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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • memvmemv Posts: 2
    I'm having a hard time finding the car I want in my local dealerships. I want the cherry red, light interior w/wood, 4 door, E XL WITH Navi. I live in El Paso TX & I've called las cruces NM & it's not in stock.

    Does anyone know of how I could figure out what dealership does have it? Ideally, i'd like to see/drive before i sign for it.

    Also, I'd like to see a Prices Paid discussion on this exact car. Most discussions are for the e xl w/out navi or the e xl v6 with navi, neither is the one i want. THANKS!
  • I helped my sister buy a 09 EX-L 4 cyl. today, Jan 1st in Greenville, SC for 24,350 otd. South Carolina sales tax is capped at $300, a new tag is about $35-40, so that's roughly $24,000 for the car.

    Had 2 internet quotes for 24,400 from local dealerships. Sis is happy. Too bad we couldn't get there before the end of business 12/31/08 as the quote was $23,900 otd, everything included. :cry: It was really too late by the time we got the info and she really had not decided between the Altima and the Accord, nor if she was ready to buy NOW until she saw the Accord and drove it today. Still a good deal though....everyone is happy. If we had acted earlier in December and had a little more time to shop around, we might have squeezed a few more nickels and found someone to match the original price (or better) but we had time constraints with work schedules and incentives about to expire in a few days. I was very pleased with the staff at Breakaway Honda. Hope this helps someone in the Carolinas and Ga region....

    This is my first real world experience with going through the internet department and I must say that it is certainly the way to go for a quick no hassle experience.

    Happy New Year!
  • I'm new to the forums as well, and have been reading for a couple months as well. I'm in the South Jersey area and looking for a 09 EX AT Coupe too. I called around to most of the local dealers and have not got any quotes nearly as good as $22,614 OTD. I've been waitng around to try to get a dealer down to $24000 OTD.

    Would you mind sharing the dealership name? I would actually be willing to drive down to Baltimore for that price. It's a good deal. Thanks.
  • Jfhouchens,

    I got a quote from Ourisman Honda in Bethesda, MD and I am still negotiating the best deal. Here is the quote:

    2009 Honda Accord EXL V6 Navigation Sedan

    Selling Price: $25995.00

    $100 Processing Fee (Virginia Dealers charge $289-$399 or more)
    $670 Destination
    Sales Tax (Maryland is 6%, D.C. is 6% or 7%, and Virginia is 4%)
    *Virginia Dealers charge 3.20% if you are a Virginia resident
    Tags, Title and Registration

    OTD price is $28,610.40 for MD

    Good Luck and post the break down price you got.

    Happy New Year!
  • You can do a search on Ebay for "2009 Accord" and you will see actual pictures of a red sedan with tan leather. Sorry, no nav on these but there are other ones pictured that do have the nav system. I am guessing here, but it sounds like you may be looking for a needle in a haystack if the red/tan/nav is a must have. A good dealer will be glad to look around for one to do a "dealer trade/swap" with in your region. Or, they might be able to see if one is in the production pipeline that they can have re-routed to their dealership for you. good luck

    BTW, the red color on the 4 door sedan is more burgundy than "cherry" red. (basque red pearl) The 2 door coupe red is more like fire engine red. (san marino red) Two entirely different colors!
  • I'd like to chime in on the I4 vs V6...I drove them both...4X in fact, and I can honestly say that the 4cyl does have enough power and gets great gas mileage. BUT, the V6 was quieter at cruising speed and has a nice growl to it when you stand on the gas. The mileage is just 1 or 2 mpg less so not really a penalty there. I went the V6 route. It also seemed to have a better ride. Bottom line, performance is up to the driver. My fiance told me I didn't need the V6...until she drove it. So go forth an drive! City, Highway, cruise, mash the gas, the two cars drive very different! End of story..more to come on my deal soon....

    Happy New Year!
  • pat565pat565 Posts: 11
    Does anybody know if Honda will continue their $750 cash back to dealers on Accords in Jan.?
  • e419e419 Posts: 8
    one of the dealers that I got quotes from said it is only until January 5th. Not sure if that's accurate though, or if they're just trying to rush me into buying.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    I took delivery on my Accord EXL V6 in mid-Dec 2007 and paid indicated dealer invoice plus tax and destination. I used a local dealer's Internet buying salesperson. Three months later the same dealer sent me an E-Mail that I could get $500 off the invoice price of any car in stock.

    My car was factory ordered right off of the truck and the dealer did not require me to pay for any extra dealer add ons. One dealer tried to tell me that I could not get a car as it comes from the factory. I would have to take a car in stock either from that dealer or have him get one in my color from another dealer, and since dealers automatically add extra stuff such as pin stripes, mud flaps, door edge guards, etc. I would have to pay for them. I told that dealer to take a hike and went to another one in the Baltimore Area and got exactly what I wanted w/o any dealer add ons. That dealer was Anderson Honda in Baltimore. An honest dealer from whom I would buy another car in a minute. It is nice to know there are come class dealers out there.

    In the car market today I believe that you should be able to get a an 09 Honda Accord for about $500 below dealer invoice or perhaps lower. Also I was able to get the extended 84 month 120,000 mile non-deductible warranty for $1099. The list price of this is usually $1999.

    The car market is dead now. If you are in the market for a new car there are all sorts of deals out there. Don't take the first offer unless you have done your homework and know what the possible prices are.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Also I was able to get the extended 84 month 120,000 mile non-deductible warranty for $1099. The list price of this is usually $1999.

    Is that the Honda backed warranty or one of those 3rd part after market ones?
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    09 Accord EX-L sedan 4 cyl , no navigation, navy blue

    I spoke to five other Honda dealers and none could touch this deal. One sales guy told me that the Internet Sales people get a $50 flat fee commission for each car they sell, so maybe they have more room to discount versus the traditional showroom salesperson whose commission is based on the price of the car.

    Base price: $21,800 (she said it was $22,850 minus $750 rebate minus $300 coupon, neither of which I had to bring in or fill out. According to Edmunds, dealer invoice is $23,780, but we all know that's a bit of fiction). Dealer appearance package (at no extra charge) included splash guards, wheel locks, pin stripe, door edge guard, which is the most complete dealer package I found in the DC area.

    Freight: $670 (all the Honda dealers I checked with around here charge the same amount)
    Side moldings: $268
    "Total price of vehicle": $22,738
    VA taxes: $721.40
    Processing: $399
    Tags: $48.75

    OTD: $23,907.15

    We got the 1.9% Honda finance deal for 36 months.

    This is exactly the same deal (and from the same dealer) as hac09 posted on 12/29/08 at 6:48pm, except I added the side moldings. And I'll concur with his assessment of the dealer: the Internet Sales person was super nice, no BS, and I also spoke to her manager and a couple of her colleagues and they were all very professional. This morning, the transaction took a little over two hours, only because they didn't have the color I wanted and they had to go get the car from another dealer about forty minutes away. Otherwise we would have been done in a little more than an hour.
  • minlabminlab Posts: 6
    09 Accord EX-L sedan 4 cyl , no navigation only $21,800 ??? :confuse:

    I was quoted the exactly same configuration was 16,210 OTD in NYC
  • I'm asking for the advice of you wise Accord experts about buying an '06 Accord EX. My co-worker's lease is ending in Feb. on the Honda EX and she has asked several of the folks in the office if we'd be interested in buying it before it gets turned in. It is an 06 EX, NAV, Auto, Grey, V6, leather, moonroof, with 14,500 miles. Payoff is $17052. She leased the car right before moving to within 4 miles of the office and found out that it's easier and cheaper to take public trans than to drive in gridlock and pay for parking. The car has never been in an accident.

    I've never owned a Honda before and have no knowledge of lease purchase deals, but the mileage is low, the car has a great reputation, and the dealer would probably sell it for more than her payoff, correct? I commute 60 miles a day and believe that this would be an excellent car for my drive, although if this falls through I plan on looking at the '09 Accord LX-P's.

    I plan on having it inspected by my mechanic if I decide to buy it. Is this a fair price for this car and what should I watch out for in a lease purchase?
    Thanks to all.
  • reechzreechz Posts: 50
    I'd like to know who quoted you in NYC $16210. I can't see the ex being that cheap (and with tax included).
  • memvmemv Posts: 2
    hi traindriver,i found2 in san antonio & contacted the dealerships. Now they all want to offer "invoice" price. However based on what i am reading on the posts and on the prices they can still lower it. Am i correct?
  • Thanks for the all the tips. I am ordering/buying a 2009 Accord V6 EX-L 6M w/Navi the week of 1/12.

    I say "order" because I want the Belize Blue with Black Interior - all the dealers are telling me they will have to request in their next allocation which happens the week of 1/12. Supposed to take 2-3 months to get it.

    My best price right now is $27.9k w/o destination charge or $800 under invoice. Going to try to wring out a few more dollars in the few days.

    Any suggestions on a good "below invoice" target?
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    >>I was quoted the exactly same configuration was 16,210 OTD in NYC<<

    Did you mean to write $26,210 OTD? That would make more sense.

    I guess anything's possible, but based only on the reaction I got from the other dealers I talked to (including the one who called me today to see if I had actually gotten the $21.8k deal), I would say a 2009 Accord sedan EX-L 4 cyl for $16,200 OTD is a fantasy.
  • Yes, they may be able to lower it a little. Its impossible for me to say what the local market might be like. Remember though, it sounds like you are totally sold on that one color combo. If so, you have put yourself in a weak position as far as negotiating down to the absolute rock bottom price. Getting exactly what you want at invoice doesn't seem all that bad given your situation.

    It might help you a little bit if these 2 cars that you have found in SA are at different dealerships that are not within the same dealership group. At least then you can get a price from each and compare.
    See what each could be bought for in SA and compare this to your local dealers price. (if he is willing to search around for one like I mentioned in the earlier post) EP to SA is a LONG way away to go on a wild goose chase for a car, hoping the deal is legitimate, the seller is honest, and the car is still available.

    Another idea might be to request an internet quote from another dealer that is closer {someone you haven't contacted yet}, like Roswell or Odessa, specifying exactly what you want. They may be able to snag one for you for a good price. A dealer can "see" whats out there in your region better than you can by searching around on various dealer websites. A dealer may tell you that none are available when in actuality a few ARE out there....its just that the two dealers may not be on friendly terms as far as doing a dealer trade because of a previous bad experience, dealership policy, or some other baloney.
    Personally, I would have to hear it from several different dealers before I would finally accept that my favorite choice doesn't exist.

    If only 2 exist in a 500 mile radius, then be prepared to pay whatever they want. How far and to what extreme you want to go is totally up to you.

    just my 2 cents... again, good luck.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I've never been a fan of used Hondas or Toyotas as they don't deperciate that fast and to me the value isn't there. Do some research to see what they're going for, check Edmunds TMV as well as There should be plenty of comparable 06 Accords to compare with.
  • I work at a honda dealership and the residual value on the lease end car is good if you were planning on buying one used your looking at 5000.00 plus to buy the same car. The Lx-p doesnt have all the features on the vehicle as the other one but in a good price range email me if you have any questions.
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