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Infiniti SUV Owners: Meet the Members



  • I've been tempted to buy a 2001 QX4. But your posting of problems scares me. I know despite the best engineering you can get a lemon. Rember the Hubble Telescope? Just wondering how the vehicle is now.

  • Very Happy!

    I have twins coming soon, I had to buy a SUV... but I couln't afford those $35K+ luxury SUVs. I also didn't want those non-luxury SUVs, and maybe don't need brand new one with my twins.
    So, first considered 99 RX300 or M320... then learned about revision on 2001 QX4 with 240hp engine and stuff...

    There wasn't many 2001 QXs in the market, HOWEVER, I found one with 17k mi 4x4, two tone paint, sunroof, cd changer, heated seat, wooden handle, almost everything... exactly the way I wanted... $27300 + 3% VA tax + 87 VA tag
    (I got ok deal on the trade in(kbb trade in value) that I wanted to get rid of right away)

    On the lot, I saw a 2003 one with exactly same options and color with sticker price of $40000. 2001 with 17k is almost new. I know that because I have 2001 BMW 325xi with 15k and it's new. It made me more happy...

    I also found out, there's good remaining warranty...

    It has minor dent though, about 2-3" dent/scratch on the real bumper. The sales guy said that to get rid of it, I need to replace the whole bumper. Maybe that's one reason I got great deal, but I think it's nothing... I can be careless.
  • Hi and merry Xmas
    i just looked and drove 99 QX4 with 57K miles on it and I'm interested in buying it. but when I was testing it I realized a noise from AC compressor,so I showed it to my mechanic and he believes it needs to be replaced with new compressor and accessories (500$ at least). Does any body have same problem with AC system? and it made me worry about the other parts like alternator and etc break down. please advise.
    thank you all.
  • To answer your question, SLABYSZ, No, the problem has not been fixed. Jack rabbit starts is still a problem, and the dealer says (again) he can't fix it (can't imagine why). Trying to ease the vehicle into a tight parking space is a real adventure sometimes. Replacing the rear differential did not even touch the clunk. The car is back now for the same problem, and I hand delivered a TSB that addresses the problem. The service manager tells me he cannot hear the clunk. Why he heard it before and not now is a mystry to me. So nothing was accomplished except I will pay them $179 for 15K check-up. Still would like to hear from you if anyone has experienced this problem.
  • Hi All!
    I just posted a message under the Audi A6 postings about deciding between the Audi A6 and the Infiniti QX4. I wrote a long message with the same title, so if anyone has time, could you please read the posting (#45) and help a person in need. Thank you. As always, drive safely.
  • jill215jill215 Posts: 1
    Hello Fellow QX-4 owners! We are on our second QX-4 and just love it. Our questions is, is the new QX-56 taking over the QX-4? We thought Infiniti was re-styling the QX-4 for 2004. (thats what we were told at the Chicago auto show this past year) However, we have not seen anything on the QX-4. I have checked out the Infiniti website w/no luck-it always seems to be down or won't load properly Any information would be greatly appreicated.THANKS!
  • After terrible experiences with Volkswagon, I have been a loyal Honda owner for years. When we decided to get a SUV, of course we thought of the CRV (Honda Passport is Isuzu, and we HATE the new SUV). However, after seeing that it automatically went into AWD, and seeing that it's really a glorified Civic (smallest car we ever had was an Accord), we looked at the QX4. I know Nissan/Infiniti has a good reputation, but after swearing I wouldn't buy another other than Honda, I'm a bit freaked out!

    Glad to read that reviews are pretty high for this car - and is dependable through the years. Wish us luck!
  • I have driven lots of SUV'S and after renting the Qx4 for 1 month I decided to get one.

    I am a Location Scout/Manager in the Film bizz -Hollywood. I needed a versatile vehicle, SUV with luxury and 4wd with comfort and style. My car is always in the spotlight with celebs and directors, designers, and Teamsters. Many who ride in my car expect I would have a an auto that would accomodate the ego and luxury expected in the Entertainment Industry.
    I loved almost everything about the QX4.
    While filming a Music Video at Symbolic High end Car Showroom in Beverly Hills the owner told me about a special lease rate on the QX4. That day Beverly Hills Infiniti deliverd my 2001 QX4 4WD w/Nav, Video, Tow pkg, Titanium. Everyone was impressed as the car sat next to the most expensive Bently,porsche, MB, Ferrari...
    Now 2003, I have 60k miles and have taken it to every type of road condition and put it to the test. From Dumont Dunes in Death Valley to the back roads of the High Sierras plowing through deep Snow to snad and water of the Beaches in California and even Traversing the Backlots of Universal Studios through earthqakes, floods and an attack by JAWS. At many of these unique and desireable locations I Photographed the QX4, even while doing Car Commercials for other Autos.

    Overall its a Great Car, the bad are minor and the ugly is Infinities ability to make a Great product better and marketing was dissapointing. Not to mention that when the BH Dealership closed without warning, well I was left in the dust with no response from Infiniti as to follow-up of dealer promises- must be embarrased!

    With all the experience from the Pathfinder, my previous car they dropped the ball.

    My lease is comming up soon and already several dealers like ford have approached me to get me in a new product to test as they want the exposure.

    i was hoping for a new and improved 2004 QX4 and that seems to not be happening. Oh well!

    My pro opinion. - Kenny
  • daqmandaqman Posts: 27
    Sounds like the QX4 served you well. I still want to upgrade my 98 for a 03 QX4
  • I need a contact from a dealer in USA, I lived in Costa Rica, and the Nissan Dealer here are having problems with my SUV ( QX4 97), if somebody can make me a contact.

    My engine service soon light when on, and the error code of the problem is P1445.

    The email of my technique is

    Ignacio Valenciano
  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    I am looking at a 2001 QX4 or Pathfinder LE with leather seats and side airbags.
    I would love to hear members thoughts about the pros and cons of each.
    Since the price is nearly identical, what are the factors that should tip the scale for one or the other ?

  • chaplainchaplain Posts: 16
    My 98 is having 4WD trouble. What were your problems and was it a major fix? Please help me here.
  • jeff192jeff192 Posts: 5
    I currently have a 2003 QX4 and had the 2001 QX4 prior to that. While I can't speak to the Pathfinder, I can tell you that the QX4 is the best car I've ever owned. The main differences that I see between the 2 are the cosmetic designs, the service that Infiniti offers versus Nissan, the prestige that comes with driving an Infiniti, and the resale value.

    You didn't indicate the mileage of the 2. Infiniti usually carries a longer warranty than Nissan. Another thought is to look up the TMV of each. Since you say they both cost the same, the one with the higher TMV is your best deal.
  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    I just bought a used QX4 with a navigation system. I read it needs 9 cd's. Where are these CD's located and should they be coming with my used car?
  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    Thanks Jeff,
    After reading your comment, I decided on buying a QX4.
    Now perhaps you will have any experience with the following:
    My QX4 came with a navigation system.
    The dealer only had one CD of my region, and told me that several are needed for the entire US. Should the navigation system come with the entire US ? Where can I get the other regions?

    2. How reliable is the navigation system and should I buy an extended warranty for it ?
    Anyone have an approximate how expensive are the repairs?
  • jeff192jeff192 Posts: 5
    Can't help you out with the Navigation system, I've never had one.

    I would think your dealer could help.
  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advice.
    Your advice helped me decide on the infiniti.
  • tintinntintinn Posts: 9
    I've been driving Honda accord for years and want to try a SUV. Found one from Carmax, 72K, can switch between 2WD,AWD and 4WD (how do you call it), $17998. Looks and drives pretty well. Is this a good deal?

    I heard QX4 is discontinued for 04 or future. Will it mean anything bad as far as the service and maintenance?

    Also is QX4 premium-gas only?

    Thanks guys.
  • savage25savage25 Posts: 3
    Ime just wondering when you said you have a titanium 2001 QX4..Because i also have an 01 Q. How would I know if its a titanium QX4?I bought it Certified pre-owned in infiniti dealer here in arizona. tnx.
  • bgreavesbgreaves Posts: 3
    Yes I have, all the way to the speed govenor. It hit at 115mph. It's performance is typical of an SUV, nothing special. I did out accelerate the QX56 though??? Weird!
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