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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • Thank you R for the response. Wow! What a night mare!! I will definatley re-think the Audi.

    I was also considering the Passat, but after your towtruck story I will test the Honda for sure. I have to admit I am a German car driver, have had mucho problemas with my Benz for sure. I do love the feel of the Audi but now I am not so sure that is going to be worth the extra money. S
  • rossy28rossy28 Posts: 2
    Hey, hoping for bit of help on this...own a 2003 Audi A4 Cabriolet, and when drive first thing in the morning I experience at time a loss of power when changing through the gears ??!! Can be goig along in fourth at steady 30mph, then just sudden loss of power until change down a gear !!! Don't know if this is some amazing piece of technology to prevent the car from being driven at inapporiate rev's when cold, or more fearfully a fault ??!!! Would appreciate any thoughts or similar experinces ??!! Cheers !!
  • mason3mason3 Posts: 5
    Hello again, I still do not have the owner's manual for my 1998 Audi A4 that I recently purchased. Could someone please tell me what type of gas this car takes? What type of engine oil? And I cannot figure out why my oil sign keeps appearing. Please help!! :confuse:
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Mason: Why don't you call the Audi dealer service department and ask them? I wouldn't drive around with the engine oil light on. At a minimum you should make sure that you have enough oil and then take the car in to get checked by a qualified mechanic. If you have enough oil quantity, and the oil light remains on, then you most likely have an oil pressure problem, and that is NOT good. Get it checked out.

    Which engine do you have? My 2001 A4 1.8T required PREMIUM gas. I would think that yours would too. I used Mobil 1 synthetic oil, 5W-20 I believe. Pretty much any guality oil in the 5W-20 or 10W-30 range should be ok until you find out from the dealer the exact recommended oil. I run Mobil 1 in all my cars and bikes. Good stuff.

    Good luck.

  • richb1richb1 Posts: 9
    Has anyone received a recall notice on 2003 A4 1.8Q regarding fuel pump defects? I had mine replaced about a year ago and wonder if this is indeed the case whether Audi will reimburse me for the expense.
  • samueldsamueld Posts: 6
    Hay Shevi, So I read all three of your post on different forums . Interesting, Just out of curiosity did you get that warranty??? Yeah Audis and their ABS module problem, the guy at the dealership is correct it is going to need it. Dont worry VW passat have the same problems, same module. As far as getting a tire pressure gauge, smart women. I check my tire pressure every month or so, or before a long trip. Next you need to check your oil level and make sure it is correct. ;) I personally think you should go after the place that sold you the car, show them the problems you have been having. Trust me they made enough money off of you. Your rear window, they usually are reliable, probably cause no one uses them. I like the way my radio is, I am 6'1" so I have longer arms then you lol, But a few features I like about the radio are Gala have you read about that in the manual, RDS radio stations broadcast information about the song that is playing, and the fact that I can use my ipod instead of having a 6 disc changer. As far as gas mileage, I do both local and long distance driving, local driving wow I get really bad gas mileage, about 18- 21mpg this is with some highway driving. On the highway I mean all highway, the best I have ever gotten was 30mpg going to Montreal, about a 4 hour drive from ny but I made it there in less time cause I was doing 80 the whole way. My car has all the maintence up to date, it cost alot but I intent to have this car for a very long long time.
    But once again I think you need to find someone familiar with Audis and have them replace your timing belt before a major problem occurs. Audi actually has a recall for this, due to so many Audi A4 timing belts tensioners failing. Although Audi wont fix it for you they will check it for free and tell you if you need one or not. But you need it.
    And oh yeah here
    these guys can fix your abs module and it doesn't cost as much as what Audi wants for it.
    As for as my car, I still love it, I'll try to get a pic online one of these day so you can see it. :shades:
    Until next time

    -------------> David
  • samueldsamueld Posts: 6
    Hay jtdavis,

    Unfortunately you have two different problems. The first problem with the air rushing, Well that is what they call a secondary air pump. What it does is push more air into your exhaust system, it is suppose to lower emissions by speeding up the warmup process. Either way it most likely has water in it and needs to be replace, whoever replaces it tell them to also replace the combination valve on the back of the head. It is expensive but wont affect anything else so that can wait. Although you wrote this two weeks ago, you probably already know you need and ignition switch. This is why your radio stays on and everything else. Audi has had problems with those also on the older cars.

    Just like to say I still and will always LOVE my Audi :shades: No matter how much it cost to fix 112000 and couting... 98 a4 1.8tqm

    0------------> David
  • cicerocicero Posts: 51
    I received such a recall notice and inside they indicate they will repair the pump or pay for the replacement costs. I took my 1.8T in two weeks ago and it was taken care of by Rector Audi in Burlingame Cali in 1.5 hour. The car was returned after they washed it and everything is fine. A friend took her A6 for the same reason and had a similar good experience at another dealership. No problems. Cicero

    PS: To those A4 owners experiencing many problems and trips to the shop; I feel for you. I had the same problem with my Jetta VR6 years ago due a undiagnosed problem with ehe digifant fuel injection. The car would stall out when it reached a certain tempeture on the freeway. Scarey.

    I have only had minor dealer type warranty type "problems" with my car and have experienced relatively no down time due to routine issues exceptng a glitch with the sunroof and a light sensor. Other than that, I have about 45K on the car and I enjoy driving it very much. The 1.8 takes adjustment from the 6 cyl experience but motoring is fun once you master the nuances of a turbo! Good luk.
  • samueldsamueld Posts: 6
    Hay Rwolff,

    I know someone close to you who used to work for Audi but currently works fpr VW shoot me an email...
    Its in my profile and I'll get back to you.

    --------> David
  • a43311a43311 Posts: 11
    I would put premium in, but you can probably get away with plus if you really need to, actually if you look on the inside of the gas door it should say the minimum octane for that car. Also would definitely recommend synthetic oil. Agree with what was said about the oil pressure, if its at the right level I'd get that checked out.
  • a43311a43311 Posts: 11
    I agree about the secondary air injection pump. I have that noise but it goes away within a couple minutes of starting the car. My mechanic told me that it could go out completely and the car would still run perfect. Just with the engine light on.

    samueld said "Just like to say I still and will always LOVE my Audi No matter how much it cost to fix 112000 and couting... 98 a4 1.8tqm"

    WORD. I have a 99 2.8 A4 have only had it from 95k to 103k and virtually no problems other than routine maintenance. High miles for the car but I still love it.
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Posts: 220
    ...the car has been fantastic. Picked up my factory order 2.0 liter last August... 6spd manual, virtually all the options. The car has not had a single issue. I also had the ECU reflashed (presently about 230 hp).

    But that said, I have a short drive to work and never keep my A4s beyond the warranty period. I would not pick an Audi for high-mileage applications nor would I buy a used Audi. Another reason I've stayed with Audi is that the local dealer is very easy to work with and seems to have a good service department.

    Anyhow, it has been said that Audi is aware of the reliability issues and has been working to improve their product line.

    Time will tell.

  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 284
    Well, I am trolling these boards because I am looking to have my 2005 Toyota 4runner lemoned, which died while driving after 6 months. :sick:

    Dealer has had the car for over a week and has no clue about what's wrong with the car. :lemon:

    At least, when I had a German car, the dealers generally fixed the nits and nads w/in a day. And the car was fun to drive. :) But think of it--why own a 4runner other than supreme reliability?
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    My 2003 A4 3.0 was in the shop for a total of 150 days with electrical problems during the 39 month lease. I won't go into details here how I went after Audi (my earlier posts describe). But I can say Audi never once tried to rectify the situation.. well not entirely true, they sent an expert over from Germany who kept it another two weeks, replaced all sensors just to have something else go wrong... they never followed up.

    Even down to the last few minutes of signing off on the "lease end" paperwork.... They kept babbling about how reliable their cars are, this includes corporate. Anyway, this car you are looking at, make sure it is not dark blue with grey interior, could be my return. If the seats move by themselves then it is mine.

    I recommend you look at another brand, Audi does not back up their products, simple as that.
  • Sorry to hear about your A4 cneff. I have the exact same year and model and have not had a single issue with mine. The car needed rear brakes when I took it in for the 30k service a few months ago. Audi replaced them free under the Audi Advantage Plan. I have not had to put a dime into mine (other than gas)and it has only been at the dealer for the three scheduled service checks. Hard to explain why two cars with the same equipment produced in the same year have such different reliability records.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    Thanks for the response Mobilemania, I'm pleased you had a good one....really.

    I've heard that from other Audi owners too (had a lot of time to chat with them since I was in the service waiting rooms so often). I've also come across many stories like mine. There seems to be no middle ground, even the car is fine or just a total bomb. What I also found alarming was how the Dealers and Audi try to smoke screen these problems that other customers had...sort of hoping they'd go away. I spent some time heading up the ranks in Audi USA and customers are not first...not first at all.

    I don't blame the car since I've had German cars for years (first Audi though), I blame the dealerships and company. Most of my issues were repair-able, most, not all. But the dealer network just blew it. Even the senior folk at Audi USA admitted there was a serious flaw in their reporting of repairs and ability to fix this car the first time. Audi knows they have serious problems and a long long road uphill to get to where the other German brands are today when it comes to service.

    However, they still backed away from the most serious of issues with the car. I know German cars can be testy, but most dealers are prepared or take the time to listen and inspect properly. In the beginning Audi dealers blamed me and the blame even came from Audi USA. It was not until the gent from Germany and a senior tech came over to look it over. About 50% of the flaws were due to dealer incompetence (Audi USA admitting this) (I had been to 4 dealers) and the rest were just poltergeists. These dealers are all in Northern that leaves basically zero that are able to address serious flaws other then a burned out bulb.

    Sad thing is I liked the way the car drove, but, without a good service infrastructure one is just playing "russian roulette" with this Brand. I really wanted to feel good about Audi, this is what makes it so frustrating.

    For those reading my posts and past posts thanks for letting me vent.
  • Cneff, you're absolutely right about the role of the dealer especially with european cars. Even though I did not have any issues with my car, my dealer (in Connecticut) always had a person waiting for me when I arrived for my service drop off and a loaner car gassed started and ready to go. I spent no more than 5 minutes dropping off and picking up. My car always came back to me washed and vacuumed. I know a woman who has an A4 with stick. She burned through a clutch in the first 12k miles (just "learned" standard before buying the A4) She took it to the dealer and they replaced the clutch free without asking a question... even though this is considered a wear and tear item. I had a similar situation to yours several years ago with an SUV we bought and now I am very suspect of the brand and the dealer... so I don't blame you for feeling burned.
  • mason3mason3 Posts: 5
    Thanks. I just checked inside of the gas cover and it shows premium at the top and supreme at the bottom. I've seen it before which is what prompted me to question it. I've started with the premium. I did an oil change today and the light did not come on as frequently but my mechanic says he noticed a slow leak but wasn't sure where it was coming from. Gotta take it back soon. the oil pressue problem never crossed my mind. But now i have something to check on. Take care.
  • mason3mason3 Posts: 5
    I have a 2.8T A4. I'm going to call the dealer again tomorrow to order the manual. I just hope it doesn't take so long. I did the oil change today and the light is not on as much but I will follow up with my mechanic about the oil pressure. He said he noticed a slow oil leak. He put 10w-40 oil in the car. I was in a rush so I did not check to see if it was synthetic. Can synthetic be mixed with other oils? I know the same level can but what about the type? I'm just worried because the last car I had engine blew & I kept up with the oil religiously. I don't know, I'm still getting use to this car. I do love the way it handles the curves. Decent suspension. Thanks for the response and luck.
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