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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • That noise is normal and it is the ABS system running a self-check and pressurizing.

    I have confimed this with many other owners over the past year so it is one of those 'they all do that' noises and nothing to worry about.

  • I have seen a couple of posts on this and I am curious if anyone has had any luck. There seems to be a subtle sort of grinding from the rear driver's side of the car. When I turn to the right it is very noticeable but when I turn to the left it is non existent. It kind of sounds like the binding sound you hear when a 4x4 pickup drives by. Just had new brakes and new tires put on and there are no loose parts. Is this part of the Differential or Quatro system? Any help would be appreciated. O/w this car has been solid for 55k miles and some hard driving over rough dirt roads. I do have the sport suspension on this car.
  • I have 2003 A4 1.8T and my car has been in the shop for now 22 days. It all started with oil pressure warning sign coming on all of a sudden with loud beeping. I originally thought the engine oil level was low, so I immediately filled it with a quart of oil. The warning initially went away, but the next day it came back and I had to take the car to the dealer. On the way there, my engine sounded like a car I just dragged out of a junkyard. (Together with that high pitch hissing noise everytime I come to a rolling stop, my car just looked new, but sounded like 1980 Buick) Anyways, they told me that my oil pump failed and luckily(?) the engine wasn't damaged. I am not so sure that I trust their diagnosis. Right before this happened, my driver side seat warmer was broken during 100 degree heat, so I had the car in the shop a week before this oil sludge problem occurred. I am going to look into filing for lemon law claim to get rid of this car and get something more reliable - a Japanese car. Be careful with Audi cars. Talk to people who own them before you consider owning one yourself.
  • Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope that you've received the letter from Audi of America about the known oil sludge problem. Audi has extended the warranty of the 1.8T engine due to existing damage and now requires that all Audi service centers use synthetic oil during routine maintenance.

    The letter from Audi should include a list of approved motor oil that should now be used in the 1.8T engine. The synthetic oil will not generate the sludge that conventional (dyno) oil can. Those owners who chose to use synthetic oil on their own (and brought it in to be used during scheduled maintenance) have not encountered any problems with oil sludge.

    You were lucky that only the oil pump failed. With the pump failed, oil circulation stopped. You ran the risk of having the engine components fuse into a solid block of metal due to the missing lubrication of the oil.

    I don't think you'll be qualified for any lemon law as it usually referrs to repeated attempts to repair the same problem or having the car in for repairs over XX days and within the first year of ownership.
  • I just lease a new 2005 A4 3.0. Two questions:
    1) Is low gas mileage normal at first?; and
    2) When should I use the "S" gear?
  • giggsgiggs Posts: 41
    I felt the same way when I got my '02. I think it's the quattro. It really wasn't that bad though. As for the "S" gear I had the same question. I use "S" quite a bit. It's a great gear. If I'm in city traffic I use it all the time. Getting on a ramp for the expressway also or when I just feel like some giddy up. At red lights when that kid is next to me and is inching up I'll put the car in "S" and give it a go. Don't be afraid to experiment and mix it up. I go from the "trip" to "S" and "D" sometimes when I'm really feeling crazy. Quite frankly, I don't care for the "D". I'd love to drive another A4 to see if it's just mine or determine if the "D" is as choppy in all of them. I pretty much only use "D" when I'm cruising. Anyway, do whatever works for you. The "S" is your friend. Enjoy and Bonne Chance
  • Thanks, giggs.
  • giggs, you're not alone with the choppy feeling of "D". Mine's the same way when it upshifts way too soon. I mostly drive in Tip mode because I still like to control (partially) the gear selection. I'm fairly certain that for the next car, I'll be going back to stick.

    winwell, it is typical for the gas mileage to be low for the A4 (both the 3.0 and the 1.8T). Give it about 5,000 miles before noticing a climb in the fuel effeciency. I have close to 77,000 miles with mostly highway driving and get around 24mpg for my 2002 3.0.
  • Excuse my ignorance, but I am still not clear as to when to use "S". In city traffic at speeds below 30-40 or on open road at speeds above, say, 60? Is it for cruising or passing and does it eat up more gas than "D"? Should I be moving when I shift in and out of "S"? Thanks.
  • I believe your manual addresses your question. As I recall the S is for sporty driving as you choose. I use S when I am entering onto the freeway or in traffic and feel I will need a quicker response than I can get from D because the engine in S revs higher. I use S also because I don't want to shift in certain conditions using tiptronic. Because of the high revs your gas mileage is impacted of course but the fun is definitely there in "S" particularly if you have a 1.8T as I do. The tiptronic is also excellent for moving on and off the freeways at speed or negotiating twisties. Definitely learn the three choices you have to enhance your experience. When I first started I never used the tip, now I love it. Helps me unwind at the end of the day. Have fun.
  • giggsgiggs Posts: 41
    Winnwell/Cicero - I don't believe the manual addresses switching gears on the fly. I looked at the manual quite some time ago on this issue after I bought my A4 and didn't find any comment on this - other than the obvious statement about not shifting into park or reverse while driving. I shift on the fly all the time and haven't had a problem. Probably you can do this because of the drive by wire. You may want to double check the manual or call into your service rep if it gives you comfort but I say go man go and enjoy that new bad boy Winnwell.
  • pedped Posts: 18
    After reading all the posts I have one question. Since my car came with synthetic oil from the start and I follow manufacturer requirements will I be ok? I drive about 35k - 40k per year and need to get 2.5 years out of this car. It is an Audi Certified that had 300 miles on it, with 100% bumper to bumper warranty. Thanks for any help.
  • Sounds like you must do a whole lot of highway driving. That is the 'easiest' type of driving on the oil so the manufacturer schedule should be fine for that vehicle. As long as it's the synthetic type and compatable with the proper specs for the engine. Some synthetics are and others are not so be in tune with that.

  • giggsgiggs Posts: 41
    Mnfr calls for synthetic on the 1.8 so you go with it. The 1.8 has a much smaller oil pan than the 3.0. The 3.0 doesn't call for synthetic. Be careful and change the oil as required and not just at your scheduled maintenance. That's a common mistake to wait until the free maintenance and oil change. You should have at least one oil change in between the scheduled maintenance - especially with your driving habits.
  • I've owned my A4 for a little over a year. It has 88K miles. Last month or so I've had a howling noise occuring when releasing the clutch while beginning to accelerate out of a stop. It is not consistent and does not feel like a slip to me. Any suggestions. I have 12K on my warranty, I believe (not sure) that clutch problems are not covered. Thank you
  • cicerocicero Posts: 51
    I recall seeing something about it in the manual and I will go back to it. However, it would be odd to even suggest that you cannot move from S to D or reverse on the fly. You can definitely move into tiptronic on the fly and I do recall the manual addressing this. A simple call to your dealer might clear up the ambiguity but I think it is obvious that you do not need to start in "S" and stay in S. Where is Mark when we need him. Cicero
  • I had a similar problem in my A4 a few years ago...the clutch was replaced.
  • the MASS AIR SENSOR(emissions) was replaced;and bingo..good luck!
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    I have a new A4 six speed with the perrilli(?) P6 17 inch wheels and I am experiencing a lot of tire noise - does anybody have any suggestion?

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