and post the price when/if that day comes. I'll be watching your post, though, and so please let us know what happens.

    Good luck!!
  • 2.0T quatro premium plus + rear airbags + wood trims and the price i got was $500 under invoice. I got the deal after a few email back and forth with a local audi dealer.
    I do think buyers can negotiate for a better price in this economic environment.
    Good luck!
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29

    Great deal you've got. Can you breakdown your price..Inv, dest, options, etc to arrive at your price? What is your location and did you have a trade-in? Thanks.

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