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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • gormerodgormerod Posts: 18
    This oil sludge problem concerns me. I have a 2000 Jetta with the 1.8T engine and 76000 miles. However, I have also been using synthetic oil in it for the past three years. Are there any opinions on whether or not using synthetic oil will prevent the oil sludge problem? :surprise:
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16
    Hello All,

    I have A4 1.8T Q 2002.
    I just wonder if any one has had an upgrade done to car using APR "" (Stage I ECU Upgrade) and what is the result. I am thinking to do it.

    Other think is that "oil sludge" problem AUDI has. What I done, is asked my mechanic to use one of those OIL FLUSH additive before he changes the oil. This additive rinses the engine internals. Apparently the first time he done it there were some dirt coming out with oil. So it did the job. If you use that staff it should help you keep the engine clean and happy.
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16

    Open the boot, on each side approximattely 10cm away from rubber boot seal there is a visible round plug, which is the service holle. It is about 5 sm in diameter. Pop it with flat screwdriver and you will see botl under it. Undo it and pull it all the way out. Then simply pull the light out! There is 2 more clips holding it, but they will let go.
    This is all.
  • psledgepsledge Posts: 2
    I have an Audi '02 A4, 1.8 Turbo and recently my oil light came on which I considered unusual. I immediately went to the dealer who first reacted that it just needed topped off. I questioned the dealer about this but they were very evasive and said the problem was corrected. I drove approx. 15 miles and the oil light came back on and would not go off. I called the dealer immediately who now informs me to have the car towed immediately. It seems within 30 minutes the dealer now tells me there is a severe oil sludge problem. After returning to the dealer they now tell me about this supposedly recall that Audi discovered back in January. It is June and I never received anything from the automaker or dealership. I continued to question the dealer about the use of improper oil. It seems they were using a regular oil instead of a synthetic. I was furious! To me it would be common sense to use a synthetic in a high performance engine...duh! Now the dealer tells me they can desludge the engine and I do not need to have the engine replaced. However, I will receive an extended 5-year warranty as long as the dealer continues to do the maintenance. I am very, very leery of this situation. I see there are a few other messages posted. Curious, has anyone been notified by Audi of this problem? I am convinced if my oil light had not come on Audi nor the dealer would have never notified me that there is a problem. If others have been effected are your dealers replacing the engine or just doing some type of clean-up?
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    The 1.8 turbo engines can have a problem with sludge build-up. It's not so much inside your engine, but the hoses and pipes that run around it, and the oil pump pick-up screen....this fix right now is to see how badly your engine is plugged and either do nothing and switch to synth oil and a bigger filter - or replace the engine and use synth oil and a bigger filter. The turbo eng. just runs too hot - and most people don't know that you should always let a turbo engine cool down after a drive and change your oil frequently
  • psledgepsledge Posts: 2
    To Auditech,
    I greatly appreciate your response to my Oil Sludge problem. I am curious however as to the confidence I should place in the decision as to how badly my engine is plugged. My car is still at the dealer for repairs so I do not have a final decision. Although when I followed up, they indicated most likely there was no engine damage and they would be cleaning, flushing, etc. Since I originally stopped in and at first all they did was add a quart of oil and send me on my way I have very little confidence in whatever they tell me. Interesting comment about the frequent oil change. I have always wondered why/how these engines could go 10,000 miles before recommended oil change. What are your thoughts on using regular, unleaded gasoline? That's another recommendation from the dealer when I reported problems with the engine seeming to choke at times. They said the Premium gas was too rich.
    Again, your comments have been greatly appreciated.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    1.) warranty direct----1.800.632.4222

    2.)continental warranty---- 1.800.929.2694

    3.) western national---------1.800.722.4758
  • mtmanmtman Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Audi A4 that has a fueling problem. Nearly 75% of the time I try to refuel the vehicle, the pump shuts off, apparently because of pressure. I turn the nozzle in different directions, remove it, and even start refueling at a slower rate but it still shuts off. When I remove the nozzle I can actually hear pressure being released. After a frustrating 10-15 minutes at the pump, it finally starts taking fuel normally.
    This started after some routine maintenance was done.

    Any ideas?
  • jca1jca1 Posts: 1
    I thought I was the only one with this problem. One time the pump actually gushed gas over the car and pavement because of this. Don't know why the pressure doesn't equalize when the cap's removed (the little flapper apparently continues to hold the pressure), but I find if I laboriously hold the pump nozzle at a slight angle to allow the pressure to vent while gassing up I avoid spillage or premature cut-off. Happens only when the tank's pretty empty and I'm wearing nice clothes...
  • larrytaxlarrytax Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2004 Audi A4 convertible in October 2003. Last weekend the air conditioner went out. I took it in to get serviced on the following Monday. The service was horrible and by Thursday they finally figured out that a rock hit the condenser. This is such a poor design to put the condenser directly behind the grill without any protection. This poor design cost me $1200 to fix. I have been happy with my Audi until this week and in fact I was planning on purchasing another one in the future, but after terrible service and poor design on a very expensive car, I plan on taking my business elsewhere. I wanted to warn other people of this poor design and I hope it doesn't happen to any of you. It has been a nightmare.
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16
    Sorry mate, but as far as I know there is no protection on any cars I know against dissent size rock flaying in to the condenser / radiator when you travel at speed around 100 Km/hour. Only off-road SUV’s have heavy duty grilles and bash boards….
    If you have damaged your condenser so the gas has escaped it was a fair size rock or a high speed impact. Unless of coarse AUDI service are playing games because they do not want to do it under the warranty …. but this is only guess.
  • mikelsmikels Posts: 2
    Has anyone ever replaced an indicator relay on a 2000, A4. My indicator has been intermittently not working, up until this week when it completely stopped working. The hazard flashers still work, but the indicators fails to flash. I've found replacement relays, but haven't figured out where the relay is located, and what's involved to replace it. Your comments appreciated
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16

    Have a question for you….
    A4 1.8T Q 2002
    What is the purpose of the small 3 way valve which spites westgate activator pipe in to the “T” join ? (located 5 inch away up on the pressure pipe coming from westgate activator)
    Does it simply bleed the control pressure back in to the turbocharger inlet if westgate needs to be kept close? Or it also keeps the pressure in the activator keeping the gate open permanently if needed?? Can the malfunction of the valve cause westgate to be always open?
    Thank you.
  • This is a pretty easy fix. The relays are under a panel, drivers' side well(where the brake and gas pedal are). You just need to remove the plate and the relays are right there.
  • mtmanmtman Posts: 2
    I've had the gas gush over as well. I've tried virtually every angle conceivable, except standing on my head to get it to pump gas. It just seems to work after about 10-15 minutes of frustration.
    You're right about the empty tank though. It must hold more pressure as the fuel decreases.
    Been there with the clothes as well. Nothing like going to work in nice clothes smelling of gasoline.
  • erixerix Posts: 3
    A week ago I bought a used 2002 A4 1.8T with Tip and Quattro w/62k on it and already problems are starting to surface. For the first four days everything went well, the car was an absolute pleasure to drive.
    However, right after I had the vehicle inspected at a respectable Chicagoland Audi dealership, my accelerator pedal has been quitting on me intermittantly and my brake light won't turn off.
    The accelerator problem first happened on a chilly 50 degree morning (as opposed to the 70 degree nights we had been having) when I was going down the highway at 4:30 am. I had the pedal down at the time and the car just stopped accelerating. I pressed it down a couple of times to see if it was just the Tip being laggy again, but nothing happened at all, the tach didn't move. Then suddenly -about 4 seconds after it stopped responding- the car started responding to the pedal again and it accelerated sharply. It happened twice on that trip and today it must have happened 5 or 6 times, I was afraid it wouldn't make to the office parking lot. And it only seems to happen in the morning, which baffles me!
    Anyone have a clue on what causes this or -better yet- an idea on how to fix it? I'm scared to drive this thing on the highway now!
  • alexis1alexis1 Posts: 1
    Just the other day my A4 1.8 Tip Quadro (2003) died out of no where, but I had no warning signs at all. No loud noises or lights. The car ran perfectly for the last 2 years up until I'm driving along (about to hit one of the busiest bridges in Western Mass) and the car just dies. Apparently it was the Fuel Pump and according the the dealership it was a "known" problem and is covered under warrantly(phew!). But it's still frustrating to pay all this money for a car that ups and dies on you after 2 years. Hopefully that is the only issue that caused the car to die--we shall see. .
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16

    I believe this is an easy fix.
    Problem caused ,most likely ,by faulty Brake switch which is located on the brake pedal. That is why brake lights coming and staying ON. It is an AUDI safety future, if brake pedal depressed ( or switch malfunction) engine management module disables accelerator! Replace the switch and you will fix your problem.
    All this is assuming that you normally drive with your foot (or carpet perhaps) NOT resting
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16

    I believe this is an easy fix.
    Problem caused ,most likely ,by faulty Brake switch which is located on the brake pedal. That is why brake lights coming and staying ON. It is an AUDI safety future, if brake pedal depressed ( or switch malfunction) engine management module disables accelerator! Replace the switch and you will fix your problem.
    All this is assuming that you normally drive with your foot (or carpet perhaps) NOT resting on the brake pedal as it will cause the same effect. Switch is fairly sensitive.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Had the same turn signal problem. Replacing these parts did the trick.

    Audi part # 4bo-941-509-d-b98 emergency switch------- $29.90
    Audi part # 8 lo-953-513-j-01c turn signal switch-------- $65.07
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