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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just bought a 2008 sedan EX with 6 miles on it. I tested both car and the EX is way better for only 2k more and you get a lot more on the EX.

    freeway - EX is more quiet than the lx in term of road noise
    Power - EX has 190, LX has 177. test on hills and you'll see the big different.
    Ex has sunroof, lx don't
    EX has driver's power seat, lx don't
    EX has 6 disc changer, lx don't
    EX has 17" alloy wheels, lx don't

    anyway, strongly recommend the EX. I paid the invoice price + tax + lic + $50 doc fee and drove the car home yesterday. In addition, I got over $600 worth of dealer installed accessories for free.

    They still have a large selection of 2008 accord that they need to clear them out before the 2009 coming in. NEGOTIATE! you hold the money, you have the power :-)

    good luck.
  • cyllucyllu Posts: 1
    I got a quote from Willet honda, atlanta, GA as follows:

    Accord LX auto sedan 2008: $18800
    OTD price with doc fee & tax (6%): $20500

    Do you think it is a reasonable one?
    In addition, they told me that the same model with 2009 marked on it will cost additional $1000 on top of that. I you were me, what will be your choice? buy 2009 by paying $1000 more ? or just save $1000 to buy 2008 one.

    Thank you so much.
  • dazz87dazz87 Posts: 19
    I just got a price today for a 08 EXL V6 without Navi for 28,400.00 OTD. Just wondering if this is a good price? I know the 09 is coming out next month. From a dealer I heard that the 09 has 3 more hps (271) compare to 268 for the 08. Is this true? Btw I am in Socal.
  • ashd1ashd1 Posts: 14
    Thats a good base price on the LX. I bought one this weekend and its almost the same as the price I got (post #21640). However your OTD at $20500 seems a bit higher considering that your tax rate is lower at 6%. Check if they tacking on any fees that are unreasonable.

    The way I evaluated it when going for the 08 is -

    -The 09 model had no changes compared to the 08 that I know of.
    -The 09 will be a year newer when it comes time to trade it in or sell however the 08 will have fewer miles on it for its vintage.
    -The discounts offered on the 08 more than make up for the future difference in
    depreciation between the 09 and the 08.
  • jncarsjncars Posts: 13
    Yes, on Honda's website it does state that the 2009 V6 has 271hp now.
  • dazz87dazz87 Posts: 19
    wow thats a really good deal. I am in Socal and looking at the 08 V6 coupe. Could you give me the name of the person you dealt with? Thanks
  • zeke14zeke14 Posts: 2
    Just bought the Accord EX sedan 4cyl automatic. OTD price was $25,642. I thought it was a pretty decent deal, it was near my home, the color I wanted, and I do love the car. The financing was 3.9% at 60 months. I was wondering if I made out ok on this deal? The breakdown is as follows:

    Car: $22,450
    Doc fee: $299
    VTR $289
    Sales tax (Utah 6.8%) $1574
    License / Reg $58
    Age base / property fee $150
    GAP protection (I added this on) $700
    Window tint $116 (talked him down from $299)

    Total: $25,642 out the door. Without the GAP insurance my OTD would have been $24,942. I probably could have done better, but overall did I get a good deal?
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    ...GAP protection (I added this on) $700....

    You should check with your auto insurance company. They most likely can add GAP insurance for just few bucks. GAP insurance rates throught the dealer is very overpriced and is nothing but a profit center for them. I think it cost me $6 per year on my policy. :shades:
  • zeke14zeke14 Posts: 2
    Is it too late to cancel the GAP insurance? I just bought it yesterday.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    Is it too late to cancel the GAP insurance? I just bought it yesterday.

    I think you can cancel it. First check with your insurance company to make sure you can get the coverage from them.

    If you financed it, I don't think they will modifiy your loan/lease, but you will receive check fo the unused portion. Bear in mind if you call the dealer and try to cancell it now, they will be very resistant and try to talk you out of it.
  • uaccorduaccord Posts: 2
    I bought a new Accord a few weeks ago from the dealer in Springfield MA. I bought ~$600 behind "invoice" or $19,500. This dealer charges $300 doc fee.
  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    Anyone know the best place/price for a base version Accord in Texas (preferably Austin/San Antonio). Was looking at Civics but starting to feel that I might do just as well getting an Accord. See prices listed like 18,800 - don't know if this price is available around here. Seems like they have a lot of 08s to clear out (but few Civics).
  • uaccorduaccord Posts: 2
    Very few Civics in my local area (New England). Thousands of Accords to choose from. I think 18,900 is going to be a very good price ('08 LX-P manual) the dealers are just starting to advertise as the '09 cars approach. The dealers have fields full of these cars. They need to make them disappear.
  • I'm from the Jacksonville, FL area and having been asking around for prices on a 2008 coupe lx-s(polished metal, blue, or black). The lowest prices I've seen are $20,700 and $21,000 so is this a good deal? What should I be going for?
  • rambo007rambo007 Posts: 23
    Hi zeke, congrats on your new car. I think in this deal the doc fee is higher, also the gap protection is way high. I bought 08 EXL with navigation last week and the doc fee was 95 $ and gap protection was 475 $. From the posts here, i think it is better to cancel the gap protection and do it from our autoinsurance. I am also going to do the same.
  • Where did you pay $19851...what area?
  • cheesercheeser Posts: 9
    I started out with Jason their Internet Guy and ended up with Rob. I can give you my last quotes I got from Rock and Power too. You should easily get the car for $25000 before Destination. Tell them you want the same deal that Mike in Simi Valley got last weekend. :) I
    I figured out that I got the car with all the extras including them eating the installation prices for $22882 before destination

    I also have an excel program that figured out everything if you want
    See the below results

    Car Price Before Fees Below - 25,000.00
    Tire Fee 8.75
    License & DMV Fee 246
    Doc Fee 55
    Other fees 0
    Added Parts - Out of Pocket 0
    Sales Tax 1812.50
    OTD Purchase price 27,122.25
    Price Before Destination $24,330.00
    Down payment $4,500
    Trade-in value $0
    Interest rate 2.90%
    Length of loan (in months) 60
    Price after Down $22,622.25
    Monthly payment $405.49
    Total cost of car - end of loan $28,829.26
    Add-on's minus PBD Dealer Cost
    Spoiler Wing $509.00
    Splash Guards $101.00
    Body Molding $213.00
    Wheel Locks $55.00
    Labor cost $570.00
    Total Parts $1,448.00

    Bottom Line Price before Dest $22,882.00
  • dazz87dazz87 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the info. I was wondering the V6 you got from them is that the Coupe or Sedan? I am looking for the coupe. Thanks
  • cheesercheeser Posts: 9
    It was the Sedan. I have to go back on Tuesday to have all the parts put on the car. Also they are giving me add on parts price at Employee pricing. I wanted to get the trunk liner. I would start with Jason and tell him that Mike from Simi send you.
  • tyghortyghor Posts: 4
    Just so anyone reading this thread knows the outcome. We discussed the situation with a lawyer relative. He just roared with laughter. He told us to go in, demand the paperwork since the contract had been nullified by the other clause (subject to viewing)
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