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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 2009. Model, Engine and Transmission are included in EXL and EXL V6. No options on Honda's. The model is what you get unless they are dealer installed like remote starter, etc. It was a quote so it did not include taxes and title but did include destination.
  • ee3ee3 Posts: 1
    paid 19,218 (base price and destination charge) for a total price of about $21,112 OTD for a 2009 Honda Accord LX (1/17/09)...was this a good deal?
  • I'm looking to purchase an Accord. I test drove one today and the sales person says she could not give me a firm price because I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly. It was a brand new 09 Accord EX 4 cy. for about $22,500 she said. But talked to another dealership and they have a Certified '08 with less than 2,000 miles for $21,998. The '08 comes with a 12,000 mile/1 year extended warranty with a 100,000 mile power train warranty because it's used. Which should I purchase if I should decide between the two? I know one is brand new, but the other is practically brand new and has an extended warranty. Your help is appreciated.
  • I went to the dealer today and I received a quote for a Honda Accord ex model. .. I want to know if this is a fair bargain . Your thoughts and inputs are most welcome.

    2009 HONDA ACCORD EX MODEL. (automatic)
    INVOICE $21,400.00
    AFTER TAXES AND OTHER JAZZ -- out the door price $23,000.00

    I did price the manual transmission too .
    2009 HONDA ACCORD EX MODEL. (Manual)
    INVOICE $20,689.00
    AFTER TAXES AND OTHER JAZZ -- out the door price $22,285.00

    Please advise.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I am quite surprised by the number of people that post what they paid AFTER they bought and then ask if they got a good deal. They're only setting themself up to be disappointed as someone will always post that they paid less. There are so may variations between local markets.
  • Hello everyone,
    I went to the Honda dealer on Saturday and saw a brand new 2009 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 Automatic but no Navigation the color of the car was black on black. The salesman said that I can have the car for $24,775 including destination. The salesman said that the price was $2,000 below invoice. Is that a good price or can I do better.


  • It's just semantics.. They are posting what they paid.. That's what we want.. ;)

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  • jwmsjwms Posts: 6
    The price of the car is only a piece of the deal. You have to decide if it is a good price or not based on how much (total cost) it is going to cost you to drive it off the lot.

    Tell the salesman to work up a sales contract for you including all fees etc.. so that you can see what you are really paying. It is a standard sales contract/retail installment contract form. If the numbers are good for you then sign the dotted line.

    And don't forget about the stuff (extended warranty, low jack installation, exterior/paint protection, etc..) that the finance person is going to try to add on. You will find this can add up to several hundred or thousands of extra $$ on top of whatever the salesperson quoted or wrote up for you.

    So when you ask if it is a good price or not just make sure you are asking about the total OTD price that it is costing you to drive away.

    And remember the bottom line is that it is only a good price until you take ownership. Then it depreciates 10-20% immediately. A car is not an investment. It is an expense. Buy good stuff, get your money out of it then move on.
  • kim100kim100 Posts: 10

    I have leased a number of Honda's through the years. It's time once again. I've started discussions via internet dealers and have gotten rid of most of them as they wouldn't budge on pricing.

    There is one now that is willing to work with me. I don't want to blow any deal by going too low as to be unreasonable. Our last messages were as follows:

    He offered:
    Make: 2009 Honda
    Model: Accord LX 4 cylinder AUTO
    MSRP: $ 22225
    ePrice: $ 20200

    I came back with:
    Could we kindly revisit the figures you had previously provided me. Since reviewing info on it seems that they have been lowered.

    He came back with:
    I would like to submit a second offer of $19950 including the destination fee.

    I then wrote:
    I appreciate your decreasing the selling price of the car by $250. Is this the lowest amount that you can go? Especially keeping in mind the $750 marketing support.

    Last e-mail from him is:
    You've asked me if that was the best I can do--what are you offering? When it comes to taking a loss for the dealership--I will absolutely go to my management team and make an offer on your behalf if I am sure there is a commitment from you.

    Any thoughts on how low pricing is going in Long Island, NY? I have to get this done, yet don't want to slit my own throat!

  • Just bought a red 2006 Honda Accord EX (had everything but a navigation system) with 16000 miles for $16,750.
  • which dealer? i am on the same boat as you but i am looking for an 2009 accord ex model.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Any thoughts on how low pricing is going in Long Island, NY? I have to get this done, yet don't want to slit my own throat!

    Please, don't get that distraught over a few hundred bucks. I can't answer your question since I'm not in Long Island, but I would say offering invoice minus the marketing support from Honda would be a decent price.
  • A friend works for one of the auto auction companies and this is what he pulled off the website for used 08 EXL and EXL V6 prices. The below is what they bought them for with actual mileage and sugg retails

    EXL V6
    Mileage 7431 Paid $21,300 Est Retail $23,500
    Mileage 14,862 Paid $20,100 Est Retail $22,300
    Mileage 22,293 Paid $18,950 Est Retail $21,000

    Mileage 7880 Paid $18,800 Est Retail $20,800
    Mileage 15760 Paid $18,100 Est Retail $20,000
    Mieage 23,640 Paid $17,350 Est Retail $19,250
  • Considering invoice minus marketing support would be $19,706, instead of repeatedly asking for a better price, why not make an offer?

    I say tell them you can offer $19,250. I don't know NY taxes, but why not go ahead and figure up what ind of "out the door" number would make you happy, subtract from there the taxes and fees you want to pay, and have that be your offer. Getting an 09 for a few hundred beneath invoice minus marketing support is your goal. I wouldn't walk away from invoice minus marketing support if you can get to that number and include "dealer fees' crap... because often, a dealer will get your price to $200 below invoice and then rape you with fees that really go nowhere but in their pocket. Goodluck!
  • pat565pat565 Posts: 11
    At the end of December,I received offers of $19,000 for a 09 Accord LX auto from North Shore in Glen Head and Nardi in Smithtown,that was with $750 dealer cash back in effect.I ended up going with a Sonata.
  • reechzreechz Posts: 50
    the last week in December, on L.I. I got an 09 Honda Accord LX-P for $20,000 flat. That did NOT include tax, but included destination fee. The only costs I paid aside from tx was under $100 for them to get my tags.
    my strategy was that I did my research on costs and then I told them the price I wanted to pay. i didn't care how they got to the price, I just wanted the total to be what I requested.

    I found that the best two places on L.I. with regard to deals and courtesy were Honda City and North Shore Honda.

    If you email me, I will give you the sales people I dealt with.

    any dealer that says they are taking a loss is fulll of spit. they're not gonna sell a car at a loss.
  • kiml4kiml4 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your post! The latest I am being told by the dealer is that the accord's pricing has gone up. This is what I was e-mailed after telling them that I wanted to pay invoice minus the 750 marketing support (or $18810):

    2009 Honda Accord LX Sedan automatic *New prices as of Dec 11 2008
    MSRP $22375
    Dealer Cost $ 20608
    (includes $250 advertising fund that ALL dealers on Long Island factor into their cost)
    Factor to Dealer Marketing Support $750
    Adjusted Dealer Cost $19858

    What is wrong with this picture? Edmund's has not reflected this so called increase. Nor did Edmund's mention that the marketing support(advertising?) is now only $250. Is this for real or are they just upping the price. BTW, they know that I have been researching on Edmund's. So, it is easily verifiable. I don't get it.

    Thoughts? My patience is starting to wear. I HATE being jerked around!

  • According to Edmunds, the national base invoice for the 2009 Accord LX sedan A/T is $20223.00, which according to your statement ("...telling them that I wanted to pay invoice minus the 750 marketing support[.]" would adjust your price to: $19473.00. I'm not sure where you came up with the $18810.00 figure unless you forgot to add the destination charge :confuse: You do understand that the dealer makes ZERO profit from the destination charge. In fact dealers pay the same $670.00 that consumers pay.

    The other thing you mention, marketing support is indeed mentioned by Edmunds: "The invoice price does not include any fees that may be charged by the manufacturer to dealers in a particular area of the country, such as local advertising fees, dealer association fees, or docking and storage fees. does not track or provide such local fees.

    If a local fee appears on the invoice, it is an actual cost that the dealer paid to the manufacturer when buying the vehicle. In other cases dealers may choose to write in their own ad fees on the consumer sales contract. However, in either case these local fees are a part of the dealer's cost of doing business."

    If the co-op advertising fee on Long Island is $250.00 and it appears on the invoice from the factory, you would have to adjuste you stated offer of invoice minus the $750.00 dealer cash, to: $19723.00. Remember, thats using your own words. :)
  • kim100kim100 Posts: 10
    Thanks for your reply. I promise I won't get too crazy ;) I just like to have everything bottom-lined. I'm sick of the game. Played it one to many times.

    But, at least YOU understood what I was getting at. Exactly what you have written is what I offered. However, it seems that my offer differs from others in this forum. There are a few different invoice prices that are not what I am seeing on the Edmund's car pricing site.

    I did end up offering $18,810. (rounded up a couple of dollars) which was not completely accepted. They suggested we discuss this further, etc.

    Thanks again! I'll reply back once I have the final OTD price!
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