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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,420
    I thought of that and decided that no, that's not enough of an overfill. But no harm in draining that out if indeed there's too much in there. To cavitate the oil there has to be a lot of extra oil in there.

    Having said all that, sure, drain it out, reset the light and see what happens.

    Sure would be good to scan it though.


  • Hi all,
    Just wondering if someone can shine some light into my car drama. I have a 2003 A4 3.0 currently with 98,000 miles which I purchased new. At 11,000 miles my car stopped in the middle of the parkway - recall - fuel injection replaced. Starting around 65,000 miles or so, I started running out of oil 1,000-1,500 miles before my schedules appointment. After this happened several times regardless of checking the oil, I automatically get my oil changed every 3,500 miles and I stopped taking it to the dealer for oil changes. The jiffy lube type place usually uses 6 quarts of oil and it is synthetic. My question is my left catalytic converter went around 78,000 miles which was covered. Now, my right catalytic converter went which was costly (extended warrenty didn't cover it) I was told that it ws rare for catalytic converters to go in these types of cars. Can my oil problems (running out of oil, possibly using to much oil, not using Audi filter) causing my catalytic converters to go or is the fuel pump / engine issues with these types of cars the cause.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,420
    Sure excessive oil burning can wipe out a catalytic converter. You should have a cylinder leakdown test performed on your engine.


  • I have a '07 2.0T Avant I purchased last month from an Audi dealer which had approximately 4,500 miles on it at time of purchase. Got the 5k service a few weeks ago and everything checked out fine. The other day, though, I noticed that the tail pipes are coated with a pretty thick black soot. At start up and on heavy acceleration I haven't seen any blue smoke, and I haven't seen an oil level drop. But, the soot accumulation is way more than I've noticed on any of my other cars before. Before I run back to Audi and get it checked, has anyone else noticed this?
  • I have basically the same car and I notice this too. I believe this is caused by this engine running rather "rich" at startup, possibly due to the direct injection. This is a common complaint and is discussed some at You can get something called NEVR-DULL at Wal-Mart for about $4 that will clean the pipes easily. It is a cotton wadding polish and a can of it will last a long time. At any rate there is nothing wrong with your car.
  • check your tires. have them rotated and see if the sound comes from the front now.
  • Thanks for the tip. There is some discoloration and deposits on the chrome exhaust tips, so I'll try that polish for them. What really caught my attention was just how much soot was inside the pipes...glad others have seen this too.
  • I had a problem with my ex- 2003 A4-3.0 in that the gas pump would also shut off. I pulled the nozzle out and stuck a pencil into the filler tube, and could feel (and smell) the fuel vapors escaping from my fuel tank. After the pressure was relieved, I could continue to fill the tank. It finally happened when the dealer had the car (to fix other problems) so they replaced the fuel tank! Apparently in order to change the tank vent, they had to replace the tank itself. That seemed to solve the problem for about one year, then it started to happen again. It became a real pain to try to fill my gas tank. Check to see if your tank is pressurized. I traded the car in for a 2005 Acura Rl a few months later, and I'm glad I did. I've had a couple of minor problems with my Acura, but they are nothing compared with my A4. Good luck!
  • tgai69tgai69 Posts: 7
    Hi my '98 A41.8T quattro :lemon: engine temp gauge is dead anybody know of a DIY way to fix this caused i just spotted wrecked A4 i can easily pull parts off.......ohh what is it with audi sensors! check engine light came on; replaced mass air flow sensor,knock sensor and catalytic converter and the sucker just came on again ...drives fine though :D
  • I have a 2003 A4. When I purchased the car the black plastic face that covers the change drawer in the console (next to the hazard symbol) was missing. The drawer functions fine -- when you press on it it releases without incident. It is just missing the smooth plastic face with the drawer symbol on it. So, clearly just cosmetic, but this is a "new" car to me and I want it to look the way it is supposed to.

    The dealer sent me a replacement piece. I expected it to be just the plastic piece, but it is the entire component -- the drawer, mechanics and all. It looks as if I need to take the entire console apart, remove the drawer and refit it with the new drawer. Is this really the case? Or is there a way I can somehow snap off the face from the new piece they sent and snap it on the existing drawer?

    The piece looks as if it could snap off, but I am a little afraid of attempting that and winding up breaking the new piece. I'm also, to be honest, a little wary of how much it might cost to have the console taken apart and refitted.

    Any thoughts? Thanks for your time.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    I would suggest changing the entire part. Most of these vehicles now are made in such a way that components come out relatively easily without major disassembly. I suggest you do a web search for a do-it-yourself on this particular repair as there are some good sites out there where folks share, often with pictures of the work and/or parts diagrams.
  • sandarsandar Posts: 1
    The windshield wipers on my 98 A4 had a sudden decriment in performance only in the intermittent and slow settings. They stutter and barely get across the windshield. They perform fine in the fast setting. Is this a computer chip problem or something wrong with the motors? Comments appreciated.
  • Hi;
    I have 2001 Audi A4 Quattro. I had this code P0403 Cylinder 4 misfire. I do not know what is the best way to fix this problem. If anyone had similar experience or know how to fix it, please advise.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,420
    Are you sure that's not 304?


  • I think you are right. It is P0304.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,420
    Here's what one website says:

    16688/P0304/000772 - Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected
    Possible Causes

    * Ignition system
    * Fuel injectors
    * Fuel pressure
    * Running out of fuel
    * EVAP canister purge valve
    * Evaporative emission system
    * Low compression
    * Base engine problems
    * Controle Module damaged

    With an Audi, one would always suspect the coil pak.


  • I have an A4 1.8 quattro, 2002 w/47,000 miles on it. At 21,000 (under warranty)I had an episode where I lost power steering for about 15 minutes and then it normalized. Same thing @ 31,000 (under warranty.) Both times the dealer checked and noted "no leak detected at this time.) Since then, I've had to stop by the dealer and have my power steering fluid topped up--at first once every 2 mos, then about 1/month and lately about every 3 weeks. I had it in last week and was told the power steering rack is failing ($1600+tax). The car only has <48K and my thought is this has been failing for some time. Is this unusual, and do I have a "lemon" stance on this since I noted it twice while still under warranty? Same car has had numerous other failures including fuel pump, muffler, brakes, and multiple little electrical bugs.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    If they don't take care of that under the warranty umbrella I would take it up with Audi of America directly. It should be obvious to anyone that this condition existed for a long time and you did bring it to their attention during the warranty period. It is basic incompetence on the part of the dealer.

    As long as you have all the records you should be able to prove your case. You may also want to consider bringing it to another dealer to see what may happen as the one your dealing with seems pretty useless.

    Good luck.
  • Thank you, Rowlandj. I think it's obvious that the rack was probably not good to begin with but I didn't know if my first two episodes supported that or not. And at the time it happened I didn't know enough to question it--I had no idea what a rack was or that what I was seeing could indicate such a serious problem. Everytime something goes wrong on this car, I ask the dealer, "is it normal for this to need repair this soon??" and would just get "it happens." as an answer. Not very reassuring. So I guess I need to take it up with the service manager. I've started looking for a new (not Audi) car, and this is definitely hampering my bargaining power ( :lemon: !). Oh, and yesterday the Malfunction Indicator Light came on...what next??? :mad:
  • I recently had my Audi A4 1.8T engine rebuilt on Audi (total engine loss due to the oil sludge problem). 3 days after it was rebuilt, coolant warning light would come on at start-up, then go off. Took it in, they said they topped off coolant and tightened clamps. 1 week later, while driving 60mph on a bridge, the coolant hose burst, the engine overheated as a result (I couldn't stop in time - no shoulder) and now I'm told I need a new cylinder head. The dealership says there was no way they could have detected a defective hose when they checked the coolant system, so they aren't responsible. Is this true? Isn't it possible to visually (or physically, by squeezing) check the hoses to see if they're ok? I'm told it's very unusual for a hose to burst, that it could have been due to cyliner head leak. I'm also wondering if they didn't properly tighten the clamps. In any case, it seems like too much of a coincidence that this hose just happened to burst ..
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