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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Is the accord better than the camry and the lexus IS?
  • Contacting these people - - I used them when my 04 Ford Explorer had extensive problems and they got me a great settlement - It took almost 2 yrs, but it was well worth it. Best of all, they don't get paid if you don't so it's a win-win...good luck
  • Hi all...
    I am looking to purchase either a 2008 or 2009 Accord 4 cyl, auto, in EX or EX-L trim. So far, Here are my best quotes:

    2008 - 22,000
    2009 - 22,600

    2008 - 23,700
    2009 - 24,600

    What do you think so far?

    I am in the south burbs of Chicago.
  • What dealer did you get it at? and could you also email me name of person sold you the car? and did you negotiated the price of the car before the trade-in? as I am interest in the same car you bought. thank you
  • Bankston Honda in Lewisville. Our salesman was Dennys (a guy, and yes, it is with a "y", not an "i", and is pronounced like "Dennis"). We didn't negotiate with him, but rather through him, as he was a messenger running the offers and counter offers back and forth. I actually liked doing it that way because it was low pressure not having someone stare you in the face to see if you'll bite. I don't know if they always do business that way, but we never saw who he was running the numbers to. I'd highly recommend him. He was very accommodating while we took our time looking at several cars and was very polite...not flippant, condescending or impatient at all. They still have some '08's if you want to try to get the 1.9% and better price.

    We negotiated the price and trade at the same time, but the trade was agreed on quickly. We looked up the trade by condition/mileage on kelly blue book. They were $500 off what we told ourselves we should get and came up to that on our first counteroffer, no problems.

    Overall, it was a pleasant experience until we got to the finance guy. He tried to rush us through it by pushing the documents in our face too quickly for signatures and got real short and testy ("I guess you don't want the car", etc.) when we were like "whoa whoa...wait...not at that interest rate". I don't know if 2.9% on an '09 through AHF is all that common yet so early in the model year, but that is what we got after we threatened deal's off/we're leaving.
  • Please help, I have email several dealer in Houston area but the lowest I could get was 27,000 + TT&L. And I saw some one posted that he/she got I4 EXL for $23,000 + TT&L, so the price for V6 should be 25,000 + TT&L?? I understand that there's different in price if you in a diff. maket area but is it really that much diff?
    Any help on how to get my 2009 Accord EXL V6 for the lowest possible price is much appricated.. thank you.. thank you very much
    Tiffany in Houston
  • been working on trying to negotiate via the internet. I have been pretty frustrated by clearly form responses that always end in "when can you come in?" The form responses seem to have almost nothing to do with whatever I say in my email.

    i can only say that it is similar to trying to negotiate with a magic 8 ball.

    Me: I'd like to offer $25,200 on XXXX car.
    Response: It is decidedly so. When can you come in?
    Me: I'd like to get a quote from you on XXXX car. My best offer is $yy,yyy.
    Response: Most likely. When can you come in?
    Me: I am serious, i am looking to purchase as soon as i come to an agreement on price. Can you beat $yy,yyy? If you can do $ww,www we have a deal.
    Response: Signs point to yes. When can you come in?
  • I got an offer for $24950 before TTL for 09 EXL V6 w/o Navi too. Actually it was 24250 + $699 doc fees so basically $24950. This was in Tampa Florida. I ended up with a 09 EX I4 though.
  • The price is way too high compared to what I got durning the labor day weekend. It was a 09 EX I4. Price before TTL is about $203xx.xx and out of door is $218xx.xx. This was in Tampa, FL. No trade was involved.
  • Mid. ga dealer sold me my first 2008 Accord sedan 5 speed automatic for 20324 out the door. included 499 dealer fee and 7 % sales tax. and 21 for title fee and lemon fee. thats in Milledgeville, Ga. the internet manager is a super guy , name is Danny. A few weeks later I bought a second Accord exactly like the first and paid 20755 out the door. more but still was a super deal. These purchases were made in May of this year. Both of our 2008 Accords are 4 dr.LX models with Automatic 5 speed transmissions, pin stripes and mud flaps installed. Also got 2.9 % financing for 60 months. Tell Danny that Ben from Macon with the two White Accords told you to look him up.
  • I wish I had know this as I just went there in August. Thank you for your reply, it seems that Honda prices in Houston is among the highest. Anyone dis-agree would like to help me with my purchase in Houston? thanks for all your help
    For others whom looking for a Honda in Tampa would you specify what dealer offer you the car for stated price?
  • did u happen to read my message to you in my friend request?
  • What's the lowest price I should expect to pay for an EX-L EXCLUDING freight and TTL ? I am trying to get in on the last few left out there....
  • $24,600 + 600 (shipping) + TTL
  • i've been quoted as low as $25.000 out the door for a 2009 EX-L

    that includes taxes (6% + $50), destination ($670) and dealer / document / misc fees (roughly $900).

    you're obviously talking about a 2008 since you said you're trying to get one of "the last few left out there", so i would automatically take off of my price by at least $500.

    good luck though, because from what i've read here and other places, i've got a very aggressive price.

    oh, by the way, this is for an EX-L coupe. the sedans you can get for even cheaper because dealerships have more of those in stock than the 2drs.
  • Did you get me message, by the way?
  • keitha3keitha3 Posts: 124
    Lowest price I was quoted via the internet for an '08 was $25,300 which included destination, but that was for the 6 banger. If you're talking about the four, I'd imagine it would be much less. I'd send out one of the Edmunds emails and see how your local dealers respond.
  • Right now I'm at $25,150 for 2008 EX-L V6 Coupe and that includes the destination charge.

    Car $24,480
    Destination 670
    Tag,Title,fees 355
    Tax 1,685 (6.5% + $50)

    TOTAL 27,190

    I think that is pretty close to rock bottom... I might be able to squeeze 1 or 2 hundreed off it seems.
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