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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jbm160jbm160 Posts: 16
    Just wanted to post my recent experience in the Nashville area. I sent requests to all dealers within a 250 mile radius that had this car in stock in the color I wanted. Best deal, which also happened to be the closest dealer with my color in stock, was:
    $26,030 - base price (no accessories)
    $ 670 - destination
    $ 1,895 - state tax
    $ 290 - dealer fee
    $ 81 - business tax
    $ 84 - local tax
    $ 40 - tags
    $29,090 - out the door

    I bought from Jenkins and Wynne in Clarksville and the experience was very pleasant. There was the usual offering of protection packages but no particularly hard sell. We also used 2.9% to finance some of the purchase without any probs. Hope this helps anybody looking for this car.

  • ocbuyer1ocbuyer1 Posts: 8
    Can you please post out the door price, I am also in market for one, but I live in OC and would't mind the drive to the valley to get a deal.
  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17

    On March, 18, Honda USA started $1400 to Dealer + 3% hold back. With $500 profit for dealer, the sale price should be around $18,200 (including Destination and Dealer charges) See below table that I got it on March 19 from my local dealer with 6% tax and $100 tag fees. See OTD price for LX Sedan AUTO is around $19.9k. Interesting thing that LX-P sedan AUTO is just only $900 more….

    I have not looked any other model so this list would be your base line to compare.

    End of April will be another go around and, you may find better deal.

    I think this is the best time to get foreign cars, once BIG 3 AUTO in USA is gone…and if white house taking care of GM and Ford car’s warranty, you will be at the mercy of the Japanese auto maker, and they will have their monopoly in USA… Any thought?

    2009 Accord Sedan MSRP Invoice Your Price!! Your "Out the Door" Price!!!
    LX 5speed $21,575 $19,735 17735 $19,443.13
    LX automatic $22,375 $20,458 18458 $20,209.51
    LX-P Premium 5speed $22,525 $20,689 18689 $20,454.37
    LX-P Premium automatic $23,325 $21,362 19362 $21,167.75
    EX Cloth 5speed $24,275 $22,175 20175 $22,029.53
    EX Cloth automatic $25,075 $22,898 20898 $22,795.91
    EXL Leather 5speed $26,225 $23,983 21983 $23,946.01
    EXL Leather automatic $27,075 $24,705 22705 $24,711.33
    EXL Leather w/Nav 5speed $28,475 $25,971 23971 $26,045.29
    EXL Leather w/Nav automatic $29,275 $26,693 24693 $26,818.61
    EXV6 Cloth automatic $27,275 $24,886 22886 $24,903.19
    EXL Leather V6 automatic $29,375 $26,784 24784 $26,915.07
    EXL Leather V6 automatic w/Nav $31,575 $28,772 26772 $29,022.35

    ps. Take this table to Excel and check out.

  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Not to butt in but if I'm not mistaken the holdback on Honda's is now 2%.
  • matx08matx08 Posts: 14
    I am looking to purchase a 2009 EX-L Accord. One of the local dealership (Dallas - TX) gave me a quote of $22.4k (includes destination but not tax/ttl). Includes some optionals (splash guards, lock wheels, moonroof visor, etc). I wonder if that is the best current price. Has anyone seen a better price? I appreciate the feedback as I am planning to buy soon.
  • matx08matx08 Posts: 14
    That is a great price. Does this price include any optional accessories?
  • dan2008dan2008 Posts: 9
    A week ago, I purchased a brand new 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V6 for $2,721 under invoice. The dealer also gave me the wheel locks, all season floor mats and mud flaps at invoice. That is $26,014-$2,721+$670=$23,963 plus the accessories at cost. The $670 is the destination cost.

    The deals are there - just push!! They need to clear their lots!!
  • stulujustuluju Posts: 7
    What dealership in Maryland did he buy this from?
  • I am looking for an 09 Accord EX-L V6 in Oklahoma City and was wondering if anyone has found a good price anywhere. Would consider driving as far as Dallas for a really great deal. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • I recently purchased a 2009 Accord Coupe EX-L with Navi on 3/31/09.
    Invoice price on is 26,014 + the 670 destination fee - 861 dealer holdback= $26,428.
    I got mine for 23,870 + documentation fees 177 + after market starter 499 + pro pack (mud flaps, wheel locks, and trunk tray) 595 + chicagoland taxes (7.9%) 2,045 = $27,205 is a really good site...they have this spreadsheet where you can punch in the numbers for any car and get a good idea of where the numbers come from and what the bottom line is.
    Good luck and happy car buying.
  • Dear Matx08, Great deal. I'm also looking to purchase a 2009 EX-L Accord in Dallas. Do you mind sharing the dealership name? Thanks.
  • numk40numk40 Posts: 2
    I am also looking for accord LX P or EX. Here are the prices recieved in Michigan. Experts please advice. Is it a good price or should I negotiate more..

    Accod LX -P (MSRP $ 23,375 - $ 4507.66 (dis) = Sale price $ 18,717 + $ 190 Doc + TAX 1134.44 = $ 20,064.78

    Accord EX (MSRP 25075 - 4880.98 (dis) = Sale price $20,194.02 + $ 190 Doc + 1223.04 TAX + Transfer fee 23 = 21,630.06

    Thanks in advance...Numk40
  • Just wanted to update all on my new purchase of a Belize Blue/Ivory LX-S Coupe with a 4 Cylinder and manual Transmission.
    I have been looking online, emailed many dealers in the Midwest, and searching and --for months.
    As well as checking this forum regularly, the input from many has been very helpful --thanks to all.

    Finding this particular color combo in a manual, with ANY engine (4 or 6) has been nearly impossible, many dealers offered to order , but prices were not as good as on the lot inventory.. I could wait ,so did ---but finally used advanced search techniques thru the websites above to find my car at Schlossman's Honda City in Milwaukee. Quite a drive ,,but email and phone conversations were very straight-forward , with no suprises at all.

    Car was offered at $19640.00 ( including destination) , included a trunk tray, haggled for mud-guards , but did not work out.
    At business office got the pitch for extended warranty , but did not succumb. May consider later , but doubt it.

    Extras were WI taxes, license plate fees, $125 service fee, with total at almost exactly $21,000.
    (WI taxes about 1100.00 ) that's the final $$

    I had seen closeout 08's about 18800 last fall for the same car ,but in color combos I would not consider,,though I live in the north I've lived with Black leather seats,and just too hot for me ,,the blue exterior is just great for me.

    Many WI dealers very competitive with V6 models,,but never had my colors
    Happy with 190 Hp and my fourth new Honda product. BTW got 31 mpg on the freeway home ( Not bad for the new blue beauty)

    Good luck forum friends ,, good deals are out there,,and patience paid off for me to get exactly what I was after..
  • bxteachbxteach Posts: 16
    One day after making this deal, I feel like I didn't do as well as I should have. Honestly, I didn't do any negotiating, so I think it's partly my fault.

    Edmunds-2009 EX-L w/NAV 26,593 (invoice w/ dest)- $1,000 incentive = $25,593.

    I got a 2008 EX-L w/NAV (BLACK ON BLACK) = $24,000

    I'm sure I could have done something, but I didn't move. The price got me in the door and I signed. I got the 3.9% and they gave me $1,500 for my beat up 2000 Accord.

    This went down near the NYC area.

    The dealer was cool and the business manager didn't try to sell me on anything except for Honda Care (which I'm not interested in).

    Honestly, my wife and I were planning on getting a 2007 MDX w/ Tech (12,600) miles for around 35. In the end, I saved a lot of money.
  • lanclanc Posts: 10
    share us with your purchase experience with break down details. $22470+TTL was the lowest I have seen on this forum.
  • inet123inet123 Posts: 11
    please provide details of where and which dealer?
  • beslcbeslc Posts: 7
    I am interested in an 09 EXL Coupe V6 with or without Nav. I would appreciate some help in determining what would be the price point to look for in purchasing this model.

    Thank you for your time
  • jrpoolejrpoole Posts: 6
    Where did you get the 18575 quote?
  • jbruin24jbruin24 Posts: 2
    From Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, CA.

    The OTD price was $20,550. Anybody in SoCal do any better than that for a base LX?
  • car_byercar_byer Posts: 1
    I just bought my 2009 Honda Accord EX-L 4 door 4 cylinder Auto transmission w/o navigation from a local Dallas dealer for $24,300 OTD. Accessories include
    Window Tint
    Wheel Locks
    Cargo Tray
    Honda Splash Guards
    Color Keyed Molding Package

    $23,070+TTL = $24,300 OTD

    I think I made a good deal. Your thoughts??
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