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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    I've been shopping in person and by email for a few days. Quotes from at least 10 dealers. Here's what I've found so far...

    First off - THERE ARE A TON of 2008 left. I've been getting quotes on 2008 and 2009 Accord EX-L without navi.

    So far on the 2008 with an MSRP of 28695 the low price is 24788 - Plus Tax and Tags.

    On the 2009 EX-L V6 without Navi - MSRP of 29225 the lowest quote so far is 26288 plus Tax and tags.

    For a spread of $1500. For a car we'll keep for 6 plus years... I'd rather save the $1500 up front at this point. ;)

    There are SO MANY dealers in the SoCal area.... I had to make a spreadsheet just to keep the quotes straight and I only hit a "few".

    If somebody has a dealer they know sells cheap in SoCal lets hear it! ;)

    Is 24788 a good deal on the 2008? Anybody hear of better?

    Thanks! :) :shades:
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I've seen some good numbers but I was loooking at 08 v6-l with nav but nav is about 1800 at invoice. The latest here seems to be 0 percent financing, but not necessarily beneficial.
    Best I've recieve in NY
    08 accrod ex-l V6 Nav 26495 with 3.9 % financing for 60 months
    same with 0% financing 28,822 up to 60 months
    verry close to the 28695 I was getting on and 09 version with 3.9 percent
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    Interesting... If you add that 1800 for the Nav we're within 100 bucks. I think that must be close to the bottom.

    I wondered if they wouldn't start discounting the Accords with Nav even more aggressively. There is NO WAY they are worth 1800 more... It would be "nice" to have but not 1800 worth. For as often as I would use it a $200 Tom Tom will do just fine. I wouldn't mind having the Blue Tooth, and I'd REALLY like the PC card MP3 reader they have in the new Fit.

    I emailed my best deal to one of the dealers that had a bunch of stock on the ground and they beat it buy $100…When they drop from beating a deal by 200 or 300 to 100, my perception is I'm "close"… Now I'm going to let them all "stew" for a couple of days and see if anybody offers up something "good". 10 days to the end of the month, not going to do anything but get better! ;)
  • I have been offered '09 EX-L V6 with NAVI for $28,250 + TTL - is this the best deal I can get?
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    I'm at 26288 without...Nav invoice is 1800 so 28088... AT LEAST and I'd guess there's a little more room with the Nav equipped Accords. I'd email a dealer...pick a big one near you and ask them if they can "beat" 28000, I bet the answer is YES. What part of the country are you in?
  • I am in the Buffalo-NY area. The biggest dealership in the area is probably Lia Honda. I am going to try exactly what you said.
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    It may be just SoCal but they are SWIMMING in 2008 Accords our here...
    My "best" price just dropped to 24650(EX-L V6 WITHOUT NAV) from Galpin Honda out here. Norm Reeves is right there on price as is Valley Hi Honda. I'm looking at online inventory's and several dealers here have over 100 2008 Accords STILL on the ground. I'm looking at the Silver Metallic color and some of the dealers have 3 or 4 with my equipment AND color. :)

    If they don't "bite" try two or three other dealers…. I used the Edmunds "get a quote" and they let me get 5 quotes with one request! It's easy and the dealers already know your looking at Edmunds and KNOW invoice. The quotes from them were more competitive right off the bat! :shades:

    Only thing that has me a little "nervous" is…. With that many 2008's on the ground - Is Honda going to do "rebates" next month? I don't ever remember them doing rebates, but I also don't remember dealers fighting to sell me a car 2K BELOW invoice either. :surprise:

    One gripe with Edmunds… The TMV calculator is wayyyyy biased in the dealers favor at the moment. :lemon: Stuff is available much cheaper than it would suggest, in my experience. ;)
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    Check that, since I can't edit… here's a correction to my post above. :lemon:

    After 3 emails I finally dragged it out of the Rep at Galpin Honda that their price DOES NOT include destination. They were including that with their "fees". That moves them to the middle of the pack on price. :lemon: Most of the other's included it, if not, the other dealers put an * and mentioned it in the "fine print". Not perfect but at least it was addressed.

    And moved "Galpain" to the bottom of my list because they were so difficult to get the actual price of the car ( plus Sales Tax and DMV fees) out of… :lemon: You can't buy one without "destination"'s on the sticker! :mad: Not good. :lemon:
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Games dealers play!

    No destination even though it's no the sticker. I have purchased 35 plus cars in my lifetime and have NEVER seen "destination" as a separate line item!

    Dealers need to wake up. Anybody savvy enough to go on the Internet can figure things out.
  • Hi,

    I have been offered a four door EX-L V4 for 24500 (includes destination fee). You folks think its a good deal...

  • This is the pricing I received for an 09 Honda Accord
    Valley Honda/Aurora, IL

    09 Accord EXL V6 w/Body Side Mouldings, MudGuards, Sunroof Deflector and a Remote Starter (Non-Honda)..

    Including: Dest., Doc. Fee, Tax @7% and License...$29,650.00 OTD

    Since my Ford Lease is not up until March 09, they took a $1000.00 deposit to hold the price.
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    2008 or 2009?

    What's MSRP on the sticker?

    What is invoice?

    Not enough data to help. ;)
  • Just a suggestion.

    To better understand your deal may I suggest listing the price as follows:
    (Prices listed are an example only)
    $25600.00 selling price
    +$300 color matched body side moldings
    +$150.00 splash guards
    +$250.00 Sunroof deflector
    +$800.00 remote engine starter
    +$2000.00 sales tax
    +250.00 dealer doc fee
    +300.00 plates
    =$29650.00 TOTAL DUE

    Does that make sense? The only reason I suggest this format is because alot of people here are not looking for the accessories but they would like to know the selling price of the vehicle (with destination charge) so they can compair your selling price with a price quote they have received. :)
  • $26,228.00 2009 Accord Ex-L V6 Selling Price
    $152.00 Mudguards
    $189.00 Sunroof Deflector
    $399.00 Remote Starter (Non-Honda)
    $459.00 Body Side Mouldings
    $150.00 Doc. Fee
    $143.00 License/Title
    $1,930.00 Sales Tax

    $29,650.00 Total OTD
  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    Yes, Galpin and Hardin both conveniently provided low quotes w/o the destination charge. I'm sure it works to sucker some buyers in. Penske was very up front with their internet pricing, and everything but TTL was included. In August, my 2008 Accord EXL V6 Sedan w/o Nav. was $24,855 +TTL. They may even go a bit lower now...
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    I hadn't thought of Penske. Emailed them and referenced your deal... had a quote back within the hour for 24805 + tax and tags. Easy...

    They are in the hunt. ;)

    Thanks for the tip. :shades:
  • Hi ginsong99,

    Could you tell me the dealer name. I live in the harrisburg area and I have not got even a single quote as good as yours. The best quote I have gotten is 20,323+sales tax+title

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Oops..Here is the complete info.

    I believe they are offering invoice price - 24500

    its 2009 EX-L V4.

  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    I'm glad Penske gave you a good quote. I've bought 3 Accords there and referred numerous others. I've never had an issue with them, and they don't play games.
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    Don't really have a feel for the '09's or the I4's on price but you REALLY need to do at least one round of email quotes.

    Just as an example... Two weeks ago when I started looking I walked in to the dealer where we bough our '97 Accord and went for a test drive. They offer a Costco price and that was $300 over invoice.... I paid invoice for the '97 at this time of year. I figured I'd offer invoice but I KNEW I NEEDED TO DO at least a check with a couple of other dealers.... So their (good guy, best price....bla bla) 300 over invoice was 26600 on a car that stickered for 28695. FIRST ROUND of email quotes came back at in the 25500 range and I'm at 24788 at the current "best".

    Do you have time to send some emails to save close to 2,000 dollars? :shades:

    There may not be that kind of savings on an '09 but you need to check. ;)
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