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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • grimssgrimss Posts: 3
    Consumer Reports' Best Car Deals Plus subscription service puts the "bottom line" price a dealer would accept for this 2012 car (not including your additional options, and minus the extra miles) at $32,206. With your extras (but not reflecting a depreciation amount for the 6,000 miles), the bottom line price might be something closer to $34K. So . . . if you got him down below $32K for this "lightly used" model, I'd say that was a very good deal. If he cries poor, you should remind him that he's still making a profit with all the below-the-line money Audi offers him. Indeed, given that this is probably a low-traffic time at the dealership (this month ends on a Thursday after a big holiday), he may be super eager to make a deal to meet some monthly sales goal that nets him a big bonus. Hard to know . . .

    Given the instaneous depreciation hit that a brand new Audi will take as soon as you drive it off the lot, it certainly makes sense to consider a demo car. That said, I'd still want to know how those 6,000 miles were put on the vehicle. Did the dealer's daughter drive it? Was it a service loaner that had a 100 different drivers treating it a like a rental car? Worse, was it returned by the original owner because they thought it was a dog? These are all the same questions we asked when we were looking at a similar deal this past weekend.

    As long as you're comfortable with the car's history, you may be able to scoop up a real bargain. If you don't get the price you want, walk--you can always get a new Audi, after all. With any luck, the dealer will call you tomorrow, desperate to meet a monthly sales goal and willing to lose money on you to do it.

    Good luck!
  • stanmurstanmur Posts: 3
    I was thinking in similar lines cos it is holiday month end and the leverage of days in inventory. I will probably sit and wait for him to call hope it pays else will pass on this. Will not regret too much since 2013 has started shipping, it has to get cheaper to buy new.

    We did ask about the 6k miles, he said the previous owner (originally sold in Dec '11) was called back and was offered a new audi for same payments, and it is quiet normal he said. It was not so clear to me but did not feel so important then as the carfax was clean. Carfax says "Registered as personal lease vehicle Loan or lien reported" so there was a buyer on loan/lease and not used as courtesy car. Excuse me for my lack of knowledge.

    As far as any issues, he said if there were any, the CPO certifies the car and there is the original warranty to take care. Dont know if I should go out asking if they found any issues during certification process. Reading through the points you brought up, now I feel I should have dug more.

    Thanks a lot!!
  • I found a 2012 A4 Black/Black with Nav, Sport package and rear parking sensors. MSRP $43075. I wanted it with the advanced key but at this time of the year thats too much to ask. My research as shown me that the invoice price is $40527 and dealer cost is $40205. I do qualify for the $1500 conquest rebate but what would be a starting offer I should give the dealer? I was thinking something around $38K and hope to agree on $39000 or 39500. Are the deals as good as people think at this time of the year? If I can't get a steal on this car, I might as wait until I can just custom order a 2013 model. Thanks!
  • escortownerescortowner Posts: 129
    So I just took delivery of one of the new 2013 Audi A4's and I have to say - what a value when entering this level of car. They have upgraded so many little things on the 2013 model including Google Maps with Traffic, and a hot spot. The leather seats are clearly superior to the leather used in previous models and the 8-speed auto is very smooth.

    If you want the handling - pay a little extra for the sports package. with a lower front end, paddle shifters and upgraded seats, its clearly worth an additional $700 if you like nice handling.

    A similarly equipped BMW would cost another $6k when you start adding the options. In my case, I was able to get one of the first cars available and not only is it beautiful, but to negotiate invoice pricing was great.

    I have seen many saying they don't like the new lights, but personally, I like them more because they are a little cleaner looking and it lets you know that the car has been refreshed from 2009.

    I will say, it would have been sweet if they had added another 20 HP, but I prefer the performance combination of the Quattro and the current engine over the new BMW 4-cyl for sure.
  • backroadbackroad Posts: 12
    escortowner, could you comment on the pricing on your new 2013? Are incentives offered for current owners on the '13? Also, is it true that the light birch wood trim is discontinued? Not sure if you purchased or leased, but any source on the MF and residuals for the new 2013 (P, PP or Prestige sedan @12K/y)
  • brahmjotbrahmjot Posts: 3
    edited June 2012
    Hi All,

    I am considering buying a 2009 CPO A4 from a dealership. It is the premium (base) model and FWD (not quattro).
    The car has 35000 miles on it.

    Dealer is quoting 27000+taxes = $30000. Is this a good deal to get into for a CPO car?

    I am not great at numbers. If someone could help me out with this, it would be so great!!

    Thanks in advance..
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    edited June 2012
    Doesn't really sound like a good deal. Seems like the car just came off a lease and the buyout should be around 19k or less. That car new sold for around 34k and it is now close to 4 model years later and not a quatto. I really don't see the purpose of purchasing a non quatto car. Kind of defeats the purpose of purchasing an Audi. The more I think about it 20 would sound fair. Good luck and offer 18k there won't be a lot of people banging the door down for that car. Edmunds values the car at 19k. You can find better deals and Im not say that's a deal.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    Hard to tell without knowing your sales tax. Just list dealer price and msrp.
  • brahmjotbrahmjot Posts: 3
    edited June 2012
    Sorry I got it wrong.. It is a quattro model and it is a CPO. So, is something around 29-30K a fair price?
    Sales tax in Bellevue/Seattle is 9.8%
  • Hi Joyride

    I test drove 2012 yesterday, with similar MSRP $44K with the nav, b&o sound, Sline.. very nice... I just started looking at the A4 so 2012-2013 almost looks the same to me, sales guy right away offering $2600 off , at this point its better to go for the 2013, I am interested to know if you tried offering $38-39K on your deal...
  • audizealaudizeal Posts: 4
    Hi escortowner,

    I am considering a 2013 A4 quattro premium plus with nav and just test drove one 2 days ago. I also test drove a brand new 2012 A4 (prestige). 2013 certainly felt better to handle and I also liked the other cosmetic changes better. Dealer quoted an MSRP of $44,260 but said he will give a 2k discount + 1K loyalty rebate (I currently own a 2008 A4). Does it sound like a good deal? $41,260? I told the sales guy he needs to do more than that but he was like no dealer is going to negotiate the price of 2013 with can go and check. So then I walked out of the dealership and said I'll let you know. Do you think 41k is a good deal for a 2013 A4 quattro with premium plus package incl navigation, rear sensors etc etc?
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    Dealer retail on that car is only 21k. So you should be able to find that car anywhere for 21k plus tax. That is a bad deal.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    That's about 3k more than I paid for a '12 last August for the same car. I just relax for a week or two and he'll call back with a better price or just shop around. That's not a good deal.
  • audizealaudizeal Posts: 4
    Thanks jnyz. So you do think the dealer should be ready to negotiate the price of a 2013 down by at least 2-3 k more. I am gonna visit other dealerships and see what they have to say.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 93
    You should go on this site and get the the dealer invoice price of the the car you are looking at. The dealer invoice is not the cost the dealer is paying for the car, it is slightly more. You should be paying no MORE than $300.00 over dealer invoice. It is hard to use 2000.00 - 3000.00 less msrp because some options are more costly than others. 300.00 over invoice is a fair profit for a dealer. 1000 over they have a party with your cash. Been there done that.
  • audizealaudizeal Posts: 4
    Thanks jnyz. What site are you referring to? I didn't see any in your post.
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    It's a 'base' 2009 with premium pkg, 2.0 tfsi, 6 sp tiptronic and 23,000 miles. The CPO overhaul put new rotors and pads at all four corners (the previous owner doesn't drive like I do, apparently), new all-weather mats and new 225/50-17 Conti Extreme Contact DWS. --I put the same tires on my Evo :)

    I got it for $28k out the door with the dealer shipping me the factory crossbars. I'm an avid cyclist, and I don't want aftermarket rails, towers & crossbars for a roof rack.. they usually suck compared to vehicle-specific factory parts.

    There is very little availability on the A4 Avant in my area. I had to drive 170 miles for this one. I think I could've done a little better on price, but I'm happy and furthermore I have no intent to resell it. I've had my Evo 8 years and 107k miles and hope this car serves me well. It will see fewer than 10k miles a year I bet due to carpooling and commuting to work via bicycle.
  • audizealaudizeal Posts: 4
    Folks, what is the best way to get the max out of a trade-in? I am planning to trade my 2008 A4 in. It is an S-line, CVT, FWD, 45k miles, still under warranty. Thanks!
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    edited June 2012
    Have you decided on a replacement car yet? Your first stop should be Carmax just as a baseline. They might have the best price overall, so it's good to know.

    Next, you will want to negotiate on the car you want to buy. Don't even talk about the trade, other than acknowledging that you have one if they ask. Just drive the car, look at the car, and grind them on the car. (Or do this via email-- ah, the joys of the internet!)

    After you get the price you want, then you talk about your trade-in. Just like the new car price, you never take the first offer.

    Also I have noticed that dealerships are simple humans, swayed just as easily as prospective buyers by cars that look great versus those that look like they've been neglected and used as a rolling trashcan. *NEVER* let a dealer appraise your car without it being immaculately cleaned, just as you would have it when trying to sell to a private party. Free of trash and clutter inside, vaccuumed, washed and ideally waxed and polished.

    In the end, if you don't get the offers you want in trade then you need to either sell it privately or come to terms with the money you can get, and adjust your new car budget if necessary.

    Hope this helps. (It will if you take my advice! :D)
  • escortownerescortowner Posts: 129
    I got mine at invoice and I sent my friend to the same dealer and he got it at invoice too. One thing to think about is the trade in value. They can always give you invoice then low ball you on the trade value, or raise the interest rate of you finance through them.

    So even if you do get invoice, you may still get screwed by the other parts of the transaction. I feel good about mine because I saw my car on the lot for less that $3k more than what I traded it in for which also included an extended warranty.

    If there is more than one Audi dealer in your town I would shop it. I went to another dealer first that was closer to my house and they were totally playing games with me and I left and struck a deal at the other dealer.
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