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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • rsromanrsroman Posts: 2
    hey guys this is my first post, well anyway i got my first audi a4, its a 96 2.8 and i got it from an insurance auction because it was in an accident and all i need is a fender and bumper, but anyways, i think this is the second accident its been in becuase the airbag light is on and the drivers horn doesnt work, so anyone know how to fix this problem? do i get a new airbag mod chip? where would i put it? how much? also the front passenger side door doesnt open from the inside any ideas how to get it to open? no child safety lock btw. thanks ahead of time
  • cyberpmgcyberpmg Posts: 83
    It may be a faulty switch or a loose wire connection that could be giving you problems. Since you're still under OEM warranty, have it checked out by the dealer (no cost to you) who can repair/replace it.
  • rsromanrsroman Posts: 2
    my stereo also doesnt work so i was thinking of putting a custom one in, but i hear that it devalues the price of the car, any ideas?
  • rusty812rusty812 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 a4 quattro it has about 93000 miles. I been having trouble starting my car. Sometimes its starts fine but about twice a months it gives me trouble. I have to turn the ignition about 3 times to start it can i please get some info or is anyone having the same problems
  • mendlomendlo Posts: 1
    I have a '99 1.8T Quatro and am looking for a scan tool that would provide the best assortment of features (read Audi specific codes?) at a reasonable (less than $200) price. Any suggestions?
  • A 20 NOV 2004 report gives A4 the lowest rating for dynamic and overall seat/head restraint. Per IIHS: "Good geometry is a simple and necessary first step toward adequate protection and seats with bad geometry cannot begin to protect many tall occupants.". See
    I wonder what Audi is doing to obtain the "marginal", then "acceptable", and finally the "good" rating which other brands have obtained.
  • leosleos Posts: 1
    Adui is by far one of the worst cars for long term reliability. Buy the extended warranty because after about 60K they start to fall apart like cheap toys. The only difference is your goanna pay a heavy price. Do some research, they are plagued with problems. Look at the incessant amount of service bulletins they produce each month. The 2.8 non turbo has been their best engine so far and even it is painful to keep going. I ditched my 98 A4 after having all kinds of mechanical problems after 60K. I foolishly bought a new model in 03 and it was in the shop more times than I care to think about. It’s gone and has been replaced by a much more reliable Lexus. All in all Audi is just a poorly built vehicle in a luxury car wrapper aka Volkswagen.
  • I bought a 1997 Audi A4 1.8T used, and have been driving it for about 3 months now... first time AUDI driver, and have just resently noticed that the pick up on my car has started to decrease. Usually I can hear my turbo start to intake air with a light whistling sound, but lately I hear nothing, along with the noticable boost loss. This makes me wonder if my turbo is damaged or broken. If any one knows of any signs to look for about this problem, or tips to check please let me know...

    Thanks all
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Check the bypass valve first - it is a lot less expensive and they can be prone to failure. If the valve is defective it could be causing the condition you describe.
  • Thanks for the help!
  • dxc001dxc001 Posts: 1
    I've got a 2002 audi a4 3.0 and for the past few weeks, no matter what the temperature setting is on its climate control system, its only blowing hot air.
    Someone told me it might be the pollen filter. If so, what does this filter do, is it needed, and how often and easy is it to replace? Also does anyone
    have any idea how much a filter would cost?
  • hanivwhanivw Posts: 1
    hello im having the same [problem like u , did u find what it is..............and can u tell me where is the headlight washer motor located at i have a 1997 audi a4 1.8 t thanks ahni let me know
  • sljslj Posts: 1
    The climate control fan speed in my new 2004 A4 Avant never goes below 4 bars. I had a 1999 A4 for 4 years before, and never had this problem. The air temperature is perfect... but when the air comes from the panel, it blows me away. Even when driving at night and the temperature is mild. I always have to manually lower the fan speed. Has anyone heard/experienced of this problem? Ii took it back to the dealer and they said there wasn't a problem. I disagree.
    Also, my engine runs rough and loud for the first 2-3 minutes every morning... dealer said there wasn't anything wrong,but again, I never had this issue with my other A4 (1.8T). Anyone experience this? Thanks!
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Same thing here on mine and from what I have been told it is normal. I also find it running too high and somewhat noisy, however, it seems we have to live with it as it is part of the programming of the climate control system.

  • 04eph04eph Posts: 2
    I've recently gone through Time Belt/Tensioner and Oil Pump problem with my A4 1.8T. I just wanted to recommend HBL in Tysons Corner (AUDI Dealership). They were so nice about everything (tried to cover as much as they can with the Audi warranty without me asking for it) and treat you like a human being. Thank you HBL Audi
  • al1d8gunal1d8gun Posts: 1
    Hi. I have a 1997 A4 1.8 Turbo Quatro with about 72,250 original miles and has been a great car till the end of last summer. I had the car serviced at the end of August because when the car turned left or right, there would be a terrible squeaking noise coming from the front suspension area. The dealership replaced both right (passenger side) upper control arms. After that service, there were no problems till the end of October where the squeaking noise, when turning, reoccurred again, which progressively got worse. Again the car was service again at the dealership where the lower control arm was replaced along with the wishbone. Come January, the car was serviced again because a squeaking noise when turning. This time, the lower control arm and the wishbone on the driver side of the car was replaced. After that replacement, there hasn’t been problems till now, when each time I turn the steering wheel left of right when I drive, I can hear the squeaking noise again and it is progressively getting worse each time I drive the car. Also, when the car goes over some minor and major bumps, sometimes, you can hear the same squeaking noise as well. Has anyone experienced this problem before and can anyone please tell me what the solution to my problems without forking over several more thousands of dollars in repairs and parts. Thanks.
  • rambo5rambo5 Posts: 37
    I think that I was raped by my dealer in a repair of a lower control arm. Could someone with a Chilton Flat Rate Manual look up the labor for replacement of a lower control arm assembly in a 99 A4 2.8. Thanks.
  • lilyplilyp Posts: 1
    I'm actually new to this message post. If you haven't already bought the tires, I'd recommend P-Zeros or Pirellis (spelling?). I own a 02 A4 1.8T and I have only had Pirellis on my car, all season tires and they are AWESOME. I lived in New England for 3 years with those tires. P-Zeros are nice too but pricey. I've used to get my tires before. Most recently my dealership have been willing to negotiate the price of the tires to match what I've found on Tire Rack and included putting them on and balance for the life of my vehicle. Not too shabby. They're great in all sorts of weather. If you really want your car to be a ripper in the snow, I'd recommend getting Pirelli Winter Tires! Good Luck.
  • lviv35lviv35 Posts: 5
    I was changing a flat tire when jack bended and collapsed half way up ripping through door button molding. First, Audi said that I placed it in wrong place, but when I proved them wrong they said that I must put on handbrake before lifting the car and this is listed in "tips" section of manual. Jack has installation instructions on the side and there is no word about it. If it's that important how come it's not shown as the first step in the instructions?

    Did anyone had problem with Audi jack.
  • davkingdavking Posts: 51
    I was taught to always set the handbrake when changing a tire. But what that may have to do with causing the jack to bend, if that's what you mean, escapes me. Do you mean, perhaps, that the jack leaned as the car moved to the front or rear because the brake wasn't set?
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