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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16
    2002 A4, 1.8T Quattro
    Had it for 2 years. Over all it's OK, however fells like it may need more that 110KW...
    Intresting problem, the ESP ligth use to come on every now and again. Nor AUDI or my mechanic cannot grip on problem.. 3 months sisnce the car come out of the warranty AUDI dealers have identified AIR MASS SENSOR failture... :))) Cost me 500 to fix. Very convinient!
  • gba4gba4 Posts: 1
    Sorry tmjaeger, I haven't experienced a failing cylinder but I would like to submit a couple of questions to the forum about my 96 A4 (2.8, V6, 5 Speed). The millage is 182000 and the check engine light recently came on.

    1. I got the trouble code read out for free at auto zone and it came back as a [1101 & 1106] manufacture control fuel air metering. To get the facts I took it to the dealership and it cost me $90.00 to find out the same thing (P1101 - voltage too low/leakage air and P1106 - voltage too low/leakage air). To my dismay the dealership did not know exactly what part to repair/replace based on the code. They said to bring in back so they can "run" the diagnostics tests longer.

    Has anyone had this experience or know of a shop in the greater Baltimore, MD area where I can get this type service?

    2. I will need tires soon and wanted to try all season brands by 1. Falken (Ziex ZE 512), 2. Dunlop (SP Sport A2), or 3. Sumitomo (Srixon 4). Anyone used either of these on an A4 or know if they are good as advertised (price & performance)?
  • jbuchsjbuchs Posts: 4
    I am thinking about leasing the new 2.0 A4 automatic with premium package, which has been out for a couple of months. Does anyone have anything to say on this model. Concerned, readiing about all the problems with Audi.
  • watziznehmwatziznehm Posts: 3
    Hello everyone,

    I had made a posting earlier asking for recommendations on auto shops in Chicagoland. I'm writing now to get any advice you may have on the actual 60k mile service itself. The Audi maintenace schedule recommends the following:
    - Replace spark plugs
    - Replace brake fluid
    - Replace engine filter, dust/pollen filter
    - Engine oil change
    - Check fluid levels, coolant level and battery
    - Clean and lubricate sliding roof, door hinges
    - Check brake system
    - Check transmission for leaks
    - Reset service reminders

    I spoke to a couple of repair shops and both said that this list was not enough. One of them wanted me to change my timing belt, water pump and thermometer costing an additional $800. The other said I should replace the automatic transmission fluid and a couple of other things costing $400. I'm concerned that the recommendations do not match and also want to make sure I do not leave anything out that needs to get done. Any advice on what is recommended as part of the 60k mile service would me much appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    just joined your forum - anyone got anything bugging them? Older Audi's usually have all there kinks worked out and have fix's available - still working on getting to know the newer ones...... :confuse:
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16
    I done 60K service on my A4.My mechanik simply went by the AUDI service book + small other thinks which he spotted.. like belts. I think it does not matter if you do it all in 1 hit or simply do a total check up between the servises. Regardles AUDI reccommendation to service it every 15K as per on-board computer, i do oil and filter change in beetveen 2 service periuds. Just find good mecanik you trust or take it AUDI.
  • hydrocarbonhydrocarbon Posts: 16
    The brake fluid should be changed every 2 years, regardless of mileage. I don't know of any hard and fast rules regarding spark plugs, but I had mine done at 60K too.
    If you want to save $20-30, it's really easy to change the pollen filter and air filter yourself.
    If you look at the forums on, you'll see a lot of people who claim that the timing belt should be changed out every 60,000 miles, or less. I don't necessarily agree with that. These forums tend to be a place where complaints concentrate and overly enthusiastic owners tend to wax on. However, if the timing belt is changed, it is a good idea to do them water pump at the same time. I have 78K on my car and don't intend to do the timing belt until 90K.

    Were these repair shops stealerships?
  • jstrebeljstrebel Posts: 2
    Forgive I posted this in another forum as well. But need some fast answers. Thanks.

    Hey folks.. First time poster - I am looking into purchasing a 2005 audi a4 from a private seller. He is calling it an ultra sport (which I want) but the carfax report is calling it a 2005 AUDI A4 1.8T QUAT/SPEC EDIT.
    I have not seen the car except in pictures.
    I know the ultra sport came with 18in rims, and the spec edit w/ the 17 inch rims. So if he is truthful and it has stock 18 it must be the ultrasport.. but carfax is calling it a spec edit?
    His description [2005 A4 1.8T quattro ultrasport package in the dolphin grey exterior with black leather interior. Car Has all options except the cold weather package and the bose stereo. Has the lighting package and the premium package and the ultrasport package. 18 inch ultrasport rims]
    How can you tell the diff between a ultrasport and spec edit?
    Also, if it is a special edition.. what I am really losing from the ultrasport? The suspension tuning?
    Thanks for the help.
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16
    Mate, I alredy wright about same problem a had.
    ESP will come ON every now and again. Turned out to be air mass meter fault, it had to be replaced. No problem sisnce then.
    Other time that light come on as i heard is when you have a faulty brake/cluch pedal switch.
    A4 1.8T Quattro 2002
  • hannashannas Posts: 1
    my 2001 Audi A4 with only 45,000 miles has this problem. An independent auto repair shop told me I need this replaced at a cost of almost 1100.00 and also told me that I should not be having this problem, that I did not have nearly enough miles on my car for this to go bad. can someone help me with some info about this? I bought the car for my high school graduation a year ago from Carmax, and everything was fine then.
  • jst4shojst4sho Posts: 1
    My daughter took her Audi to dealer for oil change and mechanic informed service rep she needed to have wishbone suspension link replaced on left front. I have looked it over and an independant mechanic in Dallas has looked it over and can find no problem. At Audi dealer today car was put on lift and my daughter was shown how this need was determined. He put fingers between the suspension and frame to measure both sides of vehicle at same point on suspension and determined that there is more room on one side than the other. There are no bent parts that can be seem but they want $750 to make this repair to a leased vehicle. Anybody else out there run up against the two finger suspension test?
    I am new to list so hope this is correct method to post.
  • jds3jds3 Posts: 6
    I have had my '99 A41.8T Quattro from new. Now 64k miles in the Chicago area. Let me start by saying that I had aspired to owning an Audi since I was a kid and the orginal Quattro had dominated the WRC in Europe. Maybe therein lies the problem - my ownership experience has been mixed - fun car to drive, disaster to own. While under warranty & free maintenance it was no problem as it cost nothing. Post-warranty has been a mind-numbing experience. Let me re-cap warranty issues: new muffler, dashboard computer display replaced, several airbag replacements including having to remove drivers seat twice; speakers rattled on delivery. Post warranty: door trims all rusted & fell off; sunroof broke $1000 to replace; "pre-ignition coil" failure left me stranded by the highway approx and bill of $900. Brakes all around @ $1,200, 2 CV joints @ $500 a pop, 4 wheel bearings total approx $1000; front lower pair of suspension control arms this week @ $1000. Now the dashboard computer has gone again.
    My dealings with Audi dealers and Audi USA: dealers are incredible gougers.... example: local body shop replaced ALL the external door trims that fell off in a couple of hours for $125; Audi dealer had quoted $200 PER door for a total of $800. Since the trims had fallen off just post-warranty and had clearly been rusting and deforming for some time, I approached Audi USA to see what they would do about it - tried to be non-confrontational at the outset. But that changed once they had the cheek to deny a problem existed with '99 A4 door trims (despite literally dozens of other A4s in our area with similar, very visible problems!), would not arrange for a company area rep to meet me at the dealer to discuss. Take-away: Audi thinks consumers are suckers or stupid. Dealing with Audi USA "Customer Service" was a joke.
    Summary of most important lessons learned: 1) these cars are fragile and have the inherent quality of the VW parts they are built from; get rid of the Audi once out of warranty or, if you really must continue to own the Audi, avoid the dealerships - find a good independent shop that will do VAG parts. 2) pick up an aftermarket warranty - a friend of mine has a '99 A6 under a warranty offered by a reputable insurance company and he has had a positive experience.
    Finally, maybe I am a sucker and have paid too high a rate for these repairs, but the majority were performed at an independent shop and with quotes way lower on each job than those provided by a dealer. And the bottom line is all these things broke on the car - so even slightly cheaper repairs would still add up to expensive ownership.
    So there you have it....Audi has not met my expectations, I will be trading in the car for an Infiniti, Lexus or BMW. Audi had its chance to win me back, but now my experiences have certainly cost Audi sales with several Chicago area friends, possibly more.
  • tdwtdw Posts: 1
    My 1997 A4 has done 200,000 miles now and is coming up with all kinds of problems. It's a TD avant 110bhp and recently it developed an irritating and so far unsolvable problem - in third, forth or fifth gear usually at over 40 mph the turbo fails. The Audi garage replaced the mass air meter, boost solanoid and exhaust valve only 6 weeks ago and the valve has failed again. Audi are being their usual unhelpful selves and won't look at it again without charging me (my argument is that they didn't fix it properly). Anyone else come across this? Also anyone else had experience of running an A4 at this kind of mileage as other things are begninning to go wrong.
  • chollowaycholloway Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 A4 Avant tdi and it has developped a knock from somwhere between the engine and gearbox area, it knocks once or twice on pull away and then when you're slowing down or braking sharply to a slow pace it'll knock once or twice again. Audi garage checked it and told me it had nothing wrong, and the noise could not be found, only for it to appear as I left the garage car park. That coupled with an incurable creak from new makes me less than impressed with a car that cost £25k Can anyone offer advice, could it be the exhaust flexing??
  • berny1berny1 Posts: 9
    Hi All,

    My included service for my '01 A4 expired last year so I need to get the 50K service this month. Audi charges $200 for this which is basically oil change + inspections and reset the service reminder.
    I can get this done on Jiffy lube or a similar place for $35. Could you please advice if it's really worth going with Audi or just have the $35 job done.
    Thank you! :sick:
  • I've had my '99 A4 2.8 for 3 years now, and can correlate some of your observations. I'm also in the Chicago area. I got it with 40K and it now has 80K miles. The only money I've put into it has been a passenger side airbag for $600. My sunroof also doesn't go all the way back and I'm not going to fix it because I don't "need" a sunroof. Also, my headlight washers are bad. But I know how to fix the washers; it's just a floating ground.

    It does sound like you got a lemon. I wouldn't expect to have to replace 2 dash computers, several airbags, wheel bearings(before 64K!!!), "preignition coil", and all the suspension components. I know another '99 1.8T owner who had similar bad experiences. The door trims do rust away, and once mine fall off I'm going to replace them myself. It's really quite easy to replace them yourself. Your wheel bearing story terrifies me though. They are supposed to be sealed, and to last for a long time.

    On the whole though, so far my experiences haven't been bad. I expect to replace the brake pads and rotors pretty soon; they are a wear item($800-1000). And the timing belt/water pump is another $1000, but that's another service recommendation. Theoretically, my upper and lower control arms need replacing because Audi made them out of cheese. But the car still seems fine, so I'll wait until it feels like I have a problem. Luckily, I go to an independent shop that knows what the hell they're doing.

    I definetely agree with you regarding the dealerships. AoA is also completely useless. The dealerships take you for all they can and AoA doesn't seem to care about losing potential customers. I avoid them like the plague. They love to take something like a faulty sunroof and turn it into thousands in profit, like alchemists making gold from lead. If I took mine into the dealership today for the suspension arm recall, I would bet $100 that they would find at least $5000 worth or repairs that they would claim are essential. They must imagine they're dealing with very rich idiots.
  • mohsinicmohsinic Posts: 3
    I was driving my Audi A4 96 and i braked to stop for a stop sign and the ABS and tbe brake light came on . I had just recently changed all four brake pads on the car and it brakes fine. I have no idea whut the light is supposed to mean. I checked all the fluids and they are all fine.I looked thru all of the messages in this forum and i couldn't find anything that dealt with this problem. If anyone has any idea about whut this is suposed to mean or what i'm supposed to do for this. Please tell me. Thankyou.
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    Camshft adjusters DO fail on the 1.8t's from time to time - no fix but to replace it
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    Common problem area's for knocking are upper and lover control arms, tie-rod ends, aftermarket brake parts, subframe bolts....
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    The wishbone links fail all day long - but using your finger to check the size of a gap would only be usefull to showthat the car's been smacked. When the links fail you'll hear a trundelling type noise, but the position of the wheel willl NOT change! If you have a distance difference then you've got bent components
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