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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thank you for that information; could someone please help me. i am trying to buy a new accord lx for my wife; went to dealer today here in md; he had a 08 model that had been driven by one of the managers for about 3,500 mi; he was willing to sell OTD for 20800, Is this a good deal?

    thank you
  • it appears to be a good deal, and i closed in on it yesterday. good luck to you as well.
  • Thanks much for your help with info. Please let me know if you get a chance to speak to your salesman... I am looking to buy within days. Thanks Agian, and God bless.
  • Here are some quotes:
    Garden State Honda: to all of them, tell them you have the e-mail, they will know what you are talking about, worst case scenario, let me know and give me your e-mail address, and i will send you the e-mails, they will be happy to honor the prices listed below

    2008 Honda Civic EX 8L017323 $20,180.00 $17,593.00
    2008 Honda Accord EX 8A071896 $24,530.00 $20,953.00
    2008 Honda Accord EX 8A020766** $24,530.00 $20,783.00
    2008 Honda CRV 4WD LX 8C052040 $22,570.00 $19,953.00
    2008 Honda CRV 4WD EX-L NAV 8C042170 $29,070.00 $25,863.00
    2008 Honda Odyssey LX 8B077859 $26,530.00 $19,853.00
    2008 Honda Element 4WD EX 8L013216 $23,860.00 $20,373.00
    2008 Honda Pilot 2WD VP 8B002181 $28,265.00 $24,583.00

    Metro Honda The price at the bottom of each vehicle (which is also the lowest, is the price they will give you):
    Sample Vehicles

    2008 Accord LX

    2008 Accord EXL w/ Nav

    2008 Civic LX

    2008 Civic EX

    2008 CRV LX

    2008 CRV EXL

    2008 Odyssey LX

    2008 Odyssey EXL w/RES

    2009 Pilot EX

    2009 Pilot Touring w/RES&Navi
  • Sorry, forgot to tell u, then ask for the internet manager, or for TJ, also, i just relaized, the price at the bottom on the metro honda is what you save off the sticker price, but is the third price, they list as follow: MRSP, invoice, their price, and what u save.

    Wish everybody good luck, and God bless you all, thanks for everything, i will continue to check, and help those who need me
  • Thanks for the email!

    Regarding the price for the 2008 Accord ex-l with navigation, is that $26,588 including destination already?

    If so, do you think a dealership in another state will price honor match that price?
  • them i don't know, i didn't ask, but i assume for the price, i know the one at garden state honda don't include dest fee. Now, when i bought my car they had the same accord exl with nav syst. for 24400 plus dest. it was green or gray options. i guess it was goo, it might had been a v6, don't recall. but i will keep you posted if i get something else, as they keep sending me e-mails
  • Just bought a new 2009 Accord Coupe EX-L, black on black for 24780 with splash guards. Price is before TTL
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 20
    I think you can get a better deal. Which dealership in MD?
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    I'm in for a 2009 auto Honda accord ex-l with navi 4 cyl. the price i have been quoted so far are:
    $26,800 including $670 destination charge +tax/fees.(dont know what does fees are)
    $26088 + $670 Destination, tax, MV fees & $199 documentation fee

    I'm still trying to figure out the fees and stuff. Can anyone tell me if i can get a better offer. I live in nj. Thanks
  • Is this a 2008 or 2009? I am assuming it is an automatic as well, correct? For the 2008 auto, the invoice price is $25416 (+670 dest). So you are about $700 over invoice. I would think you should be down at invoice for a leftover 2008. Plus that $199 documentation fee seems excessive.

    Better deals can certainly be had, but it comes down to how much you want to work for them and what you are comfortable with. Good luck!
  • Let me guess, Route 22 Honda? I bought from there, and my doc fee was $199.00 On the other hand, got 08 EX-L/Nav for $25,055.00+$670 DC, $365.00 DMV (they overcharge, and DMV sent me a check for $100.00. You can get a better deal in NJ, watch RT22 Honda, they like to fluff their fees, bait & switch tatics, and they're very sneaky!
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    Actually one is Greenwich honda in CT. and the other was Paramus honda. Did you get a v6 or 4 cyl. i would love to get the v6 but being that gas is crazy nowadays i guess 4 cyl will do. lol. when did you buy.
  • rox2008rox2008 Posts: 12
    I need your opinion guys!

    I was recently quoted 28,790 +TTL = 30,790

    This is for a

    V6 EX-L Sedan

    Is this a good deal?
  • Just my personal opinion. I wouldn't ever pay more than $30K for a Honda Accord. I know its a 2009 and its early in the 2009 Model Year. If you can wait it out, you can get a better deal. Auto Sales where the worst in 15 years and Honda was hit hard. You should be able to get a better deal. Regardless, the Accord is a very nice car.
  • I just purchased an 08 4-dr EXL w/nav at DCH Academy in Old Bridge, NJ. Details:

    24,954 selling price (w/special Honda financing that expired 9/30/08)
    635 destination
    1,791 tax
    199 doc fee
    254 DMV
    7.50 tire tax
    27,840.73 out-the-door price

    The price w/o the special Honda financing was $24,800. I think I could have gotten a better deal on a silver model, which was in abundance all over the NY/NJ area. However, I wanted the black/black combination. There were only a couple available and I would have had to travel a distance to save a few bucks. Also, the people at DCH were pretty decent. I did the purchase over the internet and simply showed up to sign the papers.
  • I forgot to mention that the 08 EXL in the previous post is a 4 cylinder.
  • I paid 24,954 plus 635 delivery for 08 4dr, 4cyl EXL w/nav(w/special Honda financing). Additional details in post 22081.
  • Yea, gas prices are insane. Which is why I traded a 2007 Dodge Nitro 6cyl, for my 4cyl Accord. I hear good things about Parumus.
  • epibooepiboo Posts: 4
    Which dealer did you purchase you car? Is the drive out price $1250 under invoice or $1250 under invoice plus tax? Thanks.
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