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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello all, I am looking for anyone in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area who has had problems with Audi regarding the engine sludge problem. There is a local news reporter who is going to do a story on this problem and is looking for others to interview. If this is you or if you know of anyone please leave me a message. Thanks
  • what causes the sludge?
  • Purchased a 2003 A4 Conv. Been in the shop twice. When starting to drive you hear a creaking/crunch sound under the car. First they said it was a suspension arm, they changed it. Took it back again and they said its the sway bar, changed a part and now still a noise. Has this happened to anyone? is is dangerous?
  • I changed the thermostat , waterpump, and the 50 AMP Fan relay that tells the fan to turn on when it starts heating up, while we were changing the thermostat we also ran a water test on the unconnected radiator and water was gushing out from the other end when put on running water. There is also an Auxiliary Fan Switch that I have ordered online. But my problem is that I do not know what is causing the heating.
    Condition of Overheating:
    The upper radiator hose gets really hot but the lower radiator hose stays cool and I cannot determine what is causing this/or is this normal?. We can safely say that the radiator is working normal. We also bypassed the heater core cause the dealership told us that it might be stopping the water from circulating thru the entire system. The axuiliary fran is not turning on so that is why we ordered the aux. fan switch. Can any body tell me what else I need to do to normalize my heating problem.
  • Hi,

    I too have an A4 2001 and my car makes that same noise ever since I got my front brake pads and rotors changed. Have you gotten this fixed?

    Thanks, Alex
  • i recently purchased a used audi a4 and as of today needed to have a tire replaced (i got two nails in it). My tool box is missing the "clip" as the towing man called it to be able to change the tire. Is it difficult to acquire one? are they different for each individual car? will it be very costly to order one? the nearest dealership is in the next town and id prefer to know before i trek out there. if anyone has a please!
  • I was just wondering how you made out in small claims court?
    Still have my clutch pressure plate which I believe had a manufacturing defect, and therefore a Safety issue for Audi.
    Looks much like the A4 clutch shown here and also believed to be a Audi manufacturing defect.
    Statrting to look like a class action lawsuit
  • Following 4-5 unscheduled visits for other repairs, the tranny on my dad's A4 self-destructed after less than 32,000 freeway miles. Out of warranty by a few months, and Audi said you're on your own ($1900). Is this a way to build following?? Back to Toyota/Lexus. Audi: go to heck.
  • bring your car to oil change at least every 5000 miles-this is the advice i got from Euless AUDI TEXAS.
    By the way,..have you experienced any burned oil smell?-when you park the car for example?!
  • what is the sollution for the burned oil smell? I own a new A4 2005.I have seen at least 3 people with the same problem so far .
  • IF THEY DID THAT TO YOUR CAR YOU HAVE HIGH CHANCES THAT THEY RUINED YOUR CATALYTIC CONVERTER-look in the car manual at chapter"oil change"-SO YOU BETTER GO SOON AND CHECK IT-again is written in the manual that an oil overage can damage catalytic converter...Have you also noticed any burned oil smell?
  • very odd,because in reno nv at the audi dealership for this cars they recommend only castrol and in texas they recomend mobil one.However my car drove better with castrol and the oil stays clean.I don't know what to think anymore.My car is new and i already have valve tapping noise and burned oil smell.Please advise me what to do .Anyway tomorrow I will go to the dealership...I expect the worse of them-this happens in nevada though.PLS -ANY IDEA?!?
  • The last thing I was told was to give it a little time. I was told that, it should go away after the brake pads "settle in." I can say it is seems to be a bit better, but the clicking is still there... I have put about 2,000 miles on the car, and am wondering whether I need to now go back again to question the repair shop...
  • I have a 2005 Audi A4 that the clutch went out at 16,000 miles - Audi factory rep denied the claim -- my service manager tolld me off the record to fight it because the plate has been an ongoing problem - I would like to fight audi - please let me know if you know of other people with similiar claims -- Im sick of them telling me Im a bad driver when they know they have a faulty product!
  • I have an 2005 audi a4 that the clutch and flywheel went out at 16000 miles - the service manager even told me off the record that he has the same belief as you that the plate is the cause of the clutch problems - please let me know if you know of others with this problem and what actions you took against audi -- i plan on having a lawyer get involved - the service manager said that this would definately help -
  • What a mess...9/6, 2 MONTHS after leasing a 2006 a4, i was t boned and then rear car is a MESS and the rear passenger wheel took most of the impact..the rear axle was so badly broken it was flatbedded. The body shop said I need new suspension, new airbags, computer system, etc etc. Im really upset because when I called my dealer they said the rear axle and needing new suspension compromises the structural integrity and is grounds to be totaled. Its really unfair that I bought a brand new car and since its new and nobody has the parts, they have to be manufactured and shipped here...8 weeks. My insurance company said they wont total my car because its "worth too much" but its not fair I bought it brand new and if they try to fix it (so far repairs are at $13,000) it will never be the same. Is there anything I can do???
  • thats really terrible! Try going to a different auto body, you'd be surprised how different the price might be. CAll your dealer and ask them to suggest a repair shop that they use. Ask the body shop waht they think. When the insurance adjuster comes down, they might alter things to just make it a total loss - you never know.
  • Absolutely, "work the system" and see if you can swing things your way.

    But really a top notch bodyshop can make the car right I think---and since you are leasing you don't have to worry about the diminution of resale value that comes from a history of major accident. You'd be much worse off here if you had bought the car, if that's any consolation.

    If they don't total it, it's not the worst thing in the world---but of course when you get the car back, test it out and if you hear any untoward noises, thumps, rattles, etc., bring it RIGHT back to the body shop.

    But modern hi-tech body shops are amazing in what they can do, if they are really really pro.
  • Thats very true..I want to bring it to another shop and have someone else look at it but it was taken from the impound directly to one of my insurance company's "approved body shops" of those shops that has a deal with the insurance company which is sketchy already sent the check to them to repair it but nothin has been done yet
  • I believe the law says you can go to any insurance shop you want.
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