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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi all accord owners,
    I am trying to become 2008 accord owner!!

    We got a deal 2008 Accord LX-P for 21000
    And 2008 Accord EX for 22500.

    I am leaning more towards EX, but just realized that, EX has 101 cu ft of passenger volume and LX-P has 106 cu ft.
    Can anyone give thier opinion? Does 5 cu ft of passenger volume ( i think it is realized as extra head room) matter?

    Thanks, Mike.
  • we got an OTD for 2009 accord LX-P for $21,700. So try negotiating.
  • In NJ Planet Honda Route 22 got a quote for 2009 Lx Automatic.

    OTD or out the door price we got was 21,600. The best Quote i have gotten since visiting 2 honda dealers. I am going again this saturday to other dealers, see if we can get a better deal.

    Just stay away from Route22Honda dealers, they are seriously rude and con artist.

    If you find any other good deal, please do post since i am looking for one as well.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    It only matters if you fit under the sunroof, or not...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • can anyone let me know is it good to go with 2008 honda accord EX[ 4cyl,automatic transmission] OR 2008LXP[4cyl,automatic transmission]

    also i would like to know has anyone put aftermarket leather which is katzkin leather on LXP[i am getting a deal for LXP where dealer is providing aftermarket leather]

    plz provide your suggestion is it good to go with LXP+aftermarket leather or EX

    actually in the out of the door price i am landing up in paying only 500dollars more for EX

    plz let me know which one would be a good buy

    i live in raleigh,northcarolina

    cctopshop[its in fayetteville,NC] provides katzkin leather and whoever got done through them had no complaints and the dealer is getting leather done for LXP thru these people

    have anyone of you heard of cctopshop and let me know if anyone of you ever had leather upholstry thru them and plz share your experience
  • I had been choosing between these two trim levels, but end up choosing LX-P as I don't need the moonroof, and a bit more horsepower. Also, I am a tall person and have no idea if I can fit in the Accord with the moonroof.

    That's my personal opinion.

    My friends and I will buy the LXP next week and now we are shopping for the price $21,000 OTD, but no dealers have responded yet.
  • Is it better to buy 2008 LXP for 21K with 1.9% APR for 36 months or 2009 LXP for 21K with out 1.9 APR.
    I am choosing 2008, since there are not much differences in 2009
  • In the Houston market looking to buy an 08 or 09 EX-L V6 Sedan with Navi & Deck lid spoiler.

    My question is how much should I start bidding at especially if I want to go with the last of the 08 inventory? (please post prices w/o destination) thanks everyone!!!

    I plan to put 6K down as well.
  • Thank you. i will defently let you know.
  • I got better deal from a dealership 35 minutes away from home while 20-min-away dealership offers me about $300 higher than the former one, but they have lifetime FREE oil changes.

    Is the lifetime free oil change worth for that $300 difference?

    Should I care about the 15 mins difference?

    After buying a car from one dealership, can we have services from other dealers? Will we get charged differently from their own customers?

    I don't know anything about dealerships and after-sales services for Honda in the US because it's going to be my first Honda.

    Thank you all.
  • After buying a car from one dealership, can we have services from other dealers?

    Definitely (dealers wouldn't turn you away; they make too much money off of you getting your car maintained there). Although, I'm sure you wouldn't qualify for free oil changes at dealer B if you bought your car from dealer A.
  • thanks, thegraduate. I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn't be charged more than the customers who bought the car from them.

    Do you how much the oil change cost though? If it's about $50 a time anywhere, I think I'll pass this offer.
  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    At my local Honda Dealer, they always have their "Honda Express Oil Change" on special for $32.95. Done in 30 minutes, very easy.
  • What should I offer on a 2008 honda accord EX-L sedan 4 cyl. with 19,010 miles on it? I live in Grand Rapids, Mi. Please help. Thank-you.
  • Shouldn't be more than $30 for a simple oil and filter change ($24 is good), although here in Birmingham it's hard to get that without an inspection/fluid-top-off for $37 or so.
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    there is a formula to figure out a current used car. take 20% of msrp and subtradt it then subtract .15 for each mile on the car then take another 900.00 for high miles . 12K miles per year is normal over is high miles.
  • there is a formula to figure out a current used car. take 20% of msrp and subtradt it then subtract .15 for each mile on the car then take another 900.00 for high miles . 12K miles per year is normal over is high miles.

    I don't know where you get your formula but I don't think it's going to work.

    '08 EX-L MSRP = 25,730 - 5146 (20%) - 2850 (Miles) - 900 = 16,834

    You might be able to get a '06 EX-L for 16K.
  • Hi guys, I got an offer at $23666 OTD for EX 4 cl, 5 auto. Is this a good deal or I still have space to negociate?! Please advise. Many thanks! :confuse:
  • O.k i went to Honda and they are offering me this:Car is a 4 dr sedan w/ navi. Auto, not v6. Black with black leather. Thanks all who respond
    26,500 for car
    4,000 trade on my semi ,o.k 02 altima 78,200 miles with a dent on side
    1,828 sales tax at 8.125%
    45 dealers optional fee for processing
    74.50 registration fee
    10 inspection fee
    12.50 nys waste tire
    4,000 cash down
    I am finacing through my bank at 6.5% for 60 months. Is this their final offer on the car? I signed vechile cash agreement form but did not leave a deposit or anything. Middletown ny,
  • I got confused. First I thought OTD price included everything. But when the sales rep. told me that as I did not have my car or a current plate that I could transfer to my new car, I had to pay for the new plate fees.

    How much should that be for the 09 LX-P a/t? Am I being fooled? What would that affect my OTD price?

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