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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Owners Meet the Members



  • trek1420btrek1420b Posts: 32
    Thanks for the info. I believe your lemon law pursuit was the key in your getting the 5/60. Here in Illinois the lemon law is more lax and I was not close to pursing it even after the 22 days they had my TB. I of course receieved the other items and am basically satisfied. Though I am thinking of calling them back and see if I can get a TB poster for my garage.

    My latest problem seems to be an intermittent minor vibration of my drivers side mirror. I am going to hold off awhile to see if anything else crops up.
  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    Russ, I need to clarify your statement of setting record on factory order. My dealer found the exact vehicle I ordered on another dealers lot, 230 miles away. So I let him get that vehicle, but he also kept the one I ordered in the order bank. The only difference was the shield package which I did not order.
    Finally took delivery yesterday (6-20-01), boy does this vehicle drive nice. It really surprised me on its road manners and comfort, but I sure hated giving up my '99 CT Blazer.
    Also Russ, I forgot to say that you cannot get the medium oak interior until 8/1/01, so the one I now have has the medium pewter/dark pewter interior, and it does have the 3.73 gearing.
  • rpageaurpageau Posts: 94
    My last two tanks were almost identical at 16.6 and 16.7 (almost all non-highway miles). Interestingly enough, I reset the average MPG on the computer at the same time I started actual measurements, and it has been running within .1 MPG!

  • johnjjdjohnjjd Posts: 3
    Hi Russ,

    Did GM require you to give up your future "lemon law" claims for the extensions in service? I am having considerable problems with my 2002 TrailBlazer and I am supposed to hear Monday on how they will remedy this. I would not be surprised if they came up with the same offers, except I would not be willing to jeopardize my "lemon law" rights. Sadly I believe that will be the outcome of this for me.

    I have owned or leased 17 vehicles in my life and 14 of these have been GM products, but depending how they react to this situation will determine if I ever purchase another GM product.

    Thank you - John
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    What problems are you having with your TB?
  • rpageaurpageau Posts: 94
    No, I didn't give up any lemon law rights to get the extension. In fact, it never came up in any way, shape, or form while I was talking to them. I'm not sure they would have any legal standing in asking you to give up your lemon law rights, but I'm not a lawyer.

    I have been through 12 vehicles (mostly GM), and I felt the same as you in that they owed some loyalty in return. Fortunately, they came through for me, and I am very happy with the results.

    I too would be interested in hearing the problems you are having with your TB. Except for some irritating wind noise, mine has been flawless.

  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    Just bought a LS Indigo Blue with the 1SC, locking rear, 3.73, sheilds and the Cassette radio option(don't know why they still do this). Thanks for the advice on Running Boards. I have noticed that the front bumper looks and feels real loose and that the inner wheelwell covers or sheild are not secured to the fenders. There are holes that look like clips or fastners should fit in these holes. Anybody have any ideas? Also my temp gauge seems to run at about 220 degrees, the thrid large hatch mark. Are they all like this? I didn't notice the wind noise as others did. Anyone know where to get a rear mat and lock for the spare tire that is cheap and works?
  • rpageaurpageau Posts: 94
    There was a discussion a while back on TB/Envoy/Bravada main forum about the wheel well covers not being attached. It seems they are all that way. Seems silly to have the fender holes and cutouts on the covers and then not use them. The cover is secure, but I am going to have the dealer attach it to the fender just the same when I go back for an oil change.

    Sounds like you are running hot. Did you check the fluid level to make sure they filled it properly? If that is OK, I would definitely recommend you have it looked at by the dealer.

  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    Thx, It looks like it is where it should be now...???? Maube just one of those things. Checked the fluids and they were fine. I'll wait to see if it happens again.
  • deboundsdebounds Posts: 9
    I am 90% leaning towards the purchase of the 2002 Trailblazer. Has anyone had and BAD experiences with this vehicle so far?
    $30K is alot to spend for a vehicle and then have problems!
    Thanks to anyone out there who can fill me in on the scoop about this newer Chevy product
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    They found the problem with my gauges at post #30. Seems that the relay for them was not fully into the socket. They pushed it in and it solved the problem. They said this is the second one they have seem on TBs like this. I think they have only sold 3 of these.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "The Chevy lacks Explorer's cargo room. A long-wheelbase TrailBlazer with a third-row seat (and optional 5.3-liter V-8 engine) early next year should help"

    This is from

  • Thanks Ryanbab for the news on the usa today....
    I'm just about ready to go and order TB LTZ...
  • johnjjdjohnjjd Posts: 3
    My problems started with the vehicle stalling while running and what was diagnosed as a simple cam shaft sensor failure. On the second "service engine" return, the dealer found metal filings in the engine and Chevrolet is now replacing the complete engine assembly. It is my understanding that this is not an isolated problem for them.

    I have driven the TB only three days in the past three weeks. Not a good omen. I live in Connecticut and the new vehicle "lemon law" here is 3 returns for the same problem (i.e. they keep it on the 4th return) or 30 days out of service.

  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    Looks like resetting the relay didn't cure the problem at posts 31 and 34. Still does it on occasion. We are now at strike 2. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • thomasjtthomasjt Posts: 1
    I too am having problems with gauges reading high. This has happened twice in the last month. All the gauges expect the speedo ran high. I shut the motor off and re started the engine this terminated the problem. The dealer indicated that they have not heard of anyone having this problem. Hmmmm. Also had a "Service Engine" indicator light. It appears that the cam sensor is having a problem. The dealer had to order a new one. Other than that the truck runs fine.
  • perezlperezl Posts: 10
    I had to have the cam shaft sensor replaced also. Were the metal shaving related in anyway to the failure of the cam sensor. Did they tell why you had metal in your oil?
  • muzicmanmuzicman Posts: 7
    I got my Majestic RedTB 2 weeks ago. My average fuel economy is 19.2 mpg. I have 1584 miles on it now. I love this thing. I got the 6 CD Bose system and it rocks! I also got the sunroof and running boards. 2 tone leather and power everything makes this a real joy to drive. My wife just bought a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am with the WS6 Ram Air package (340 hp) and said she wants to race me. I said "ok" but I get to pick the track.....
  • ees1996ees1996 Posts: 31
    Just purchased a Indigo Blue LS with package 3. Nice sound system. Glad to see the gear selector in the console as it should be in a "SPORT" Utility Vehicle. Took it on a road trip from NC to Ohio and only had to fill up once. this was about a 700 mile trip. Tackled the mountains with no problem. The more I drive this truck the more I see how far the General has come in quality. Great rig.
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