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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • is it OTD price before tax , tags....... ??
  • Hello, first time poster but have been reading this forum for a couple months.

    I've emailed most of the dealerships in the baltimore area for quotes on a 09 EX automatic coupe. The best quote I've received was for:

    $20,399 base with wheel locks and splash guards included.
    $1224 MD tax(6%)
    $670 Freight
    $222 Tags
    $99 Dealer Processing fee

    $22,614 OTD

    Is this a good deal? Anyone else get anything similar or better for an ex coupe automatic? Thanks!
  • Wow, fantastic deal! I've been shopping here in St. Louis and am getting quotes in the $23,100 range (including the destination) before TTL and doc fees. What were your original quotes at? I know you said you did very little haggling. I'm wondering if I can get them much lower than the quotes I have. It's already about $700 below invoice.
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    Thanks hac90! Do you mind posting the name of he person you dealt with? I'm in Vienna but could easily run down to Woodbridge. That's a great price. Just reply to this message and I'll get your response forwarded to my email. Thanks in advance!
  • yes, price I quoted is before taxes and tags. Good luck with your search!
  • okaniokani Posts: 20
    Just bought Accord 09 EX-L V6 without navy with heated seats, etc (like XM Satellite Radio)
    for 25988
    +2176 NYC tax
    +12.50 NYS waste tire fee
    +210 new plates and NYS Inspection
    Total 28386.5
    remember - it is 09 EX-L V6, it is $110 above invoice but without destination fee.
  • I learned a tremendous amount reading through this forum! I used mainly email contact with several dealers throughout Arkansas. Although some did not respond, I found the majority did. In the interest of the collective knowledge base, here are the details of my deal.

    2009 Accord Sedan, Black/Black (ooooh it looks sharp!) EX-L 4 cyl. auto with Navi: $25,300.00.
    Adds: Trunk mat, all weather floor mats, splash guards, wind deflector, wheel locks and lifetime guaranteed window tint: $514.00.

    In Arkansas we pay sales tax when the car is registered, it's not collected through the dealer. So my OTD price was $25,814.00

    Hope this helps. Thanks and Happy New Year!
  • Hi, I just bought 2009 Accord EXL V6 with an OTD of $26,600. I got a lot of helpful information from this board, so I wanted to contribute some to this board too, hope it can be some of help to others.

    it breaks down to following (according to dealer's paper):

    Purchase Price: 24770,75 (including destination fee)

    Wish you all have a happy new year!
  • Thanks jb turner.
    As you said "Very good deal..the best Iv seen is $27755 OTD for 09 V6 EXL Navi ".
    If you don't mind, please break down the price so I can talk to the dealer.
    Thanks again, Happy New Year!
  • sorry, I forgot to mention that this one doesn't have navigation system and the local tax rate is 6% at maryland.
  • Hello all. I just started looking around for the above mentioned car and am wondering how much dealers are willing to come off sticker in these hard times. The sales guy I visited here in Charlotte said maybe $2,000. That seemed a bit low since it seems to be a buyers market right now. With the incentives going on now does $24,500 + TTl seem too low??? Sticker is $29,300. thanks.
  • 3rip3rip Posts: 2
    I've been reading here as a guest for a week or so. Got a lot of great info so I thought I would sign up and return the favor.

    Just got home from buying a new 09 EX-L V6. No navigation. I got the splash guards installed in the deal. I actually passed up my very best offer to buy local. I could've saved $100 more dollars if I would've drove 40 minutes one way, but I would rather buy in town than drive out of town to save $100. Anyway, hope this helps. Here's the breakdown.

    Car Price: $25,100
    Tax: 3%: $753 (North Carolina)
    Fees: $299 + $99 + $69 (not sure what the fees are called exactly)

    Total Out the Door: $26,320 They also threw in a $100 gift card to Target. There's always something to buy at Target so I really consider this an extra $100 off the car in a way.

    There might be better deals out there, but I am satisfied and I was able to keep my business local. Hope this helps.
  • 3rip3rip Posts: 2
    I just posted right below you. We just bought a new Accord in North Carolina today. Take a look a the breakdown in my post above. I had two dealerships competing and I really think I got CLOSE to bottom. Not sure about that, but the dealership that is known for giving the best deals around here finally gave up. They actually offered me the best deal by $100, but I would rather buy local that drive out of town to save $100.

    My out the door price for an 09 EX-L V6 without NAV was 26,320. I also got the splash guards installed for that price. They also threw in a $100 gift card to Target. So I look at that as a $100 bill in a way. Hope this helps.
  • snwhitsnwhit Posts: 4
    Just purchased an Accord LX 09 automatic for $19,141.36 plus tax ($1285) and tags ($210.15) in eastern PA. Took alot of emailing and last minute phone calls to get this price. One salesman at the the local dealership told us that they could not match this price, but then we called their internet sales department and they were able to match that price. Probably the end of month and end of year deadlines helped. We financed at 1.9% for 3 years.

    Lesson learned - We purchased the gap coverage and honda care extended warranty, as we were told we can cancel within 30 days. I hadn't thought to research them ahead of time, but are now planning to cancel them after doing some more research online and finding the warranty for more than a $1000 less ($755 online versus ~$1950 through dealer). The warranty was interesting in that they said they would refund the warranty cost if we had no claims on it. We should be able to get our money back, but because we financed it the refund will go towards the loan - our monthly payments will stay the same but we'll pay off the loan quicker.

    I learned alot from this forum. Thank you!
  • Purchased 09 Accord LX AT for $20627 OTD plus $28 for doc fees for financing. I got 1.9% APR for 36 months. This is in Florida (6% sales tax). I was negotiating with around 8 dealers over the email, negotiated the price online and got everything in writing before I went to make the purchase. The $28 doc fee was a surprise, since the dealer never mentioned it and it wasn't included in the OTD price somehow. But apart from that, not a bad experience. Be prepared to send a lot of emails though, if you go this route!
  • I live in western Loudoun county in VA and wanted to purchase as close to home as possible. After sending out e-mail requests, I ended up negotiationg between two dealers. Leesburg Honda in Leesburg and Criswell Honda in Germantown.

    The best deals I have received via e-mail and validated via phone conversations yesterday are from Criswell. The only other additions are for $670 freight and $100 dealer prep/admin fee:

    2009 LX-P $19,000
    2009 EX $20,500
    2009 EX-L w/ Nav I4 $24,300
    2009 EX-L w/ Nav V6 $26,400

    I wanted to purchase from Leesburg because they are closer, but he wouldn't budge off his price saying he needed to make 'some' money on the deal. I figured if one dealer could do it, shouldn't another? I have an appointment to purchase at that price tomorrow (Jan 2nd) with Criswell. I will decide between the EX-L w/ Nav models once I drive them both again.

    Any suggestions or comments on the I4 vs V6? Price vs. performance?

  • jwmsjwms Posts: 6
    Did your price from Criswell for the EX-LV 6 with Nav include the 3% VA state tax? I ask becuase I am looking for a EX LV6 as well.

    thanks in advance for the follow-up.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    go with the I4..plenty of power
  • No. The prices didn't include the freight ($670), dealer prep ($100) or TTL.

    Let me know if anyone has any better pricing. I still can't believe Leesburg wouldn't match; a little bummed, but I guess I'll purchase from Criswell tomorrow.
  • snwhitsnwhit Posts: 4
    We had a strange situation where the salesman I had worked with wouldn't match a lower price from elsewhere, and so we were prepared to drive an hour to get the best price. As a last ditch option, my husband (who has a different last name than me, not sure if that made a difference) called and asked for their internet sales department, told them we were about to go buy the car from another dealer and could they match the price, and that salesperson said yes, we can do that. It was a little awkward when we got to the showroom and the ran into the first salesman, but I didn't worry about it too much as we had given him the opportunity to match the price and he said he couldn't.

    So, it might be worth it to call the local dealership one last time. Good luck with your purchase!
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