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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    PLEASE---buy your oil filters from AUDI


  • Have a 2008 A4, problem w/ ice accumulating on the wiper blades when driving in snowy weather. Heavy snow today in Wisconsin - had to stop twice, driving less than 5 miles, to clear ice from the blades. Running the front window defrost on high and cleaned out the area adjacent to the hood --- with continued problems.

    When ice accumulates on the blades, snow and water accumulate on the window - causing visibility problems. Called my InternationalAuto Audi service department - no other customers with similar problems and no suggestions.

    Any ideas / thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  • mercopsmercops Posts: 34

    Live in Minn. and had similar experience with 2002, A4. Found that too much heat causes snow to melt, ice up and stick to the blades. Tried running with minimum window defrost and most times snow does not stick to window, it just blows off as it doesn't get a chance melt and then freeze, unless its the wet heavy stuff which does build up at times. Then I usually stop, Prestone spray window de-icer from the can and seems to do the trick. Also, are you using a good name brand windshield washer fluid or the cheap stuff. Good brands will also help and the cheaper ones are usually no help in the problem as they tend to make it worse. Does your model have the windshield washer fluid heater? If it does, see if the fluid is spraying out warm or cold. Other than that not much else to offer.

  • kmi1kmi1 Posts: 1
    I am having some problems with my 2004 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro and was wondering if someone could give me some feedback.

    I was out of town for a week and upon my return, found my car would not start. I did have someone at home drive it a couple of times while I was gone but they said they had no troubles. I tried to restart my car the next day since it was very cold the previous night but again, it was hesitant to start. I tapped the gas a couple of times while turning the ignition and it finally started; I haven't had any problems starting it since.

    My check engine light is on. Someone suggested it could be clogged fuel injectors, so I got a bottle of Techron and put it in the tank. I drove about a quarter tank of gas and the car ran fine, however, my oil needs changed and since the check engine light is on, I'm very hesitant to drive an entire tank of gas.

    I turned the car on again this evening for awhile and noticed a strong scent of gasoline, I believe coming from the front of the car. I've had continuous problems with the dealership near me and don't want to take my car in and be charged hundreds of dollars for nothing, so I was wondering if someone has had similar problems and what remedied the situation.
  • adam32adam32 Posts: 2
    I have an audi a4 turebo with 19,000 miles and have had an issue with it burning oil also, but when asked about it, they said because of the turbo it will burn some oil. Anyway, I have gotten regular maintenance done on it and added oil if it is low. But 2 weeks ago I had the maintenance light come on that it is time for service. I took my car to audi spoke with the service department and they said it is to earlier for oil change/maintenance and they reset the maintenace light (this also happened at 10,000 miles). 3 days ago I started the car and the "no oil pressure indicator" came on and a tapping in the engine occurred. I shut it off, checked the oil level (within the accepted levels) and I am waiting for audi to pick the car up today. ( I flew out for work, the day after this occurred, that is why I haven't had them look at it yet). It sounded like it was coming from the camshaft, not down low by the connecting rod. Either way, it does not sound good at all. I'm curious to see what they say. I will keep you posted.
  • cars19cars19 Posts: 2
    my 07 A4 uses a qt every 4000 miles. The dealer tells me this is normal. Has anyone else found this to be a problem?
  • tom204tom204 Posts: 9
    A quart every 4000 miles is very good. I use a quart every 2000 miles. According to Audi (also to VW), this engine can use 1 quart per 1000 miles. Almost all the A4s, Passats, etc. have this problem, though not all. A small percentage can make it without additional oil between required oil change. It is due the weak design of the PCV valve system (Audi calls it a pump).
  • I'm shocked to hear about this supposedly routine oil burning issue because I never need to add oil - as far as I know. I have a 2005+ Audi A4 (4 cylinder turbo) with 41,000 miles. I don't check the oil, but I get oil changes as required. I'll start checking the oil now, but I'd assume that I'd get some type of electronic notification or engine light if I needed more oil. Isn't that so?
  • roblawroblaw Posts: 17
    I occasionally monitor the forums of cars I may be interested in. The new A4 seems like a great all around car; right size, enough room for my family of 4, all wheel drive, nice performance with decent mileage and a great interior.

    Then I read what Audi owners seem to go through and it scares me. While my Honda and Lexus cause me very few problems, I am appalled by the way Audi apparently treats their customers. In the few issues that I have had with the Lexus and Honda my dealers made every effort to satisfy me. I had warped rotors on the Honda (at 27k) and my service rep got Honda to pay for new rotors. I had a very slight pulsation in the brakes of my Lexus (at 15K) and my Lexus was returned the same day with 4 new rotors and sets of pads without even mentioning it to me, and of course, free of charge.

    I can live with a car that has a few problems (I have an Audi dealer near my house) but I simply do not have the time or desire to spend my time fighting with the dealer to repair items that should not fail in the first place. Also it sounds like Audi of America does not seem to care very much about its clients.
  • tom204tom204 Posts: 9
    First of all, if you have a 1.8T engine, you should have no problem at all. The oil usage issue pertains to the 2.0T, which is an entirely different engine, not just an enlarged 1.8 liter turbo. Secondly, if you you are low on oil, the low oil light will come on. It is also true that not all 2.0T engines use oil. Some doesn't any at all. Unfortunately, this is a small minority. It is all due to the marginal design of the check valves in the PCV system. Marginal means that it sometimes works, but not reliablly so.
  • tom204tom204 Posts: 9
    Everything you say in the first paragraph is true. It is the most enjoyable car I have ever driven and I had Acuras and Hondas. The only problem I have with the Audi A4 2.0T is the endless checking and topping off of the oil supply and Audi's complete indifference to the problem. A quart of oil per 1000 miles?
  • Yes, I have the 1.8T engine on my 2005+ convertible and I guess that explains why oil burning is not an issue for me. Since so many on this forum are mentioning their disatisfaction with their Audi dealer, I'd like to say that I've always been happy with the service at mine. Once I had a coolant leak and another time an engine coil went bad, but both times I was happy with the service. The engine coil was replaced the same day I brought the car back. (I'd just had the 30,0000 service done, and the engine coil went bad that day.) Though I was without the car for several days after the coolant leak, I was totally happy with the new free loaner convertible I'd been given while I was without my car.
  • jwdlemjwdlem Posts: 7
    My experience with an Audi A4 Turbo Cab unfortunately reinforces your concerns. With just 4,000 miles on the car we experienced a catastrophic safety system related failure. The dealer was ham strung by Corporate in fixing the problem. After 4 unsuccessful attempts and over 21 days in the shop we entered a Lemon Law process. We won the arbitration and Audi (VW) was required to repurchase the car. Audi ignored the arbitration outcome and we are now in line for a trial. :lemon:
  • Can a used Audi get certified even if the dealer selling the car isn't an authorized Audi dealer? They're a VW authorized dealer and sell audi's and vw's...

    They claim they can get it certified but how do i know it's not just a extended warranty?

    It's an 07 A4 with low miles and still has the manufacturers warranty. Please help!
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    No. VW can't CPO an Audi. All CPO cars must be purchased @ authorized dealers. The same is true for MB, BMW, etc.

    VW/Audi credit is linked together. But not sales and the dealerships are different.
  • I have an A4 turbo. I have just had an oil light problem. I found that the engine was also noisier due to a lack of oil getting up to the top of the engine. In the end we stripped the sump off, which entailed lifting the engine slightly and taking off the passenger side mounting. We then cleaned out the oil pump pipe and strainer in the sump. Massive improvement and problem solved. It doesn't hurt to do an engine flush each time you do an oil change, it will save you doing the sump job probably. As for oil we were told to use 5w/40 but instead used 10w/40. It is only slightly thicker.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    Also, especially on V-6 cars, use Audi oil filters, not aftermarket ones. These cars have unpredictable issues with various aftermarket filters, including lifter noise and even collapsing lifters causing no-starts right after an oil change. Seeing is believing, and I've seen it happen. Switch the oil filter, car starts right up! I haven't seen this problem with the turbo 4 however, but you never know.


  • I have had the opposite experience. My '04 1.8T went through a good amount of oil and my '06 2.0T hasn't burned any since I purchased it CPO last summer after putting about 10k miles on it.
  • davida2davida2 Posts: 16
    I have a 99 A4 V6, Quattro with 142k miles. The transmission is starting to act up. When it's cold the transmission will not shift smoothly from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd. The RPM needs to get above 3k to shift. When it's warm, there's no problem. I was advised against a transmission flush, as this may cause complete failure of the transmission. Is this true? Need your advice.

    Thanks :confuse:

  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Are you just a bit low on fluid? It may be worth checking as transmission fluid expands quite a bit when warm. I have seen this kind of behavior in the past in cars where the fluid is just a pint or two low.
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