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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • akelly728akelly728 Posts: 2
    I see invoice is about 25.5k +670 dest. My dealer has 349 for docs, 18 for title, and 7% tax. I'm going in tomorrow and offering 27.5k OTD....anybody have any success like that? Furthermore, if you've bought a 4 cyl w/ Navi, what did you pay?

    Thanks in advance. BTW, it's my first time buying a car w/o parents help. I'm applying for the Honda Graduate Program in hopes to get my payments deferred for 3 mos till I start working. Any tips?
  • iceuiiceui Posts: 9
    Autowest sells LX-P auto at $19950 + tax + license. How does it come to OTD 21.5k?
  • Picked up my Accord EX-L a couple of days ago - black with ivory leather interior, wheel locks and splash guards, $24K even, $720 NC 3% tax, $88 reg fee, $399 doc fee for a total of $25,207 OTD, financed by AHFC at 2.9% over 60 months. Dealer was Hubert Vester Honda in Wilson, NC who provided a good buying experience. I'll detail my buying experience in a later post.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I think you should go to Autowest Honda. They are a volume dealer. Also, the reason I said $21,5K OTD for a LX-P is I have read previous posts and some people have got that price, but every state has a different tax, fees and license. Bottomline, if you can get a LX-P for around $22K or less, its a good deal. Go for it. For some odd reason, CA has higher prices. I based my approximation of $21.5K OTD based on what people have paid in other states, but I realize that CA has higher prices. So to put it in better perpective, a LX-P for $22K or less OTD is a good deal and buy it.
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    Can you tell us the sales price before TT&L? Since every state has different taxes and fees, stating the cost after tax kind of clouds the issue.
  • I bought the 4 door so can't really tell you what you should pay but I have bought a lot of new cars in my years and always without parents help. You learn a lot so listen to what I am telling you.

    1) Do NOT fall in love with a car. It's just a car. There are other dealers with more cars.
    2) There is nothing special about the car you want though the dealers will always make it seem that way. They always make you feel your car is rare. If you were just getting this other model/color/etc... then we could make a better deal.
    3) Be polite with the salespeople but do not be shy about saying what you are thinking. No need to piss them off but no need to let them walk all over you. If you feel they are not treating you right ask to talk to the sales manager.
    4) Don't settle. For example I almost settled for a light interior on my last car, even though I prefer dark, as they had it in stock. In hindsight I am so glad I waited. I had an oral agreement to buy the light interior and changed my mind. Sales guy didn't get mad. He just found a way to get me the dark interior for the same price. Do not settle! You will be sorry later.
    5) If $27,500 is what you want to pay then start at $27,000, go to $27,500 and do not budge beyond that. DO NOT BUDGE. Make sure they have your phone number and then leave. They will call you. $27,500 is VERY reasonable price to pay for that car. You could probably do a little better if you wanted to spend time on it but $27,500 OTD is reasonable so do not listen to the salesguy tell you BS lines like, "we will lose money at that price." Don't worry about whether he is "losing" money or not. STICK WITH YOUR GUNS. $27,500 OTD.
    6) Do not agree to anything in the finance department. Do not take an extended warranty, an alarm, a leather protection, a BS whatever, etc.... Just say NO. It's a freaking HONDA you are buying not a GM. Also, make sure you know what your financing terms should be. You have seen enough people on here get screwed because they are not savy about finance. If they tell you that you don't qualify for Honda finance or whatever then walk away. Get pre-approved if possible on the financing or have your own financing lined up as a back up if Honda doesn't work.
    7) Bottom line is you can walk away from the deal at any time until you sign so do not sign until everything is lined up.
    8) Enjoy yourself. You are the CUSTOMER.

    Good luck!
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16

    Is your Accord a sedan or coupe?
  • Sedan. I'll edit my original post to reflect that if I can.
  • I paid 21.4K OTD for an LX-P auto in Southern California and I know at least 3 other people who got an LX-P for 21.4K OTD in SoCal also. So, you can definitely get it for about $21.4K OTD.
  • akelly728akelly728 Posts: 2
    Awesome advice, thanks! I threw a figure out and apparently the sales guy liked it, so he drew the whole X________ on the piece of scratch paper beside the figure and tried to get me to sign there. Obviously I didn't fall for that tactic, so we'll see what they come up with next. To get the car for $27k OTD would be a dream!
  • k203206k203206 Posts: 20
    Hi Mazda6dude!

    i live in Corona California, can you please tell me what dealer you purchased your Honda for that great price? And the other dealership's that other buyer's went to?

    Much appreciated...
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I bought my accord from Autowest Honda. I didn't buy the LX-P, I bought the LX automatic for $20K OTD. Livemore Honda is a good Honda Dealer too. When I bought my accord lx automatic, livermore had them on sale for $18,500 plus ttl and fees. Bottomline is if I paid $20K OTD for LX, then a LX-P can be bought for around $21.5K, since the MSRP has a $1K from LX to LX-P. I was looking for the best car for around $20K and the accord stands out with most standard features compared to altima and camry. Its a great car.
  • k203206k203206 Posts: 20
    Hi Mazda6dude,

    Thanks for the information... You got yourself a great deal and I know you will have many happy years with your new car! Hopefully, I can get a deal as good as yours in my area...

    take care... :shades:
  • 07pilot4me07pilot4me Posts: 45

    can anyone give feedback as to how the stock was on the lx-p's 4cyl sedan. i live in sacramento, we bought our pilot from Auburn Honda last year and looking to trade in my Tahoe. wondering if the dealers you or anyone else visited had a good amount of stock on hand. was looking to purchase around September so i need to gauge supply vs getting a car at a good price since they are clearing out inventory for the 09's

    if an LX can be had for 20K OTD then my target is somewhere in the low $21,xxxK or even better come September

    thanks :)
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    Thanks! Good luck on your deal. Make a strong stance and keep to your price range.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I think there is a good amount of LX-P's. I haven't been on lot since March, but there was a good amount. I stopped by autowest honda a few weeks ago and I saw many LX-P's. You are exactly right, target price for a LX-P should be in the low $21K. Come September you might be able to get one for around $21K. I used the LX as a benchmark to figure the approximate price for the LX-P.
  • Hey k203206

    I got my LX-P auto for 21.4K OTD at Hardin Honda in Anaheim. Since you live in Corona, it should not be that far away for you. What you should do to get the best deal is to get a quote from Moss Bros in Moreno Valley and use that to get you the best deal at Hardin Honda. I know lots of people who brought a Honda from Hardin Honda and their experience there were great.

    You could try and ask Hardin Honda if you can get an Accord LX-P auto for 21.4K OTD because you know someone that got it for that price there. I believe that there are other people on Edmund here that got the same price at Hardin Honda. If you go to Hardin, they have so many 08 Accord there and they'll want to move them all. My experience with Hardin is that they seem trustworthy and they don't BS you.
  • Hi:
    Thanks for you guys for posting so many very useful information. They are trully helpful. I live in Houston, looking for a deal for accord LX. I wonder if somebody can share with me his(her) shopping experience and OTD in houson area. Many thanks.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,593
    A lot of people think that the longer the wait the more prices go down and the opposite is true.

    By September, most of the 2008's will be gone and prices actually will rise as people scramble to buy these clearance cars. As inventories shrink, prices will go up. I see this every year.

    Also, the cars get picked over and you might have to settle for a color or model you didn't really want.

    Your Tahoe will only go down in value, especially if gas prices stay where they are or go higher. SUV's are VERY difficult to get anyone to bid on right now and I don't think it's going to get any better.

    The smart shoppers that want a clearance buy are starting their shopping now.
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    A Honda dealer in Benton Harbor, Michigan told me yesterday that the 2009s won't be in stock into early or mid-October. Does that jive with what you've heard?

    Bud H
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