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Toyota Highlander Maintenance and Repair



  • ryan99ryan99 Posts: 46
    Toyota has quirky issues that are annoying. This is a step up from the downright defective GM 3.1 liter cars I have owned. We have a 2004 highlander. Its a great vehicle now that i normalized the sunroof and added a lock washer to the temp control knob...( which has been the only quick fix to work for me on that issue) I also have a small little clunk in the steering wheel which i figure is the steering knuckle everyone complains about...I'm not in a hurry to fix it and it never seems to get worse and my wife doesn"t even notice it. We had a 99 camry that was just as quirky. The car was running well at 200 k when we got rid of it, but it always seemed to have some strange issue...It made more sense to me when we got the Highlander and its quirks...Now I just call these quirks a "Toyota thing"
  • edhedh Posts: 246
    the steering wheel thing may be need for replacement/greasing of the intermediate shaft
  • ryan99ryan99 Posts: 46
    Any idea of the greasing procedure? What type of grease and greasing points?
    Thank You
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    I have an '03 Highlander and only time I had any noise was when the injectors had an issue and had it fixed under warranty. Other than that my only "thing" is in colder weather, say below 50*, the rear hydraulics don't lift the tailgate very well. It's not a big deal and never had anything done about it.
    It rides like it was new and has nothing else going on with it. It's quieter and smoother than the Hyundai Azera Limited I just bought 1 month ago.
  • adwwwadwww Posts: 1
    What was the outcome of this issue? My Highlander is also consuming a lot of oil and the dealership is now recommending the same parts replacement.
  • My 2001 Highlander has 75k miles and the rear main is also leaking! Not only that, it uses quite a bit of oil when on the highway. I don't think the 2 are connected but not for sure either. NOT HAPPY w/ Toyota!
    WON'T be buying another one that is for sure!!
  • I've been having a bad time with my Highlander, also. It's a 2002 Limited. 14 months ago, at 61K miles, it started leaking transmission fluid, plus required a new power steering (?) pump. That cost over $2000, and Toyota "helped" by paying only 10% of that repair bill. Now, at 74K miles, it has developed ANOTHER transmission leak plus they say it's using oil too fast. This has not been the happy experience I expected of Toyota. It's too bad,too, because I really enjoy driving the Highlander. Would have bought a new one if not for these bad experiences. Maybe Toyota really isn't living up to its quality control reputation anymore. They certainly haven't been interested in taking good care of this loyal customer.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    I also have a small little clunk in the steering wheel which i figure is the steering knuckle everyone complains about.

    I have the same thing in my 2005 Camry but the 2004 Highlander is ok. I wasn't aware of any complaints on this issue.
  • edhedh Posts: 246
    there was a recall on the CAmry I think and dealers replaced the intermediate shaft under warranty on my 04 highlander
  • I am looking to purchase a used 2006 Highlander. Went to check one out today but I did not get too far into the process before I saw what looked like rust on the trim around the two side rear windows. It was only on the trim and was worse on the driver's side. I have seen posts in other forums about "environmental fallout". It has 42000 miles on it and has a "clean" Carfax report. It originated in Florida and is now in North Carolina. Have any Highlander owners out there noticed anything like this? My first inclination was to forget about the car altogether and move on. Hope someone out there knows what I am talking about! Thanks!
  • edhedh Posts: 246
    parked at a marina or beachfront or was really from Philly
  • I've got an '03 and zero rust. I've never heard/seen anything on this before. However, I don't live in Florida, just in sunny South Carolina.
  • edhedh Posts: 246
    also zero rust
    was the car a katrina underwater car?
  • Thanks for the responses! I have my concerns about this particular highlander. When I went to look at it, it had already been reduced to just under 18,000. I looked at it yesterday, saw the rust, and left before the salesman could get out of his chair. By the time I got home and posted this message, it had been reduced to 16,000. It seemed too good to be true, and now it just seems like they are desperate to be rid of it. Obviously, I am worried that the rust on the window trim is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Didn't think about the underwater possibility. Not a katrina car, though. Manufactured in december 2005.
  • Does anyone know the secret to removing the rear wiper blade on the 06 Highlander, in order to install a new one.
  • byumgrbyumgr Posts: 14
    I would image that you could just take out the insert like you can on the '05 Highlander, like I do on mine.
  • edhedh Posts: 246
    our dealer sells only the whole thing. holder and blade, not the arm
    I think the owners manual tell u how to replace
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    '07 HL owner here. I was curious if anyone here knows if the 01-07 first generation Highlanders have had any reports of the uncontrolled acceleration issue or brakes. They are not on the recall list and I have not heard of any problems but that doesn't mean anything.

    What type of throttle does it use? DBW?

    thanks, concerned owner.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Owner of an 04 HL here, no recalls so far. And not sure if the accelerator or brake is DBW.
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