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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Owners Meet the Members



  • perezlperezl Posts: 10
    See post #13. Hope this helps.

  • ref # 49 I have a problem with trans in my trailblazer when i back out of driveway and then shift to drive if I try to take off too fast engine rpms go up and then trans bangs into gear. Are you haveing this problem.let me know I have been to dealer A few times for this
  • damonmdamonm Posts: 2
    Hello all, just figured I would intro myself. I have a 2002 Trailblazer LT (loaded) with in addition to. DVD/MP3/VCD Player, VCR, Televison, Dreamcast, Playstation, Laptop modded, TV monitor, BOSE system, XM radio, Builtin radar detector ,Billet Grille, K/N filter, bug sheild, and Ventshades. I am in the works as we speak in making a Cold Air Induction Box for the K/N cone filter which should give it about 5-8 more hp.
  • I wanted to ask you where you purchased your billet grill and if it required drilling for the install. If you have the link I would be very greatful. My LT Trailblazer should be here at the end of May, and I am already searching for MODs. If and one has spoken to QLogic or any speaker box maker like them, please respond. I would like to place a "hidden" solobaric 10" sub in the back of the TB, but have not been able to find a company that has created one for the new model as of yet.
  • rialborialbo Posts: 2
    Trailblazer LTZ with Premium Sound (non-Bose) - Does anyone know of a way to re-program the factory pre-set selections (Bass/Mid/High) which come active for stations selected by the program type or genre ?

    I've set the Custom EQ setting for my favorite pushbutton stations but would like to alter the factory pre-sets for scanned stations to my ears, not theirs.

    Thank you,

  • dct2002dct2002 Posts: 1
    A power steering fluid leak resulted in a steering rack replacement with only 9000 miles. Other than that the Trailblazer has been great. The driver seat is not as comfortable as I would like but I can live with it. It pulls my 20 foot boat with ease. It is truly a powerful SUV.
  • asst268asst268 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Trailblazer has had the power steering unit replaced, clutch fan, ignition, main fuse assembly and tie-rod. It's been in 5 times for electrical problems after I replaced battery at 6,000 miles (I was stuck while camping). This weekend the new battery was dead twice. Going back in Monday, 6/3.........HELP
  • m2icemanm2iceman Posts: 27
    Purchased LT loaded, added rear and front light covers, bypassed Air intake sensor and planning on K&N, added brake light cover also. Love the truck, had a couple set backs.
    1. W/7k on it, 3rd piston cover blew, had to get new engine.
    2. wind noise over 50mph from the driver door not properly aligned. Off, by a mm or smaller, but still get the noise.

    All in all I love the truck, glad I bought it.

  • dferry2dferry2 Posts: 1
    This is in response to message #60 and #63 concerning the paint chipping around the license plate.
    I purchased my TB in Sept. 2001. I immediately notified the dealer of the paint problem. EVERY TB on their lot had the exact same problem. According to the dealership, they had contacted Chevrolet and was waiting on a response. 9 months later I found out that they had never contacted Chevrolet. So I've contacted Chevrolet serveral times. No answer as of yet.
    If you happen to be on a Chevrolet lot, take a look at the new TB. The new models all have a seal that goes around the license plate panel. Obviously, Chevrolet knows they have a problem. The customer service department supposedly did not know that the new models have this new seal installed. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Chevrolet in the fact that they have not issued a recall for this problem.
    I would venture to say that anyone who closely looks at their vehicle will be able to see that they have paint chipping around the license plate. I've also noticed paint chipping on the hood, around the doors and on different places over the vehicle.
    For $32K I expected much better.
  • License plate tailgate fix is not 100% cure. I'm sure all of you know about he fix for the platic housing where they install the rubber gasket. Anyways this fix is not completely reliable. I've had the fix for about two months without problem, but this weekend I went up to Tahoe for the weekend. When I got home to unload my gear I noticed the rubber gasket was totally warped. Part of it was underneath the housing. The rest of it was all curled up like it was melted or something. I'm pretty cheesed offf about this as I was hoping this would fix the tailgate problem. I cant imagine it was the heat that did it as its been much warmer at home these past few months then it was in Tahoe. I wonder if the altituf=de had anything to do with it. Anyways I suggest everyone keep an eye out for theirs in case anything pops its head up. I guess I gotta go back to the dealer this week and get a new gasket put in. Damn tis problem is really cheesing me off.
  • vgainesvgaines Posts: 5
    My gas mileage has been between 13.1 (only once) and 16.8 (the fill up I had today).

    Have any idea how the gas mileage is on the road?
  • vgainesvgaines Posts: 5
    I just bought the 2002 TB LS 4WD, with the Group 3 packaging, and I LOVE it! This is my first SUV, and after looking at the Envoy and TB (which were darn near identical in specs but $3K difference in price), I decided on the TrailBlazer. Went into the dealership, test drove one, and picked up my new ride later on that evening!

    I also had the alarm system and remote start installed, in addition to the sound-proofing package.

    Gas mileage is presently around 16mpg in the city, but I haven't taken it on the highway, yet.

    The only issue I've had so far is with the stereo system. I had the standard system, but it just doesn't give me the sound that I want. The Bose system didn't come with the one I bought, so I'm going to have a better quality system installed this week.

    Just hit the 1,000 mile mark, and it's great!


    ps. This is a great forum, love the conversation!
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    Good luck with the aftermarket stereo install. I havent checked in a while, but last i looked (about a month ago) they still havent come out with the correct wiring harness for the triplets. I would not let anyone do a hack job on the stereo as it controls all your chimes through the front speakers under the windshield, and there are two yellow leads into the stereo, one is the acc wire, and the other is the databus wire. All the places in Portland, OR will not touch the stereo until they come out with a new wiring harness. apparently, theres a rumor that someone tried last year and blew all the airbags... =oP just a FYI note...
  • vgainesvgaines Posts: 5
    I did some adjusting on my stereo, and it sounds a little better now. I changed my mind about the upgrade, as I wanted to keep that factory look without having an amp mounted in a visible place. As you know, there's no room under the back seats, and the front seats aren't necessarily the best place for them, especially if you have passengers.

    I still haven't heard much from the front speakers under the windshield, though. Are they just for chimes? Can you hear anything from them?

    Thanks. I'd rather have the same system, than two less airbags. Haha
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    Actually, Vgaines, I did find a nice place to hide a decent sized amp, in the center cargo area of the rear deck, also found out that an 8" sub will fit nicely in the right side panel keeping all cargo area free. you probably can find a nice 6 channel amp and get it all set up, although I personally probably would get some ventilation set up in there. Unfortunately, you will lose most of your cargo space. BTW, a cap will fit in the left hand side storage area. =o)
  • biggie4852biggie4852 Posts: 37
    what amp did you install. Any picture sure would be nice to see. I have 02 LS trying to upgrade with a rf cd changer. Add two speaker in the dash and new 5 channel amp, plus add a sub. Have went to crutcthfield but they seem to be very high prices. any help .
  • Hello, well we have a pretty standard white TB LT, 2wd. Installed a Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller so we can pull our 2002 Coleman Niagara popup camper. I've also built a stand for our 9" TV/VCR that goes between the seats. DVD would have been nice but couldn't justify the cost at this time.


  • mjdartmjdart Posts: 11
    The LS Model fit the bill perfectly. It was manufactured on 6-19-02 so its probably one of the last '02's. I really like the styling and colors. Its got the option 3 package on it along with Limited Slip. Stickered for $27,960 and GMS was $24,477. 0% finance deal was the cream on top. I've crawled all over and under this truck and GM did a real nice job. The ride is excellent and the handling is awesome. I would like to put fog lights on it if they are available, otherwise its really just what we wanted. Thanks to my Dad the GM retiree for a wonderful price.
  • donjoydonjoy Posts: 3
    We just purchased the LTZ 4wd with bose 6 disc cd changer leather heated seats,sunroof, rear differential think its wonderful we had it simonized inside out for 499 because we bought the 6yr 100,000 mile extended warranty for 1800.00 they gave us the simonize for 499.00 not sure if we got a good deal there. Does anyone like the simonize treatment with the teflon coating? we payed 30,865 including the 2500 rebate think we got it about 186.00 under invoice. how did we do?
  • limbuslimbus Posts: 7
    Traded a little 'Stang in on a TB LTZ with everything BUT a moonroof (never used it when I had one on other vehicles), heated seats (Florida), and DVD player (only the dog would be watching.)

    She's my first black vehicle (Onyx black with pewter two tone trim) and very nice pewter (two toned) leather interior. The stereo is better than the Mach system in my former car, the Mustang. I love my SUV! It is a very sharp looking vehicle. Nice deal also...we got the rebate and the 0% interest, nice trade and are very happy. The dealer was terrific.

    Donjoy asked about the simonize. Well think the dealer has to get some money! We detail our own vehicles using Pinnacle Souveran wax (expensive but incredible) and other products that many pro detailers use.

    My spouse, not to be outdone, bought another vehicle too...keeping the Blue Oval folks happy. His is sportier, but I love my Trailblazer. Really like OnStar and all the electronic extras. Have everything programmed to a "T" now and find I like driving even more than ever.
  • louisblouisb Posts: 3
    I purchased a '02 TB in February '02. When I drive on a road with slight bumps (washboard)I hear a suspension squeak coming from the front left side.

    Has anybody experienced this? If so, what was the cause and how did they fix it?

    Thanks for any advice!
  • rebadanrebadan Posts: 4
    I just got a Trailblazer 02 with 6000+ miles on it. It's squeaking as well. I'm planning on bringing it to the dealer next week. Have you gone to the dealer where you bought the truck to report the problem?
  • I think I finally have mine fixed, thanks to information provided by others here.

    One: Adjust the stand off post on the left and right of the hood. With the hood closed, I could lift mine up slightly. I turned each a quarter turn at a time to exted it until this play was almost totally gone. The has stoped the noise you are talking about.

    Two: Early on I had a major squeak that turned out to be from one of the plastic wheelwell fasteners. It was located on the right side under the air cleaner. I was resting on top of a line fitting and you could see the polish area when I snipped off the end of the fastener.

    Hope these help!
  • I have a Summit White 2002 Trailblazer. Does any one know where to locate the paint number? Have looked at sticker in glove box no luck. Also checked on window sticker no luck. Any help locating part number would be greatly appreciated.
  • Thank you segel10 for the tips on fixing the suspension squeaking. I'll give it a try. Actually, the mechanics at the dealer where I bought the truck from will try your tips.

    Thanks again!
  • try the driver door. Usually there is a sticker with the vin, model, ext and int color codes... lotsa info.
  • Thanks for the tips.


    In fact, I just brought my TB to the dealership. They claim they found a loose clip and replaced it. However, they did not remedy the problem.

    While at the dealership, I had an interesting conversation with a fellow '02 TB owner (purchased in July '01). He hears a suspension noise as well. According to this owner, early TB models had front stabilizer problems.
  • Louisb,

    What have they done with the front stablizer? Did they tell the owner oh well, live with it or get a different vehicle?

    The mechanic I'm dealing with where I bought the vehicle has never heard of this problem (or so he says).
  • I have a 2002 Trailblazer LS (Manuf.Date 5/02)that I just got with 6500 miles on it. When I go over certain bumps on the road, there's a chirping/squeaking noise coming from the suspension.
    The dealers mechanic cannot duplicate the noise and they said nobody else is reporting this problem.
    If you are experiencing this noise with your 2002 Trailblazer LS Model, please report it to GM Motors.
    So far there have been a few people complaining about this problem. If enough people go to GM about this issue, they may just address it and fix the problem.
    Some tips have come through to try to resolve the noise, but the annoying chirping noise on certain roads and bumps is still there.
    Thank you.
  • Rebadan,

    The owner had not yet brought his TB to the dealership for this issue.

    I suggest you invite the service writer or mechanic to take a ride with you so they can witness the noise.

    Next week, I plan to bring my TB to another dealership to fix the suspension noise. I will let you know.
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