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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Yes it is carved in stone, but dealers who spring it on the buyer not until the F&I office are pretty low. If that happens to you tell them to reduce the price by that amount as it was never disclosed to you. Here in Florida the typical dealer fee is $499 to $699 and I've walked out of deals when they surprise me with it.
  • Don't go by me..I'm just telling you one bit of info. It sounds good but the best thing to do, IMHO, is to get a breakdown of all the numbers that will go into the OTD --out the door price-- from your dealer. I'd tell him to give you his best deal and tell him you are going to shop it around. Tell him, if you find a lower price you'll be back to him to match it, if you want. Then fax or email the exact car and OTD price to a few dealers and tell them to beat it if they can.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I'd tell him to give you his best deal and tell him you are going to shop it around.

    Few dealers if any will play that game.

    Tell him, if you find a lower price you'll be back to him to match it

    And no dealer will believe that line.
  • You are right but it is worth a shot. Dealers know that buyers that talk to more than one dealership are less likely to accept a deal that isn't competitive. They can play all the games they want but they still have to give you a final price. If they don't, they are wasting your time. All I am saying is that the only way you can be assured of getting a decent deal is to shop around, get the lowest price and go back to the others to see if they'll do better than that. If they do, great. If they don't, you know you got the best deal you could get. That may not be the best deal they make that month but that's the one you won't beat at that time. Your choice is to accept it or to go to another model/brand and start over.
  • Just leased 2009 Accord V6 EX-L (no navi). Pearl White, woodgrain, loaded.
    $590 at signing, $398/mo at Union Park Honda in Wilmington, DE.

    I have all of the figures if anyone is interested in knowing more let me know.
  • Hi,

    Would you mind sending me the remaining details of the deal. I'm in the market for the same model.

  • Does anyone have an idea of the cost to have backup sensors installed on an '09 Accord? Also interested in having a rear headrest DVD player system installed. Leads near Delaware County, PA appreciated.
  • I am looking to buy 2009 Accord EX-L w/ Nav in bay area. Per KBB the invoice is ~28500 and MSRP is ~30800. What is a good price and what should I look for while negotiating with dealers.

    Also there are some car buying companies that find best deals for me, any reviews?

  • 2009 Accord LX-P Auto Silver

    So far I have gotten $22,970 OTD including all taxes and fees.

    Any opinions/feedback on this price?
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    Hi guys, finally my certificate of origin has arrived and I would like to show you guys my breakdown:

    Sale Price: $27541.24
    Doc Fee: $150 (capped in IL)
    Tax(7%): $1938.37 (I am from IN)
    County Tax: $15 (cook county tax)
    IL 7-day permit: $10 (given 2 weeks though, for the price of one :P )

    I am really happy with the deal given and have already given a 5 star CSI to the dealership.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Any opinions/feedback on this price?

    Yes, post the details of the transaction per the post right after yours. I'm in Florida, home of the $699 dealer fee. How could I compare your price?
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    I have a question and I didn't want to put it on the VCM subject area.
    I am looking in the next few months to buy a new 09 Accord w/nav. However, there has been so much written on the VCM board. Are you buying the V-6 with the hopes that it's ok or are you discounting the VCM board?
  • I am considering an 09 accord V6 EX-L also but am concerned about the VCM issues also. I am a honda fan but I am thinking about another car.
  • szerszer Posts: 80

    s far during the test drive and the driving so far, i've felt no jerkiness as described by the VCM issues. So far, the power has been adequate and I've been enjoying my car. To solve the issue, you should just go for a test drive and see if you can feel anything. i really think the issue is based on one's sensitiveness, or maybe the problem exists only on certain cars.
  • Info for my fellow shoppers: :D

    Just purchased an '09 EX-L no Nav. for $23,994..Paid dealers fee of $599 and 6% tax, battery fee of $6.50, electronic registration fee of $25 and $115.00 registration. I also received splash guard and rear trunk spoiler in the deal.

    I think thats a great deal...Its below invoice. BTW, I am in Central Florida..
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    forgot to add that I found wheel locks, trunk tray and splash guards already installed on my car lol :P now i just need to add all weather mats
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 23
    Hi all,

    I priced a Honda accord EXL v4 w/ NAV. I was quoted:

    25788 + fees and taxes. The fees are (ridiculously high) @ 1550 (processing,prep, & freight). After all fees and taxes, the OTD is 28,262.

    I'm surprised it was that high - but what do you all think?

    This is in N. Va , if that matters.

  • What do you think about this price quote for 2009 Accord EX, Sedan, Automatic?

    Sale price = 21,400
    Freight = 670
    Processing fee = 399
    Sub-total = 22469
    Tax (VA=3%) = 674
    Tags = 75
    T/T OTD = 23,220

    Include: floor mats, mud guards, pin stripes, door edge guards.

    Thank you.
  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    I agree on the VCM issue being way overblown. I'm now at 4k miles on my 2008 v6 EXL sedan, and it's been flawless. If it weren't for the "ECO" light, I'd never know when the VCM has activated. Try the car for yourself and see. Those with VCM issues complain a lot louder than the thousands of us with no issues.

    I'm an engineer with lots of automotive experience, if there was a VCM issue, I'd have noticed it.
  • max63max63 Posts: 72
    Leased V6 EXL with nav in late Ocotober.

    761 Total Drive-off
    $439 including tax
    36 months.
    15k per year.

    I was just catching up on some posts and noticed someone was talking about a jerkiness in the car. It's funny because I was wondering while I was going down the freeway there was some very minor jerkiness in the engine. This does not bother me much, because it is slight, however you do notice it. It never seems to come up in stop and go traffic. I thought it was happening because the car is new, but apparently other people have this issue. Other than this, the car has been great and love all the features.
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