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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • doug77doug77 Posts: 7
    Just received an email from a local Katy, Texas dealer on 1/23/09 for a new 2009 Honda Accord LX Sedan Automatic --

    Vehicle Price $19,450.00
    Sales Tax $1215.63
    Documentary Fee $50.00
    Title Fee $58.80
    License Plates $60.80
    Inspection Fee $23.75
    Full Deputy Fee $5.00
    Dealer's Inventory Tax $49.17

    Your Drive out Price $20,913.14

    I don't know what the last 2 line items are before the drive out price but I don't care. I only care about the drive out price. I have not bought it yet.
    This drive out price is in line with another post I read here recently saying the driveout price should be around the MSRP. I don't know if this is true but now it seems so based on this quote.

    Based on one or two other posts I think I can maybe get it for $500 less but what do you think of this offer? Of course the offer is supposed to be good thru Monday but I'm not worried about that. Can I get a better deal if I offer cash?
  • ggk62ggk62 Posts: 1
    Stopped at the local Honda dealer here in Las Cruces, NM to check out the 2009 Accords, this will be our 3rd one. Anyways the salesman almost fell over when i asked when they would have 0% financing. He said Honda was number one in sales right now and they would not be lowering their rates...seems like what I have been reading, all manufacturers have been losing sales. Any insights on the rates to come?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    About a month ago I know one dealership here in San Antonio had that model for $18,696.00 but not sure whether it has gone up in the meantime.
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    I only shopped for a couple months for my 09 Accord, but the best I saw was 1.9% APR from Honda for 36 months. A Toyota salesman told me that Honda and Toyota seem to alternate between financing and leasing offers, so in December, when I was looking at the Accord and Camry, Honda had the 1.9% and Toyota had the killer leases. Now it's January, and Honda has the lease deals, while Toyota has the better financing offer. And I believe that these deals are usually regional, not national, so a deal you see advertised in one part of the country (or posted here) may not be available in your area.
  • "Sure, prices may have gone up, but who pays the full msrp anyway?"

    While your statement is true, higher MSRP's equal higer invoice and higher net-net cost, which in turn, effects a higher consumer price in the end. Grant it, it may just be a couple of hundred but that is still a couple of hundred.

    I am still trying to figure out why Honda raised the prices of the 2009's over the 2008's and then just a few months later they raised the prices again. I am stumped for an answer :mad: :confuse: :mad:
  • sarav01sarav01 Posts: 10
    Jitendra1 - Did u go ahead with u r deal @ DCH Old Bridge
  • I will be picking up my latest Accord in the next 2 days. It is an LX-P sedan in Royal Blue. My price from my local dealership was 20,362. Fees are $304. Of course they tried to get me to buy the paint sealant and fabric protection as well as LoJack and other add-ons. I purchased my previous Accord there and had most of the servicing done there as well.
  • L731L731 Posts: 4
    Hold tight for a couple of days. I've heard from two dealerships here in Arizona that the rates are going back down to 2.9 in February. I've already received a flyer in the mail to that effect as well.
  • I picked up my shiny new 09 Accord LX-P last night. The salesman went through his checklist as usual pointing out everything. I received a coupon for a free oil change. I noticed today that the car also has wheel locks on it. They must have added them for free as well since it wasn't on my invoice. Overall a good buying experience. Now I just have to wait until spring to wash and wax it. Does anyone know how the decklid spoiler looks on the sedan?
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    >>Does anyone know how the decklid spoiler looks on the sedan? <<

    The dealer where I bought my EX-L had one on the showroom floor with the decklid spoiler. I wasn't impressed - OK but not great. IMHO the wing spoiler looks better, but neither is worth the $$.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    :) Its certainly a matter of opinion but, I had a 2004 and a 2007 selling my 2004 the curved rear end on the new Accords was a deal breaker for me. I thought butt ugly but I really like my accord. The decklid spoiler made it palitable for me covering the ugly butt.
  • Yes I did. Did you find any deal?
  • I wanted to thank everyone on this board for all the great information they have shared. It allowed me to negotiate a great deal on an 09 Accord EX-L. Got the dealer down to 22.5, plus about $300 in fees, plus 8.25% tax for OTD price of $24.6. Bay Area taxes are a killer!

    Only thing that surprised me, and I didn't research going into the negotiation, was the Honda Care warranty offer which I passed on.

    All in all a stressful two weeks of email exchanges with dealers but ended with a great outcome, love my new car. And I feel good about the price which is important.

    Thanks again and good luck.
  • rhett78rhett78 Posts: 22
    I'm shopping for a new 09 Honda Accord Coupe, and wondered if anyone was having difficulty in getting their prospective dealer to give up this market support now being offered from Honda? I'm attempting to purchase at what is commonly referred to as "triple-net", Invoice minus holdback minus any incentives...such as the $750 being offered now.
  • I think it would be rather hard to get a dealer to go net-net on an Accord coupe right now. The coupe numbers are limited and they still have a good bit of demand. Besides, as the times get tight for consumers they too, are tight for dealers. As a result they need to stretch every dollar and not lose money on a deal.

    However, I would guess that getting invoice minus the $750.00 minus a couple of hundred is a more reasonable goal. Just my opinion :)
  • gkelmgkelm Posts: 9
    "09 Accord EX-L. Got the dealer down to 22.5, plus about $300 in fees, plus 8.25% tax for OTD price of $24.6."

    4 cyl, right? Great deal.
  • Yes it was the 4cyl, I didn't want to even test drive a V6 since I knew I'd want it, but family doesn't need it.

    Dealer said I wouldn't be able to buy Honda Care at any other time if I refused, but that seems bogus. Did anyone else get this kind of sales tactic?
  • Received an internet quote for $23,250, appears to include destination charge. Is this a decent deal? I would like to lease it, but aware that sales price is still very important.
  • I was wondering if you can mention the dealer. I am in bay area and looking for a similar car.

  • Is it a good deal?
    Tax is 6% + ~200 in fees
    Paid cash - no trade-in
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