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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I've emailed about 23 dealers throughout Ohio for a EX-L i4 Coupe w/ Navi and the best quote I got is $26,348. I have yet to receive counter offers from any of the other dealers yet. Initially I tried to get the whole body kit (I don't know why, but I like it) and nav system for $26,500 and the closest I got to that was $28,500 for everything. I'm fairly confident after the $26.3k offer that I can get well into the 25k range before taxes and docs, and not including trade-in. Anyone have any success close to near this price for same car?
  • 2009 EX-L v6 coupe.
    MSRP- $29,475 incl dest.

    Purchased for $26,379
    Got them to throw in the remote car starter for free.
    taxes at 8%= $2110.32
    no documents fees.

    Basically this is $395 below invoice then the free starter. Dealer was anxious to sell a car and very easy to deal with. LIA Honda.
    Did all my negotiations via e-mail.
  • Dream -

    I just purchase a 2009 Accord EX-L w/ Navi + splash & trunk liner for the below:
    Cost: 24,888 (over $1000 below invoice)
    Dest: 670
    Doc Fees: 150
    Taxes: 2,071
    Lic & Reg: 143
    8 yr /120 mi: 940

    Talk to Mike at Castle Honda.
  • Infohound: Let me know the name of the dealer who sold you the Honda Care package.

  • Think I did ok here.....
    Color: Polished Metal
    Transmission: Automatic
    Price: $23,749
    close to $900 under invoice.
    they also included rear cargo liner and mud guards.
  • cope2cope2 Posts: 1
    How long should I expect to wait for a quote?

    I sent specific quote requests to two different dealerships asking to be contacted only by email. Before I was finished submitting the second request, the salesman from the first dealership called me (I didn't answer). It wasn't long before I got a call from the salesman at the second dealership. Both also sent emails, to which I responded and reiterated my request for a quote. This was last night around 8 p.m. In his voicemail, one of the dealers was eager to let me know they would be there until 10 p.m. This morning I got an email from the other dealer letting me know they just received a new shipment of vehicles. But still - no quotes or direct responses to my request. I want to buy a car immediately, but I refuse to go into the dealership and spend half my day playing games. I just want a quote! Any suggestions?
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Send them back an email stating you had asked for a quotation and if they have some policy against it please advise so you may remove them from your list. Be prepared some just do not quote by email.
  • Cope2: Patience is a virtue. Don't get yourself upset, for they will make contact. And, they will contact you so much where you may be forced to block their emails.
  • ss999ss999 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I am in a market to buy accord 09 and wud appreciate if someone who has bought accord recently and provide price details.

    I am in atlanta and dealer the best price i hv got so far for 09 accord lx-p model is 18995 + 1300 (destination and documentation fees) + tax and title which come out to be around 20,700. 09- ex will be 1500- 2000 more.

    Is this a good deal or there is a room for negotition too?

    I am also in double mind to select accord Vs CR-V !!!! Can anyone advise and share comment for each of the model.

    Shall appreciate more responses.
  • If you know what you want to pay for the vehicle and if you are close to buying, I would send them an email with the breakdown on what you want to pay ... lower it by 1-2 percent so they can haggle you back up to what you want to pay, Say somthing like ... looking to make purchase in next 24 hrs ... have cash ... need your best offer Out the door ... ask for breakdown for Car(including destination), Taxes, Title, Doc Fee and any other fees. Tell them you have other quotes. Go to this link and download the "Buyer's Offer Spreadsheet for new cars". This will allow you to control what you paid. I paid 500 under invoice ... some have paid as much as 900 under. This still leave the dealer with a few bucks ... Best of luck
  • I am getting quotes for 19400 for 2009 Accrod LX-P(including destination) + TTL. Is it good deal?
  • The OTD breakdwon of a 2009 Accord EX 4DR automatic is as follows-

    Sale price- $22,683 (below invoice!)
    Protection package- $384 (wheel locks, spalsh guards, trunk tray) [not all pro. packs are the same]
    Tax- $1791.96
    Registration- $232
    Doc. fee- $55
    CA tire fee- $8.75

    TOTAL OTD = $25,154.71

    I try to get a new car in the next two weeks. Here is the quote I got back from 1 dealer in S. California.
    Is this a good deal? I thought the protection package will be included in the price but this dealer they charge me for that. I'm looking to pay around $23,000 OTD. Is this reasonable?
  • I am keeping an eye on 2009 Honda Accord EX as well. When I tried carsdirect using zip code 92126, it gave me $22,525 for EX, 2.4, 4 Dr. , Auto. My experience with internet car shopping was that you can do much better on your own than carsdirect so I feel that you can do much better than that. Try to email about 10-20 Honda dealers in So. Cal. to see if you can get a better deal.
  • Dealers will not quote because they know you will shop their price. Are you affraid to go to the dealer? At some point you will have to go to the dealer if you want a new car.
  • When I get a lowest price amongst all the dealers I still don't know if I want to pay this price because this lowest price may not be a reasonable number.
  • You're right. Dealers will not quote the lowest price on their first attempt. I'm afraid to go to the dealer unless I have the right number to offer them back. Up till this point I don't know what number I should offer them back.
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    Northern Delaware near PA state line, purchase agreement finalized yesterday:

    Out the door price $25,000.00, which includes

    Vehicle: 2009 Honda Accord Sedan EX-L 4-cylinder automatic
    Color: Alabaster Metallic Silver with Gray Leather

    Other accessories and other items to be included:

    Wheel Locks
    Splash Guards (installed)
    Cargo Net (installed)
    $100 gasoline card

    $25,000.00 out the door.
    Car with accessories $23,407.00
    Dealer Doc Fee $95.00
    PA Inspection/Reg Fees $180.00
    PA Tax at 6% $1,404.42
    Total out the door price $25,086.42 - $86.42 adjustment = $25,000.00 OTD
  • I just bought an '09 EX-L V6 out the door for $26,300, which includes all destination charges and fees, taxes, tags, and title. I even got the dealer to add the wood trim to the steering wheel and was able to purchase an after-market wood package at cost with free installation. It is black with the ivory leather and looks great.

    When I went for a test drive I got that dealer's bottom line price. Of course the next morning I get a call and some special "incentives" just came in last night and would lower the price by $500. I told him I already had a lower quote than his new price and he immediately lowered it another $500. Then I took that price to 20 or so dealers (via email and phone) in North Carolina. Some dealers laughed at me when I asked them to beat 26,400 and told me the dealership was lying. Other said they couldn't do it. Once I got my lowest price I went back to the original dealer and asked for them to beat my lowest offer and throw in the trim package and I would buy the car immediately. It worked. I'm sure dealers hate buyers like me, but I got a car well below invoice and did not have to sacrifice anything (except my weekend!)
  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    I don't know who in So. CA you got your price from, but try Penske Honda in Ontario. When I got my 2008 EXL V6, they beat everyone else by a mile. I don't agree that dealers won't give quotes. I emailed 6 local dealers and got very quick replies from them all. In a big metropolitan area like LA, they know they have to give the best price right up front. At $24,855 before TTL, Penske beat them all. Good luck.
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    it will be more helpful to include more details, tax rate, financing/cash (if financing, financing rate), trade-in if any, price breakdown (like below) and etc

    Sale price - (including destination)
    Tax -
    Doc fee - (any amount you paid)
    Reg Fee - (if you paid any)

    It will be easier for everyone to gauge, rather than giving just a vague figures
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