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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • So I just found out that the add on fees are probably these:

    Port inspection fee $195.00
    Documentation fee $250.00
    Temp reg. Title $56
    Unknown fees $495.00 (I estimated based on lease quotes - think these are ad fees)

    Only "legitimate" fee I see here is the Temp reg. Title fee as it is mandated by state. All the rest sounds to me like the way to make more money while advertising price cheaper - this I think is not being upfront and fair.

    So, I am thinking of either agreeing to pay $700 over invoice if they remove the $940 in the above fees, or ask them to sell me at an invoice cost. The salesman told me that Audi adds the "Port inspection fee" and that's not something they add - can this be true? Surely they make money on that.

    According to if I pay 0 over invoice, the dealer still makes $910 on the sale. So I am thinking of making this as my offer and also ask them to throw in Audi Care as many forum threads recommended it even for lease (15k lease plus it adds 1 point to residual). Does this sound fair? Good Deal? Unrealistic?
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    The mf and residual sound correct. As far as port fee? Never heard of it. Maybe someone else will chime in. The tag fee is legit and some if not all pay a doc fee of around 200. Some pay more but everything is neg. Do the math and see if you will save money by getting audicare. I wouldn't get it. You should get real good deal since you are ordering the car and the dealer doesn't have to pay interest on the car sitting in the lot. Your offer of 700 over which includes all fees sounds fair. Ordering the car at the end of the month or in Jan doesn't matter since it will only count as a sale once the car is delivered.

    Check out for more info. Look under B8 a4 forum since that is the car you are buying. If you can afford it I would get a s4.
  • i would not agree to any fees but designation fee, acquisition fee(bank fee), and if you purchase audi care, and state licensing. all others- no, period. i just did the same and purchased at invoice. you have competition down the road. never forget to walk.
  • Thanks Chiquita,

    Apparently the dealer figured in an Acquisition Fee of $695.00. Is everyone paying that? Seems like a very unreasonably high fee. Has anyone managed to waive that?

    So far on top of the invoice price I agreed to pay:
    Destination fee of $875.00
    Documentation fee $250.00
    Reg fee

    I'm thinking of asking to throw in Audi care with it. What do yo guys think? The Acquisition Fee leaves a very bad taste indeed.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Most quoted invoice prices on the web include destination, already... So, make sure you aren't paying twice, if your goal is to pay invoice...

    Virtually all leases include an acquistion fee.... the bank gets that... I'm not positive what Audi's base fee is, but $695 has to be pretty close..

    Is this deal in Ohio?

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  • I saw many of the members suggest ask for invoice for an A4. Does this include Audi Loyalty or I should ask for invoice then minus $1000 loyalty?

    Thanks in advance,

  • I have my eye on a '12 A4 quattro Premium with style/convenience packages and heated seats, with a couple smaller options.

    The dealer's price is $37,055. Edmunds' TMV is $37,206 -- more than the list price, you'll notice -- to go along with a $36,386-or-less "great price" from TrueCar and a $36,233 target price from ZAG. The invoice prices, according to these websites, also are inconsistent: Edmunds and ZAG list the invoice at $35,733, and TrueCar lists the dealer cost at $36,115.

    So I'm a little confused as I begin negotiations. I would obviously like to buy the car for as little as possible, while also being fair to the dealer and not offering an unreasonable amount. My thought is to offer $36,233 OTD, which according to ZAG is $500 more than invoice, or offering $36,733 OTD with Audi Care thrown in. That would essentially get Audi Care for $500. I wouldn't qualify for loyalty incentives or any of that.

    What are your thoughts on this? Should I go lower and just offer the damn invoice price? Less? What's got me confused most, I think, is that there's really not that much distance between the invoice and the dealer's list price -- something like $700-800, depending on the valuation service. I guess I'm a little surprised the dealer priced this car so close to invoice, and it makes me wonder that, with this price, maybe the dealer would be willing to go below invoice if list price assumes (or presumably assumes) there's some wiggle room.

    Many thanks for the help. Looking forward to joining the Audi family.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    I think you are adding something when you are building the car on Edmunds and Zag. Ask the dealer to email you the build sheet and go from there. I think you are adding the wheel option. When you're figuring out the price, the MSRP should match the build sheet or window sticker exactly. There should be around a 3k difference in MSRP and invoice. Remember the stealership does not pay invoice for the car. They pay less. I would offer less than invoice and not opt for Audi Care.
  • Wondering if you could give me some advice please? Looking to buy '09 A4 Avant Prem. with 22,300 miles. We'd be trading in my wife's '02 Honda Civic, auto, moon roof, spoiler, and it's clean with 112,000 miles. The stealer's asking $31,995 for the A4 wagon; what should I be trying to get for the civic and what should I shoot for on the A4? I appreciate your help!

  • We are planning to buy 2012 auto A4 with quattro with conveince packag, front heated seat . In Phat black and black interior. If any one got A4, please provide your experience.
  • tsfanboytsfanboy Posts: 3
    first post, first time buying an Audi. looking for experts' opinions. current deal with dealer is for 2012 A4 Premium Black on Black with convenience and style packages, heated seats, splash guards, wheel locks, and all weather mats with trunk liner. Offer is $37,150 including tax and registration/title. Advertising, dealer prep and dealer doc fees were waived. Could I have pushed for much lower? Also considering adding the Audi Care. Opinions on that are hot or cold.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    Depends what the sticker price is?
  • tsfanboytsfanboy Posts: 3
    sticker price is $38,345 but that doesn't include the mats & liner which is another $250. so technically it's $38,595.
  • tsfanboytsfanboy Posts: 3
    Also forgot to mention it's a quattro.
  • sarora529sarora529 Posts: 1
    I just got a offered $38,690 for a A4 - Quattro - Premium Plus in Monsoon Gray with Advanced Key and Mats. MSRP $41,090. $2,400 off MSRP. Also got financing at 2.5% for 60 months. Hope thats a good deal.

    P.S. PNC has a cool Auto Loan program. I used it for comparison and the dealership matched it.
  • jpocherjpocher Posts: 2
    Best price from dealer is $41500. Kbb has fair market value of $44500 or thereabouts.
    I guess my question is, how accurate really is kbb?
  • grimssgrimss Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    Just sharing our May FLA price paid in case it's helpful to others negotiating. 2012 Audi A4 Quattro Prestige Plus, Monsoon Gray exterior, black interior, MSRP: $40,800 (extras were metallic color and Audi key). Cash price: $37,259.27, minus $1,000 "new car owner appreciation" incentive, equalling $36,259.27 before taxes, etc. Paid additional $699 dealer prep/profit (ugh, but DH did get half off Audi Care--not sure that's worth it), but not any advertising fees, which we'd read were hard to get rid of. I'm sure we could have pushed harder by waiting until the end of the month, but being able to get everything negotiated via email was worth not having to haggle at the dealership.

    I had not been aware of any incentives for new non-Audi-driving car owners (we traded in a Lexus), but have since found the following on line (don't know how long it lasts):

    New Owner Appreciation Incentive:
    - 2012 A4/S4 Sedan* - $1,000
    - 2012 A6 Sedan - $1,500
    - 2012 A8 and A8L** - $2,500

    *Excludes Avant. **Includes W12. Only applicable to you or a household member who currently owns the following 2001 or newer: Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Saab, or Volvo Lease Owners. Proof of ownership is required. Lease Loyalty Bonus varies per model. Tax, title, license and dealer fees extra. Rebate to dealer. With approved Lease/Purchase through Audi Financial Services. This program may be combined with all other retail incentives and AFS special lease rates,
  • stanmurstanmur Posts: 3
    I am looking at this CPO 6000 miles AWD, 2012, premium with conv package, style package with dealer quoting 35.5k+TTR. Looking for finance.

    What would be a great deal on this for me to make him an offer?

  • grimssgrimss Posts: 3
    Here's what we were offered this past Saturday on essentially the same car, except this one had the extra 18" wheels and did NOT have 6,000 miles already on it. (We ended up buying a Quattro with the PP package instead.)

    2012 White A4 Quattro with Convenience, Style pkgs
    MSRP: $38,375.00 (includes $800 for upgrade wheels)
    Discount: $3,524.82
    New Owner Appreciation Incentive: $1000.00
    Adjusted Sale Price: $33,850.18

    Invoice on the car you describe, assuming it doesn't have anything extra (metaillic paint, special key, etc) would be $34,132, with the dealer paying less than that, of course. Given that this car already has 6,000 miles on it that you didn't put there, you should certainly get it for less (remember, 1/6th of the original warranty is gone, so if you drive it 12K miles a year, you're on hook for any repairs after 2 1/2 years). I've read that a rule-of-thumb discount for these miles is 25 cents to 30 cents per mile--$1,500 to $1,800 on a car driven 6,000 miles.

    As for leasing, we didn't go that route. The dealer really wanted us to do a single-pay lease, which we didn't want to touch. But in case it's helpful for you, here are the terms he quoted us (in FLA). Others can chime in, but the m.f. seems really high:

    36 Month single-pay Lease, 10k Miles Per Year
    55% Residual
    0.00070 Money Factor

    Hope this helps!
  • stanmurstanmur Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    Thanks for your post.

    The dealer showed the original sticker and it had price of 38,500 for original buyer. I am seeing Edmund's TMV for new as 36,406 and invoice 35,500 for very same package. The car is phantom black, style and convenience pkg added.

    So you saying anything below 32k is good deal? With bit of negotiation he is at 33,500. Going for used just to save 1500 doesn't excite me. I was thinking of closing the deal if he comes down to 31k (stretching myself and car is listing for over 7 weeks.). Does first time buyer incentive apply to CPO?

    You seem to have got a very good deal and I should probably consider new. :)
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