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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fatcat71fatcat71 Posts: 75
    I just looked at a 2012 A4 Premium, Nav, Backup camera. 39919 without any negotiation. Sounds like a fair price to me. Thoughts? Buying not leasing, no Trade.
    Thanks for any input
  • rrocksrrocks Posts: 13
    A dealer told me that Audi (and not individual dealers) sets the money factor based on credit. I this correct?

    Also, what do you think of a 54% residual today on a 2011 A4 quattro premium, 36 month, 12K miles with $1700 off MSRP? (Technically, 53% but goes up to 54 with Audi Care and thus brings down the cost of Audicare to $430). THANKS!!
  • acoyne1acoyne1 Posts: 1
    I'm about to sign for a 2012 premium plus quattro, with navigation, B&O stereo and walnut trim. Color is monsson grey metallic. Price is $41,077 plus tax. Good deal?
  • asolare1asolare1 Posts: 31
    Can anyone tell me whether or not the dealer participates in the cost of the loyalty rebate? I'd like to know whether or not the rebate should have any effect on what discount the dealer should be willing to negotiate from sticker. Thanks.
  • fatcat71fatcat71 Posts: 75
    I have similar deal. 2012 Prem Plus, MMI Nav (backup camera),18" GmbH Rims, Audi advanced key,Acoustic Parking sensors, and mats and trunk liner for
    40700 + Tax and Tags. (165 over invoice)

    Only issue is that the cars backup camera is not functioning, something about a chip issue/backorder which will hopefully be resolved by end of year.

    2011 came with Camera at part of nav, which is same for 2012 but you also need the parking sensors to get the camera, which adds 575 to the price.

    Hopefully will be here in 2 weeks.

    Really wanted the E350, but couldn't swing the payments!!!!!
  • dantoudantou Posts: 2
    Is it a quattro? Looks like a good deal. How much do you totally pay for this one?
  • fatcat71fatcat71 Posts: 75
    Yes it is the A4 2.0T Quattro.
    40,500 plus tax and tags (212 for tags and 6.35% tax in CT)
    Got them to throw in AudiCare as well for 3 yrs. (problem with the rims I wanted vs what they were giving me!!, they tried to tell me that the GmbH rims were an extra 800, but there are a same price swap)

    Didn't take the deal, b/c I was able to get the MB dealer down to 47K for my new E350 4Matic sport, which I pick up on the 29th!!!!!

    Good luck!!
  • I got two offers for a 2012 Premium with the style package, heated front seats and convienence package for $37,000 taxes and fees included. Both has the exact color and interior that I want. Is this a good deal? The dealer is asking me how he could win my business. Any ideas on what free stuff I should milk out of him?
  • May I ask what is OTD price, Is that Quattro?
  • rogue007rogue007 Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    In March I was going to get an A3, negotiated a deal. June came around and told me they couldn't get me an A3 because of package changes; thus, I ordered a 2012 A4 Quattro Premium + with B/O and Audi Advanced key. I didn't negotiate a price then, so i'm going to go talk to the sales manager tomorrow about it.

    The A3 deal was split difference between invoice and MSRP, which for the A3 was round 700 bucks over invoice.

    What should I be targeting tomorrow? I won't settle for any more than 500 over invoice...especially after waiting 6 months and them not communicating very well. Is this smart?
  • Hi,

    What is the b/o?

    I do not beleive that Premium has advanced Key.

    It is for premium plus and up.
  • B/O is the Bang and Olufsen. Yes I got the Premium Plus, which allowed me to get the advanced key. I was able to get them to 500 over invoice and financing at 2.9% with Audi Care thrown in for me waiting 6 months the order problems. Delivery next week finally.
  • I negotiated a price of 45,157 for a 2012 A4 prestige with the S-Line and Sport packages (black interior/ext). This appears to be about 1,000 over invoice and did not include the tax, title, ect. Does this seem like a fair deal? Is it difficult to get closer to invoice on prestige models?
  • I would think that's a great price. Was the car on the lot or did you order it?
  • It was on the lot. Did not pull the trigger due to offer on my trade, but still considering the prestige and selling my current car elsewhere. Dealer also verbally agreed to any build order on an A4 at 1,000 over invoice.
  • opro1opro1 Posts: 4
    edited September 2011

    I did the same thing today 2012 A4 Prestige 2.0T, Manual, Quatro, S line Package, Sports Package, MSRP $45600. Negotiated price $42500 in the Tri-State area. Lease negotiated $674 a month 15k miles a year 39 months $2300 down. $0 first month's payment. I walked out.
    BTW the salesguy started off with $750 a month with $4000 down
  • I just got an offer from a dealer here in Seattle for an A4 Premium Plus quattro sedan, with B&O stereo, Audi key, and floormats for $39,400 plus tax, license, and doc fee.

    That looks pretty close to dealer cost from Truecar - should I expect to do any better than this? It looks like a good deal, but I'm wary because it was pretty easy to negotiate based on our Passport (work program) membership. If so, I'll be happy to avoid the shenanigans typical of car buying...
  • If your goal is a lower lease payment, you'd be better off to add options to a Premium-Plus model, than getting the Prestige...

    The higher the trim line, the lower the residual on an Audi, as a general rule...


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jqianjqian Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    Here is the deal. A4 Quattro premium plus grey + Navi. MSRP 42250. OTD I got is 41485 from santa monica audi.

    I am not sure if it is a goold deal, but I did check with other dealers around LA area. Here is my opinoin.
    Pasadena not competitve in price at all.
    Reverside stating thery are aggressive in price, but not true.
    Auto galeria depends on its inventory. If the car is not in their lot, dont buy.
    West covina does not have motivation to sell.

    Santa monica gave me the best offer, i think its selling price is about 1.5k below invoice.

    But I also purchased audi care and another package I was told cover wheel windshield and some other which manuf warrenty doesnot cover for about 60 more every mo for 60 mos. I am not sure if it is worth. But I was told that I can call and cancel within 30days. I will do some research.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 148
    Hi. I have owned Audi A4s quarttro and Audi A6s quarttros. I have also owned Infiniti M35XI and G37XI. The Infinitis are wonderful cars that are trouble free. They are fast and handle well. In terms of the Audi A4 I can say that after 50,000 the A4(4 cylinder 2.0) had lots of problems to the tune of $5000. Luckily my auto insurance includes extended warranty coverage so I did not have to pay anything other than the deductible. Also when my wife was talking to the Audi service manager about buying or leasing another Audi the service manager said to lease because after 50,000 there can be problems with Audis.

    In terms of the cars changing the Infiniti G37 will probably change in 2013 or 2014 years and the A4 probably also change in that time frame. The Mercedes C Class will be redesigned in 2013. This is based on information in Automotive News, a magazine that comes out weekly serving the auto industry.

    I hope all of this is helpful.
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