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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Owners Meet the Members



  • theshowtheshow Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 TB LT with no real trouble. I have had it since Nov. 03 and it has 18000 on it. The only thing it went to the dealer for was to fix a rattle in the dash. I can't believe the problems others are having. I couldn't believe the post about having the vehicle redesigned because they drove through some stuff and it messed up the paint, buy some mud flaps for $20!
    I do hear some suspension travel noise and wonder if it is normal. Over big bumps it makes some rattle. Are others having this happen? I also see a lot of posts about hot radio buttons and have noticed that as well but, hasn't concerned me.
  • jayk47jayk47 Posts: 4

    I have come across a 2002 Trailblazer LT.. Leather seats, Fully Loaded etc with only 18000 original miles on it. An old lady is selling it as it used to be her deceased husbands car. Its been garaged for over 2 years and has only been used a few times... Its absolutely like brand new... Problem is im not sure what to offer for it... We were thinking of 15000... It might even have some warranty left on it...Does this sound like a good deal??
  • onetom3onetom3 Posts: 1
    Hello ... I'm not here to complain about my TB. I bought an 02 over 18 months ago and have been pretty happy with it. Early runs in but par for the course. I do have a question for those of you out there. I'm considering getting a small 21 ft travel trailer. GVW standards indicate I should be able to tow this thing with no problem. I am curious what others have seen/experienced when towing. Such as, whats the effects on the gas? How are the hills? I'm worried about engine/tranny strain ... any problems there? I've got a friend who was towing a trailer similar with an Exploerer ... he was left on the side of the road with a defunct tranny! Shoot me a line, I'm curious to hear about your experiences. :shades:
  • mxer1mxer1 Posts: 3
    Hi all, I'm a proud owner of a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LT (ya with the nav system) and it's been a damn reliable vehicle. Well I guess it will be for now, I had a 03 Chevy astro van and out of 8 times I got home from the airport, it broke down 4 times (once it wouldn't start, another time it crapped out on the freeway, etc, etc) I love my Trailblazer. onetom3, the effects on gas when towing with the Trailblazer aren't HUGE. How much does that trailer weigh? I haven't had any huge problems while towing with my Trailblazer, it's fine. I haven't had any problems with it, however hauling is of course not the same as if you weren't towing, you take off better when not towing and can get up to speed quicker (one of the cons of towing heavy stuff) "I've got a friend who was towing a trailer similar with an Exploerer ... he was left on the side of the road with a defunct tranny!" Of course he was... think about it, he was driving a Ford, I've had nothing but trouble with Fords, that's why I dislike them with a passion.
  • jason16jason16 Posts: 1

    I recently bought a 2002 LT and am very happy with it. Today the passenger door just stopped opening from the inside. We locked and unlocked several times, but can still only open from outside the vehicle, has anyone run across this?
  • Howdy from Middle Tennessee. I just bought a 2003 TB EXT LT in Majestic Red Metallic. It is a used model with 44000 miles. I have had it for 2 weeks so far, and I am absolutely thrilled!!!!! I am glad to be here, and hope to learn lots from you other owners.image
  • nfldnfld Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. I am the owner of a 02 LT with 94,000 miles. I have had it for a year and a week now. I have loved everything about it. Although recently I have had a few problems. About a month ago my tranny started slipping. I took it in and they flushed it told me I would need to replace the tranny. I took it to a specialized shop that said I was screwed by the first shop.
    After driving it to the second shop the tranny stopped slipping. The original filter (if it was even mine) was stuffed with shavings. The second shop had cut it open, ran it the truck a little bit then cut the second filter open to see if there were any more. They told me there was no need to replace the tranny right now and to bring it back in a month or before any long trip to see if the filter was still clean. About a week later I started hearing a knocking in first/second gear. Nothing major thought it was a ujoint. Had my mechanic check it out when it was in for an oil change, he didn't hear anything. He ran numerous tests on it and double checked everything. Everything checked out. Two weeks ago I pulled out and it felt like the whole car was shaking and it sounded like an axle broke. First diagnosis was engine mounts since it was only happening in first/second gear and we watched the engine bouncing and heard it knocking when we first started the car up. Took it back to my mechanic, engine mounts checked out perfect and he thinks it is now the transfer case. He doesn't work on tranny's so I took it back to the speciliazed shop. It has been there for over a week. No diagnosis as of yet. My question like everyone else's is any similar experience?
    I have no check lights on. Any ideas? I truly love this truck besides this issue.
  • corrinas30corrinas30 Posts: 11
    Have you recently drove through a mud puddle or went on the beach?
    My '02 trailblazer was vibrating pretty bad and I took it in to the dealership.
    After a week they found out that a GM had a warning about debre getting caught
    between where the transmition and exhaust are mounted?? Not sure if thats
    right. I know NOTHNG about cars. Anyway, they cleaned it out and the vibrating
    stopped. Its about 5 months later now and a few days ago I noticed transmission fluid on the ground. Just found out that I have a seal leek.
    Since I bought my Trailblazer I have had to have the 4 wheel drive modual replaced
    and the rear air/heat modual preplaced. Also a weird squeek from the front
    suspention that happens when I come to a stop. I sure wish I had any year
    Trailblazer other than an '02.
  • fetchthisfetchthis Posts: 2
    I just got my TB and I love it!!! Haven't had a single problem. I've got the pewter with the grey interior. I've been told its better never to buy a vehicle the first year it comes out because of more potential problems. I'm glad that I waited. I got mine used with 21,000 miles on it. It might as well be new it runs so great! I haven't had any problems with it except keeping it clean...hehe. That would be my fault though. :) Gotta love those backroads. ;) I'm happy to see that there are others out there that are just as tickled with their TB. Can anyone suggest any customizing ideas that aren't too expensive? I'd love to make mine stand out since my friends keep telling me they're waving at someone with TB like mine. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks a bundle!!!!
  • Am looking to buy a new TB 05 one of the Codes is R9C Processing Option is this just another dealer charge to get money??? Thanks for anyones help with this. :D
  • Greetings!

    My name is Mike and I've just recently purchased a very nice maroon metallic Trailblazer LS for my family.

    I also wanted to tell everyone how very satisfied I am with it after just a short week with it, and also wanted to bring to the attention of the membership the fact that Consumer Reports' website is all but trashing this vehicle for what I think are baseless issues.

    Super happy and looking forward to engaging in some very enthusiastic banter...

    Mike Wilkerson
    St. Louis, MO
  • First of all, congratulations on your new truck. I also recently bought a '03 trailblazer the same color and interior, its actually the LT version. I also have not had any problems, it runs great and I love it. A couple of things that I have thought about doing to my truck is to install a cold-air intake (adds horsepower), perhaps a hood scoop and if you can find one an exhaust kit from the headers back. (she'll purr like a kitten!) There are also exhaust tips in the shape of the chevy bowtie, which is a NICE touch. Finally, depending on your budget, a superchip tuner to reconfigure the settings on the computer, mainly to add horsepower and override the speed cutoff switch. It only takes a few minutes to program, and all you have to do is plug it in to the port under the steering wheel. Hope you can use these tips :shades:
  • I own a 2003 Trailblazer LT.
    There have never been any problems with the vehicle i love it i can fit everything in this beast.
    Two weeks ago my husband took it to the dealer because the check engine light came on. The dealer found some minor issue that was covered under the warranty and repaired it, but still the light stayed on. They did some more checking and found that the gas tank was cracked around the filler neck and that it was leaking gas. The dealer said it was a common problem with TBs and Envoys, there is a design flaw in the gas tank and that there had been a recall on a couple of VIN series, but my vehicle was not included. The price tag was $1200 to fix this and replace the tank...well i cant afford that on some design flaw thats not my fault. So the dealer called GM and they offered to go 50/50 well thats still alot. A wonderful woman at the dealership went to bat for us and wrestled the price down to $100 for me and they will replace the tank. OK COOL , but they replaced the tank with the exact same thing?? So my husband called GM and tried to get some comfort out of them that we wont blow up one day when someone flicks a cigarette out their car window. But nobody knew anything and they had no information that this problem had reoccurred in vehicles that have had the tanks replaced. My vehicle was at the dealership a week and while it was there the mechanic said an envoy and a TB had come in with the same problem.
    This was my first new car and i love it but i surely dont want to go up in flames =)
    Does anyone out there have any input?

  • z71usaz71usa Posts: 2
    I also have a 05 TB LS And she is barebone..........Not even a darn engine light under the hood. I can live with that considering I bought it new for under $17K

    My question is,can you add OEM accessories(Nav systems,DVD Onstar ect...)?

    I know on my 87 Buick Grand National the plugs for accessories where there for most of the OEM items I found at the local bone yard.

    I see a large amount of TB's in my local bone yard now,would be nice to know if GM left the plugs in the wiring like my Grand National.

  • I have a 2004 Trailblazer EXT and yep the exact same thing the truch is just over 1.5 years old with 42K miles and the fuel tank is cracked filler neck and that it was leaking gas. The dealership also told us that this was a common problem and their was even another guy in the waiting room with the exact same problem. My cost is $1,000.00 shouldn't there be a recall on these tanks as it is a safty problem.
  • kybiltkybilt Posts: 2 far, anyway. I bought a '06 TB SS December 3. It's a 2wd LT. The sticker price was over $39k, during the red tag event almost $7k came off the price. I also got a (GM supplier)$500 "bonus check" for buying a light duty suv. I recently sold a 2002 Corvette so I could afford this extravagance. Love the sound of that LS2 engine! Mpg, not so much, but I knew that going in.
  • I have a 2002 Trailblazer EXT with the same problem. Stress crack at the top of my gas tank.$1000 to replace. I called GM and they have no recall or knowledge of this problem. Needless to say - no help from GM. I also feel this is a defect in workmanship and a definite safety issue. Please let me know if you found a solution/help with reimbursement. Thanks
  • Here's one for you. Returning from a family vacation on a Sunday night the 2003 TB XLT lost power on the highway and would only idle. Any attempt to drive would result in severe bucking and jerking. Onstar diagnostics were of no help but they did dispatch the thruway towing. The tow driver knew the local rent a wreck owner and called him at home to meet us at the rental shop. (Wonderful people from a small town) Got a rental to drive the last 150 miles home. Got a call from the local chevy dealer who told us the fuel pump was shot and needed replacement @ $750.00. Guess the mileage? Yep 36,200 and I have the car exactly 37 months. Well I bitched and GM offered the 50/50 split so what could I do. I pick up the car a week later in a snow storm. The fuse box under the rear seat was still open and I had to wait another half hour until they could get someone to close it up. finally on my way back home in the snow the check engine light comes on. I'm not about to turn around so I drive home in the snow. the car seemed sloppy and i figured the road was icy. Would you believe i got 2 slow leaks in both rear tires and when I got home the tires were almost completely flat. Talk about a close call. Back to the story, I noticed a gas smell whenever i drive somewhere I didn't get a chance to go to the dealer yet and the inspection was due. The shop cant inspect with a check engine light on so I had no choice to go to the dealer for the issue. Dealer calls me with the bad news. Broken vapor return fitting on the top of the tank. cant be repaired need new tank another $750.00 original dealer who took down the tank to replace fuel pump claims no responsibility. Now i have to sue them and drive back 150 miles to their court. My other problems with the car are 2 windows got stuck open, driver and pass power seat tracks are frozen stuck, radio knobs are peeling, door interior panels are warping, exterior trim gaskets are ungluing. Thanks GM, No wonder your stock is in the toilet.
  • arahamaraham Posts: 1
    I also have an 04 Trailblazer, loved the car but now over 50,000 miles and have had similar issues with the speakers, electrical and a fire. I had gone only about a mile, cut off the car to run in the school to pick up my nephew and when he got in the back seat he noticed lots of smoke coming up from the area between the doors on the side of the car, by this time I was in the drivers seat and looked back about the time flames popped out of the plastic cover! We both jumped out and I poured some water on it and in the hole the fire had created which put out the fire but the wires inside were a mess. The repair folks said it was a wire rubbing against something which really makes no sense as they were all taped together under the plastic cover. I had also noticed noises coming from the speaker at that back door for a few days before the fire. Now the repair folks have welded the wires together but the door locks won't work, the radio is gone as is the CD player (no sound at all from any speakers), the light on the front panel won't work and the window lock is out. I guess at least the electric windows still work but its a mess. Have an appt with the dealer on Monday and wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this...
  • Add my to that list!! I have a 2003 TB EXT with almost 80K miles. Recently smelled gas in and out of the vehicle. My mechanic found this issue (Split in the Neck filler on the PLASTIC gas tank)!!. I called the GM 800 number and opened a case. Went to the dealer to confirm the issue and they asked for $750 + tax. Had GM talk to the dealer and in front of my, asked how much $$ I spent with the Dealer and If I was a good customer!! I too was offered a 50/50 split, but I told them I wasn't satisfied with and escalated this it. GM is not budging at this point. So, I filed a complaint on CAS (Center for Automotive Safety ) website as well as the National H/w safety website. I'm sending my cause up to the CEO (with a copy of these posting as well as others I've found on This is a POOR DESIGN and it is leading to a highly DANGEROUS situation!! Anyone caring to get a class action suit together, let me know!!

    Other issues:
    - Broken Drivers seat. Flimsy piece of metal holding the seat to the seat frame broke. GM wants $750 to fix (Another quallity issue)
    - Ticking noise at startup to about 5 minutes
    - Poor AM reception
    - Faded Radio buttons (GM claims Hand Cream is to blame - rediculous!!).
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