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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The real question is why on earth would you spend 5 hours at a dealer's lot? I think in my last 3 or 4 deals COMBINED I was not on the lot for 5 hours. You make the deal over the phone or via e-mail and get everything worked out, then you show up, inspect and test drive, sign the papers (which match what you worked out prior - to the penny) and drive off.

    Some people want to test drive before ever considering making a deal.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Actually I think he did mention taking a test drive :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I know it... after making the deal!

    I've always known the car shopping experience to go something like this.

    1.) Show up at lot, look
    2.) Test Drive
    3.) Make Deal
    4.) Sign
    5.) Leave
  • synergy3synergy3 Posts: 16
    I could see that scenario happening - the sales guy said he misquoted using the MT as the base number but my family members are fairly pissed despite explaining the total invoice with destination being around $24,000. I've read up on once signed, you are done but wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience where the dealer went back and corrected it despite it having an impact on commissions and potential loss of $...also on the contract 24,495 I am wondering how that number was given despite never hearing it.

    When I got my V6 it was about 1.5 hours, this time it took so long because (family members) went in looking for a LX-P, then EX, then finally settling on the EX-L given the fact that quotes was only 1k more for the L version.

    They've treated us very nice giving the free tint, locks, guards on both vehicles but this may be a matter of "we can't change it now". I am thinking the sales guy (internet/fleet) may have just misquoted and final number was at invoice or a tad over, but see that some people on this forum are getting same at below, so really I can't say for sure
  • I am thinking of buying an EX-L without navigation this week. Besides the navi are then other options people are commonly getting at the dealer? Do these things sell below invoice, at invoice, just above, what's reasonable to expect? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  • With the assumption that the dealers are selling the 4 cylinder models with ease and thus need a little help to sell the 6 cyls right now how much of a real world price difference is there on the 4 v. the 6 right now?
  • wordupwordup Posts: 3
    Got OTD price of about 26,104.38

    can anyone give me comments about this

    this is stock no dealer added options

    wheel locks would be extra 83
  • sreeysreey Posts: 4
    I got 2008 Accord LX-P with blue tooth, wheel locks intalled for $21,414.00 (OTD)
    from Phanka in MD. please let me know if Ipaid right price.
  • Well, I think some states have a 72-hour "buyer's remorse" period for just such a situation. Check with your state attorney general's office. Please note that I am NOT suggesting that the dealer did anything criminal, just that some states take into consideration general sales practices that can be out there and, as a consumer protection initiative, might provide some protection in this regard.
  • 07pilot4me07pilot4me Posts: 45
    that looks to be a good otd price. i believe here in Ca. , the lowest i have seen OTD is 21,3xx . someone help me out here.

    i think that is a good price, sure gives me hope that they will go lower when i purchase around aug/september
  • rtanalgortanalgo Posts: 3
    hello everyone!!! im planning to buy honda accord exl 4 cylinder automatic at the end of this month. i have leased 2005 honda civic ex special edition which will end this month, they appraise it for 11000. i can trade in the civic, which i will. The dealer is giving me 24000 for the accord 08 EXL Here is my question:
    1 what is the best price for 2008 accord EXL?
    2 how much should i get for the civic?
    3 how to get low apr? i have credit score of 699.

    thank you!! any tips or adviced is appreciated. god bless! :confuse:
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I must be getting senile then in my old age as I thought the sequence listed was show up, inspect and test drive, sign the papers, drive out. Call me slow but who would would test drive a vehicle and then sign the papers if they didn't like the vehicle. The only difference I saw was that the deal was already made prior to arrival.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    Two quotes at 24,062 told that was invoice and Edmunds has about that exact price or very close.
    Bought for 23,705 incl. freight.
    with splash guards, stripes.

    About 300 under invoice. This is in St. Louis area and varies by area.
    Also have Acura TSX and this is close to that car but TSX is still a cut above in my personal opinion only overall driving experience. Traded 2007 CRV for Accord-long story but it did not cost me much to trade after selling it privately. CRV great got 31 mpg on pure interstate in fall no air or heat on at 70 mph. probably no wind either. Have got 34 mpg on TSX on same trip.
    08 Accord is in my opinion so different than 07 in a better way.
    Internet salesperson at St. Louis Honda was the place.
  • gismapgismap Posts: 12
    Thanks for the update. I am targeting the exact same car (although I had to be converted to the leather). I am planning on buying by the end of June in the St. Louis area. The last Honda we bought was purchased from Stephen Vincel using the internet to request quotes. It was a really smooth purchase. The price quoted at that time, 2004, was the one the gave when I walked in. I don't think we were in the dealership more than 1 1/2 hour.

    Hope this goes as smoothly.
  • socalhondasocalhonda Posts: 24
    Here in Los Angeles almost all dealers add on wheel locks and mud flaps for around $200 but I just made them take that off my price when I bought my EX-L last week.
  • wordupwordup Posts: 3
    what was your final price? and was it the coupe?
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I think you got a really good price. I bought a LX automatic just over two months ago and paid little over $20K (OTD). When doing my research, I figured that paying more than $1000 for a LX-P is not a got deal. So in other words, if you can get a LX-P for around $21-21,500K, its a good deal. Congratulations on your Accord. Its a really nice car and you made a excellent choice. This is my first Accord I have ever bought. Best two months of car ownership I have ever had.
  • wordupwordup Posts: 3
    Is this a good price OTD 26,104.38
  • dnhxdnhx Posts: 7
    I live in the Dallas area and every Honda dealer I have been to all have multiple dealer add ons on all the cars. I am looking for a coupe but see these on every car in the lot. The common three add ons are "hand painted" pin stripes, a "pro" package with mats, wheel locks, and then the paint sealant and scotch guard.

    Obviously these all have a high dealer mark up (some dealers more than others,2x to 3x) and the price can be negotiated on, but its not about the cost, but the appearance of the car, I'd rather not have a car with any add-ons that can't be removed, like the pin stripes,

    Wondering if that is the case everywhere or just in TX.

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Look at it from the dealer's prespective. They sold a car and now the buyer is trying to renegotiate the price...and promising additional business if he does so.

    There's a reason why contracts over a certain amount must be in writing to be enforceable - to avoid situation like this.

    If your family truly believes the dealership pulled a fast one - take your business elsewhere. If not, buy from them again but read the contract before signing.
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