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Mercedes-Benz M-class vs Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer vs Buick Rendezvous vs Acura MDX



  • I looked extensively at both the MDX and the RDV. Really wanted the MDX badly, but ultimately had to admit the RDV was significantly better with the 3rd row and overall cargo room. The published numbers are just that, numbers. Usability is the key. Look at both vehicles and you will find the RDV is much easier to access the third row, and seating is surprisingly comfortable, even more than it would appear at a glance. Additionally, the MDX only looks like more room behind the 3rd row, because it has less vertical space. On the RDV, we put 2 adults in the 3rd row, and 2 childs carriages in the rear. Not strollers mind you, CARRIAGES. A Perego and a Snap & Go which are larger than most. Then we still have room for a few bags of groceries and other knick knacks.

    Again, I like the MDX better in terms of styling and handling, but if you're looking for a family vehicle that isn't a minivan, no other crossover beats the RDV. IMHO
  • chaser04chaser04 Posts: 3
    I just bought a brand new Buick Rendezvous "Ultra", Which is the top of the line model with a retial price of $53995 cdn. It has all the bells and whisles like the Acura MDX, and costs less. It has a 3.6L VVT 245hp V6, which is way better then the original 3.4 185hp V6. When i started looking for another SUV i wanted it to have a third row, and out of all the ones i looked at the RDV seemed to be the best. The Toyota 4runner that i looked at, which now comes with a third row seemed 2 low to the ground and was to squishy sorta like the SRX & Highlander, the only other suv that has comfortable third row is the dodge durango which is high up and roomy but it does have bad knee space. So to all the people looking for an SUV with 3rd row seating i would defenatly recomened the RDV which now has the power people were waiting for.
  • The new engine easily takes care of the main gripe many had against the RDV. We rejected the RDV (02) because of the weak performance and no nav unit available. Today, with my MDX the subject of both engine and transmission recalls I question Honda's reputation for long term reliability. Mine hasn't given me any mechanical problem, but other brands now look better by comparison to how they looked two years ago.

    However, with gasoline prices at about $2.50 and rising (expecting closer to $3 U.S. this summer) today's type SUV will not be among my choices for my next vehicle.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Towed a trailer to my cabin in the mountains with new Mountaineer yesterday, for the first time. Very impressed with performance. Plenty of power, never hit the floor with the gas pedal. Really like the decelleration feature of the speed control too, how it holds your downhill speed as well as your uphill speed. This performance, along with the fact that we haven't found even one defect in the car yet, may make this one a keeper.
  • alfaalfa Posts: 11
    I was trying to decide on which SUV to buy all last month. Used,new,large,small 4dr truck or what ever.
    I wanted a SUV with 3rd row ,4/4 and something that would could tow a trailer. And wanted a good quality vehicle. Also wanted it loaded.
    I'm in the auto business and I drive a lot of cars and see a lot of used ones with problems!
    Wanted a Expedition But just to big and a lot of relabilty problems with the newer models and some say the 5.4 is underpowered some say its ok?
    Liked the Titan 4dr truck . But very bumpy ride.
    Jeep cherokee ? they feel loose to me brand new. outdated design.
    Explorer /The very best size room price. inside a little cheap looking but well laid out. Can be bought for 5k under inv. Ok for short term lease. or if you dump in a few years
    I drove a new one (great vehicle)also drove one
    a year old with 25k.felt loose . Not what I want my 1 or 2 year old car to feel like!Drove a EB 1yr old and drove like new I guess the other one was beat?Also a fully loaded EB 4.6 not that cheap.
    I like gm suvs good power but reliability is not the highest and do not feel as tight a Asian makes. Also new loaded yukon high 30's
    MDX and Pilot great package. They do have some transmission problems I. may be wrong but I feel the unibody car frame is not a good design for towing a heavy trailer and not a beefy design. and no V/8 option And the paint,interior is not a good as toyota-lexus
    saw a 2yr old MDX leather looked very worn. Never liked honda leather. Lexus RX and Pilot/MDX? only 2 wheel unless there is wheel slip and no low range ?
    RX330 great vehicle,a little under powered (3.0 bumped to 3.3)and 40+ for 4/4 loaded model.
    Highlander drove so so.
    Pathfinder outdated!
    What the heck I drove a 4runner. V/6 with leather and feel in love.
    I bought a V/8 limited.(all wheel) (low range) (real frame) (very smooth V/8 5spd trans)(good towing package)38k God I almost bought a new explorer that was close!but they are so cheap 5k off msrp.
    Lexus 330 and 4runner are the highest quality in
    the 35-40k but are smaller in room.
    I asked a lady with a rx330 with 80k on the od.if it drove any different then when is was new and she said no.
    I'm sure the shocks a little softer but she says it drives great.
    If you think its bull from a toyota lover!
    Drive a 5 year old 4runner/yukon/explorer and see for yourself.
    There are a lot of great cars from all makes.
    Just drive them all before you buy.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,939
    No one is shopping SUVs these days? :confuse:

    Steve, Host

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  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    This thread had a rather odd assortment :blush:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,939
    People shop all sorts of rides, eh? May as well dust this one for another go 'round and see if anyone is cross-shopping them.

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  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    i know this is a littie off subject, but where is Chrysler Pacifica in this comparison? im stumpt on whether to buy pacifica or mdx. Mdx: more cargo space. Pacifica: captains chairs. can someone help me? :confuse:
  • shaigshaig Posts: 14
    Are you going boating or do you want a car? ;)

    Seriously, the thread started before Pacificas had any real traction. We looked at one but decided to go with an MDX given the stronger crash test results for the 07/08 MDX vehicles and their excellent dynamic rear head support.

    From a handling perspective, 0.86 on the skidpad for an MDX sport beats the Pacifica's 0.76 and the gas mileage was better on the MDX. At the end of the day, you need to make the decision based upon your criteria.
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