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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ctozyctozy Posts: 5
    Thanks Gerry. I'm leaning towards the I4 as well. Dealers in CT are holding their ground and offering $26,258 to $26,956 before any fees. What would you suggest as counter prices?
  • ctozyctozy Posts: 5
    That's a good point. I'm also leaning toward the I4. Hopefully, a deal can be reached in the next week or two. Will let you guys know what the outcome is.
  • In fact, I got the 08 Accord LXP AT $21000 (OTD), Bay Area, CA. And my friend got her EX-L with Nav only 24500(OTD) a few month ago. So, in current big recession, the price should below $1500 from invoice price. I would like to wait for one or two months. I think all the dealers have to slash their price much more. Maybe anther $1000 or more. We notice almost no people visit the dealer office recently. So everybody should be patient.
    Accord dealer also would like to give me 0.9% . Honda have to follow Toyota soon 0%.
    Now, Cash is King!
  • rvs2000rvs2000 Posts: 40
    where did you get the deal? can you tell the dealer name? thanks
  • There is no such thing as a volume discount.

    Remember, in todays climate the only profit a dealer seems to make is the holdback.
  • Hi,
    I am looking for a Honda Accord 2009 EX 4CYL, No NAV, Gray. The current MSRP is $24,255 and the current Invoice is $21,993. After visiting the 3rd Dealership (Castle Honda) in Illinoi-and getting the lowest offer compared from the first 2-I gave $350 of deposit and signed a ILLINOI STANDARD BUYERS ORDER form, and they will have the car ready for me on Monday at which time I have to come in and sign the papers (finance and all other papers) and drive out of the parking lot. Can you tell me if I am getting a good deal?

    car price- $21,500
    dest- $670
    doc fee $150
    county tax $15
    8% tax $ 1,786
    license/title $ 150

    TOTAL OTD $24,271
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    how does this sound guys?
    For a honda accord 2009 ex-l with navi 4 cyl sedan 25,350 just for the car then you have the other fees... how does that sound or should i bargain some more. lol.. thanks!
  • ljctxljctx Posts: 14
    Does that include destination fee of $670.00? I was quoted $26,109 including dest fee. That's about $500 BELOW invoice. :)
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    No it doesnt include destination fee.. it would be 26020 with destination.. did you buy? are we talking about the same car style/model?
  • ljctxljctx Posts: 14
    I will be buying within the next 48 hrs. Trying to get little better pricing today.
    2009 Honda Accord 4 cyl with Nav.
  • car prices should always be quoted with destination. its not like its something you don't have to pay. I would be leery of any dealer that is quoting you without the destination charge.
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    where r u buying? what state are you in?
  • A local dealership in WNY has an advertised price on several '09 Accord EX-L V6 with Navigation of $28,939. They have a new price tag hanging on the rearview mirror. An advertised drop on the MSRP. Has anyone else seen this?
  • tgtytgty Posts: 3
    Just bought:
    Car included ( Destination + Mud Guards + Wheel Locks + VPS Protection Package )
    = $23,995
    + Tax ( 6.25% )
    + TL & ( Documents ) = $250
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "car prices should always be quoted with destination. its not like its something you don't have to pay. I would be leery of any dealer that is quoting you without the destination charge."

    Car prices should be quoted OTD.
  • benziebenzie Posts: 4
    What do you think about the manufacture's extended warranty? Is it worth buying it?
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Car prices should be quoted OTD.

    Car prices should be quoted here without including state and local fees for tax, tage, and titling fees. Those are too local to compare prices on a national level.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    In my opinion no, but that's just me, others do find value in the peace of mind it brings. How would a major uncovered repair affect you? If it hurts you financially or emotionally, then go for the warranty as long as you can afford that.
  • totally agree. My second biggest pet peeve on these forums is people that only post OTD numbers. OTD is a worthless number here.
  • Was quoted $23,181 (including destination) on silver 2008 EX-L, but when I asked for $22,000 with deck lid spoiler over e-mail, she effectively ended negotiations. Was I being too pushy? This is considering I was quoted $23,545 (including destination) on a 2009 EX-L in any color I wanted from another dealership.

    Am thinking about moving on to the 2009 EX-L over the 08 at this point -- would like $23,000 with deck lid spoiler installed. Do you think this is reasonable?
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