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Honda Accord Accessories

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023
What accessories and/or modifications have you added to your Accord?

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  • lx_steallx_steal Posts: 45
    Can you say ebay?
  • dcfelladcfella Posts: 31
    Just added a 3 piece wings west spoiler, xenon bulbs, tints...thinking about projector lights i saw too.
  • gonzo1124gonzo1124 Posts: 27
    I have a 2001 LX and would like to install the keyless entry. Anyone knows what is required for this modification?
  • bobgordonbobgordon Posts: 156
    The only thing I have added so far is the color matched door edge guards and the wheel well trim. Thinking about a spoiler.
    Gonzo, your car is already wired for keyless entry but the sensor might be rather expensive from the dealer. An after market system might be an option. Check with your dealer to see how much the keyless entry controller is, they might have a kit. Hope this helps.
  • sflorasflora Posts: 35
    Anyone know if it's possible to get the body-colored side skirts from the 2001 Accord EX installed on my 2000 SE? Would they fit, and would I be able to keep the splash guards I have on there now? If so, any idea of an approximate cost? I like the way they look, but I'm not sure how much I'd want to pay for the privilege.
  • gtlloogtlloo Posts: 8
    I have added color matched door edge guards, fenderwell trim, splash guards, chrome exhaust tips and the half nose mask to my white 01 Accord V6EX. Got the parts online from who sell only genuine honda parts. They were definitely cheaper than what you would pay by buying form the parts dept of the dealership. There are other online parts dealers who sell genuine honda parts besides To Gonzo you should check out this website because I do remember seeing keyless entry available as an accessory plus they have a section that displays the installation instructions if you have an Adobe reader. To Sflora the skirts your are referring to are known as rocker panels. Generally speaking you should be able to get the part and install it yourself. All Accords pretty much has the same holes and mounting apparatus drilled in at the factory regardless of trim level. They do this in order to minimize production costs. So it is a matter of just removing the old part and putting in the new.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I too have a 2001 LX and would like to install keyless entry. Do the Accord LX's all come pre-wired from the factory like my CRV LX and all I'd need to do is get the remote and program it? I tried the programming procedure on the Accord using my CRV remote and it didn't work, was hoping the remotes were identical and the Accord was pre-wired.
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    posted these before in the honda accord part 3 discussion, but here they are again for any new comers:

    the first 2 are honda/acura exclusively:

    plus the mentioned above.

    and always either do the installations yourself, or find an independent that you trust. dealers are WAAY too expensive.

    i.e. they wanted to charge me $280+ to install my oem foglights, but i found someone to do them for a little under $100... and i installed my cold air intake myself.

  • jared1195jared1195 Posts: 20
    My 2000 Accord EX came almost fully equipped when i bought it. It was sort of a promotional thing when they wanted to get rid of the older 2000 for the new 2001's. So i got everything including the spoiler, gold hood and trunk trim,gold emblems all throughout, sunroof, 12 disc CD changer,foglights. I am about to make a modification in the tail light and replacing it with Euro style Altezza Tailights which really looks very nice. And it just cost me a couple of hundred buck from I have also installed the billeted grille which looks better than not having it installed. Along with that, i have installed an indiglo/whiteface gauge overlay which gives the car a sporty look, complementing the spoiler and the foglights. overall, the car really look stunning. Very different from the unmodified or unaccessorized Accord and it really is worth it. Plus most of the parts installed are original honda accessories. So you get comparable quality in all the parts all throughout. Oh, and add a wind deflector in the sunroof and your car is complete.
  • rapriderraprider Posts: 42
    or was you scoping out my ride ;)

  • rapriderraprider Posts: 42
    if you're referring to the body molding kit, i think this fits into the same holes that the spalshguards would, and i dont think you can use least, so i was told.

  • sflorasflora Posts: 35
    I'm talking about the plastic strip about 3 or 4 inches wide at the bottom of the side panels on the Accord 4-doors. On 2000 Accords it's flat, but on the 2001's it's molded into more of a "wing" or "fin" shape. It's body-colored on the EX trim and black on the LX. Gtlloo calls them "rocker panels" in his post above - I seem to see this term used interchangeably with "side skirts" so I'm not sure which is correct to use. Are they are pretty much the same thing? The holes for the front splash guards are inside the wheel well, and don't appear to have anything to do with my current rocker panels, so I would think the only problem might be that the last few inches of the panel would not be flat enough for the guard to fit over it. If it'll fit, it seems like a nice but minor appearance upgrade - depends on the cost as to whether I'd actually do it.
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    has anyone installed these on their i4-coupe? i'm thinking about it, but wondering about how to get behind the plastic in front.

    i'm also looking for the razo titanium plate/stainless mesh series pedals: RT2-27. only found them on 2 sites, one included the footrest, which i don't need at the moment, and the other hasn't responded for pricing.
  • billiam70billiam70 Posts: 54
    Has anyone heard about when the subwoofer will become available for the Accords? According to the Accord brochure it was supposed to be an early 01 option but it seems to be taking longer.

  • briken9briken9 Posts: 8
    I have a 2001 EX sedan. Is there a function on the climate control that allows me to just run the fan without heat or A/C or without seting a temperature setting? I can't seem to figure it out.
  • 151law151law Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Accord DX without ABS brakes. Would that be possible to add on one right now and at what cost? Thanks.
  • castagerecastagere Posts: 15
    I have a question regarding the front component speakers in the 2001 V-6 sedans. Does anyone know if there is a crossover that should be replaced if you buy new components? I have replaced the rear speakers and stereo. The wiring harness for the head unit does not indicate a crossover nearby but obviously it does split/double the wire to where the tweeters and woofers have their own positive and negative wires. I removed the entire door panel to see if there was a crossover in there but I could not find one, nor did I find one under the tweeter opening. I went ahead and purchased the components and was wondering if I should just slap the speakers in there and use whatever wiring/crossover is in there. I did, however, notice a small terminal in the trunk under the rear deck that had "TDK" written on it but with no other information labeled. The wiring did look similar to the front speakers. The factory speakers are Pioneer but are of moderate quality. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • dcfelladcfella Posts: 31
    Anyone put indigo gauges in their car? I just got mine in the mail today and was wondering how difficult it is to install. On a tangent, anyone know of a cheap insurance company around MD/VA? I've got geico now and they're screwing me, big time. I've got an accident coming off in september(3 points) and my policy runs out in august but they're not taking into account the points will be dropped a month from that and are charging me $2k for another 6 months(aug-feb).
  • ravynravyn Posts: 101
    well, here's a link for installing the gauges:

    and i've got statefarm in VA.. paying about $612/6 months. no accidents, one ticket (not speeding). really except for ABS, there aren't any discounts.. geico really screws you. when my 2 brothers (now way older) and i went off our dad's insurance, we all had perfect records, and geico STILL wanted to charge an arm and a leg above everyone else. guess they need the money for advertising to reel in the suckers.

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