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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • there is a leak coming from something next to the front right tire, the fluid is dark brown, prob. oil, and is dripping onto the ground next to the tire. I do not remember running over anything, any ideas on what could be causing this?
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Steering rack leak or perhaps a torn CV boot letting the grease drip out. I suspect they are the most likely candidates given that it's so far out by the tire.
  • Thanks. They both sound feasible and much less expensive than the other problems I thought it could be.
  • just got some bad news, noticed oil in the coolant resivor, i am not a mechanic this car is a 99 a-4 and only has 130,000mi. the mechanic who i took the car to told me to replace the radiator is about 800.00, and of course does not guarantee that is the problem, is it possible for oil to get into the coolant, is there a oil cooler in the radiator? is there a test that can test for this issue, i sure could use some answers please.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Is the car an automatic or manual? If it's an automatic it could be transmission fluid in your coolant since the cooler for that transmission is part of the radiator. If not it could be a bad head-gasket having nothing to to with the radiator at all. Unless you can determine exactly what kind of oil your seeing in the coolant you need to dig a bit more to figure out exactly what is causing the problem.

    To determine if it could be a head-gasket you need a compression leak down test to ensure that your not getting engine oil in the coolant. I hate the idea of just throwing parts at a problem based on a guess, it can get very expensive and still not remedy the real issue.

    Good luck finding out what the real problem is.
  • :D I have an 03 A4 Quattro automatic. I just passed the 100,000 mile mark and so far the only major problem i've had is replacing tires to quickly.

    I am noticing a noise though, or more like a vibration when i'm in drive, but stopped. Like it seems like its idling to high when in gear, its hard to explain. When its in neutral it seems fine. But when I slow down, then come to a full stop the car starts to vibrate a little. It's weird.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Have you ever had your coil packs replaced? I believe there may be a recall for your year. You should contact an Audi dealer with your VIN number and see if you are affected as it may help with your issue.
  • Recently had the:
    Timing Belt service/replaced
    Water Pump replacement
    Coolant Flange replaced
    Rear Transmission seals
    Cam Shaft Seals
    Oil Change

    The oil pressure light was coming on after this work was done, but the mechanic assured me it was fine and that it was probably just the sensor.

    Noticed the noise after driving on the freeway for 40 minutes. The first I had driven it since the mechanics. Immediately pulled over. No other engine lights were coming on. The engine temperature gauge was normal. The oil level was normal. Started up the car once more to record this video.

    Any ideas what this could be?

  • Its a 2004 Avant 1.8 Turbo.
  • I need to replace the front passenger door contact switch on my 2001 A4.

    I know it's in the latch.

    Can I get the latch out just loosening the two bolts, or do have to do major work which means my mechanic does it?
  • Can anyone tell me how to get to the top bolt on the rear shocks on a 2007 A3 FWD.
    Need to change the Shocks and they don't make it ez.
    Thanks for your time. :shades: :shades:
  • a4auditqa4auditq Posts: 1
    a couple days ago i was involved in a crash and my front end is pushed in pretty bad.. my car leaked very fast green liquid i know the antifreeze isnt supposed to be that color but it was .. my question is i need a new what? do i need a new like antifreeze gasket for it im just not sure what its called that i need and about how much it will cost me? :sick:
  • swj1218swj1218 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advise. Sorry it took so long to reply. The Coil packs did need to be replaced, and they were covered by the recall, along with a safety recall that has been put out for all our fuel pumps. Audi took care of it without problem. Or so I thought. Apparently my car had an after market coil pack. The wires apparently got fried and melted causing my after market coil pack to fail.... But Audi is going to take care of the fuel pack anyway for me. but have to now charge me 300 dollars to replace some wires.

    Now if my coil pack was after market (mind you i have no idea if it is or isn't cause i bought it used) then why would they replace it in the first place? I think i'm getting screwed.
  • swj1218swj1218 Posts: 4
    I have a A4 Quattro. Just had the Coil pack and the fuel pump replaced due to a recall. My Coil pack failed on me last week, and there is a safety recall on most if not all our Audi's for both the coil pack and the fuel pump.

    The dealer ship is telling me that my coil pack is after market. Could be could not be i have no idea. I bought it used six months ago. So the coil pack is aftermarket but they are going to take care of it anyway. Now they're telling me that that because of my coil pack failing it caused some wires to melt which they have to charge me 300 bucks to fix..... hmmm slightly confused. why would they fix an "aftermarket" part. A part thats not Audi's for free and not the other damaged it caused? Something tells me that they wanted money.

    Yesterday I was called again by Audi service. The technician told me that they're waiting for a part and it would still cost me 300 dollars, and the car would be done by the next day. I get call today notifying me that the car was done and its going to cost me almost 100 dollars more then what he had quoted me over the phone. Naturally I got slightly upset because not only did they go over what they had quoted me, they did more work to my car without notifying me that they were doing so and that there was a price difference.

    After I calmly told him that i believe what they are doing, or did was illegal he quickly told me he would talk to his manager and try and take care of it.

    When I go to pick up my car. I'd like to see my "aftermarket" coil pack that they needed to take off. Do any of you know if there are any markings on the coil pack that would tell me if it were truly an after market one?

    Sorry for the extremely long post. Just pisst. I feel as though i'm not so gently being effd.
  • mercopsmercops Posts: 34
    There is a great illustrated commentary on this at the following website. Give it a look and see it possibly answers your question.

  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Can't comment on the wires being fried or not but if it was and needed replacement that $300 does not surprise me at dealership rates. On the matter of them changing the coil packs anyway it's just part of the recall and you are likely better off having 4 new ones of the same vintage on the car.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    edited March 2010
    What year and mileage is your Audi?

    I would not drive the car another inch with that sound, frankly I think your mechanic is incompetent letting you get the car to this point after so many expensive repairs. I am afraid that what your looking at could be a sludge issue in that oil is not making it to the top of the engine due to a clogged pick-up inside the oil pan.

    If it is sludge the oil pan has to be dropped and things cleaned up. Hopefully the damage to the valves etc... is not as bad as it sounds and that the cleaning does the trick. Once the repair is made all future oil changes should be with only approved synthetic oils (such as Mobil1 European Car Formula) so as not to have the engine sludge up again.

    Good luck with that and I hope the simple cleaning does the trick for you.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    edited March 2010
    Oil starvation in upper engine---camshaft, lifters, etc.

    Get this car the hell out of that repair shop! I can't imagine how they'd let you out of there with the oil light on. Yikes!

    If you are in the SF Bay Area, I can refer you to a very good Audi shop.


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