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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • raj99raj99 Posts: 5
    I have a quote from a dallas/fortworth dealer for 22400, on EXL- w/o nav auto, 4 cylinder, i know the taxes are 6.25 %, but how much do the tag and other fees run to.
    How much should i pay for the model all together for the vehicle on road. Help me here so that i can set my bargain point
  • raj99raj99 Posts: 5
    thanks for clearing my head on that, appreciate your time and answer
  • Want to buy an EX Auto V4 in Dallas area this weekend. Got a quote from a dealer for $21300+TTL. Does anyone know how much room I still have for negotiation? Thanks in advance for sharing the information.
  • raj99raj99 Posts: 5
    i have a quote of 26309 on the model out the door price from a oklahoma city dealer, + 500 dolllar cash back or gift certificate which can be used towards the price, i am not sure if he quoted me out the door price for texas or oklahoma but that could be good bargain point
  • ricky28ricky28 Posts: 2
    I traded in a 99 camry(150K) miles for $2000 and bought Accord ex-l V4 for $20,825(includes taxes+title) in New England area. Did I make a good deal
  • mpe3mpe3 Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase an 09 Accord EX-Lv4 no Nav. I received an email from dealer in Indy for $22,900 +TTL. I had been looking at used 08 models, but this seems like a decent offer. According to Edmunds TMV, this car invoices for $23,400. Price is good til April 30th. Any thoughts?
  • ulegendulegend Posts: 2
    Early April at Larry Hopkins in Sunnyvale CA, with no trade in or financing. Did not get web price first. Went in for test drive and negotiated afterwards.

    Silver 09 Accord EX AT with 12 miles
    price: $21,200
    Doc: $55
    Tax: $1,966.09
    Lic: $138
    Reg: $67
    Cal. tire fee: $8.75

    OTD: $23,434.84

    Got splash guards with price.
  • krishna4krishna4 Posts: 6
    At Livermore Honda You can get $1000 less. Out of my exp in bay area they are the best. You can contact the internet sales manager at Livermore honda and refer my name. You can also check with Sam Linder Honda. Those are the best quotes when I brought my LX-P at the end of March.
  • mandie7mandie7 Posts: 2
    What is a good price for a new 2009 EX-L V-6 Honda Accord with Navigation in North Carolina? I'll pay with cash.
  • ulegendulegend Posts: 2
    Yep, saw your LX-P price post before going in for the test drive. I really appreciated that. The best price for the EX-AT in the South Bay/Silicon Valley area at that time, according to posts here, was around $21k.

    Wish more people would post their actual bought prices and dealers, to help future buyers out. We can use the internet to really change the way cars are sold.

    I don't really enjoy the negotiation game. I find it pretty stressful.
  • From what I am hearing, the best prices are at the Fredericksburg , VA Honda Internet department. Send them an email and see what they give you. If you buy it on the April 30th, you will get a very good deal.
  • Right now, I got a quote of $20980+TTL from John Eagles. I'm going to Honda of Friso tonight because i bought two vehicles from them in the past two years. Hopefully, I can get a good deal.
  • raj99raj99 Posts: 5
    John eagle gave me a best quote for the EX-L V4, he offered me an on road price of 23100 , (including ttl). good luck with ur purchase
  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17

    That is good price! with 6.25%.... I bought my LX auto sedan in March for $19,900 OTD with 6 % ... I wanted $19,500 but I lost. Actually I, badly needed a new car and I traded my old one out.

    I think this is good time to buy Honda, once the BIG 3 AUTO get in trouble, only foreign cars will stay in business and they will have their monopoly and will demand more $$$. I Think you can wiggle another $200- $400 for LX but it is all timing. Try at the end of the month and look for special sale.

    I drive my LX every day and I love it. So go for it.
  • ldanldan Posts: 12
    Best quote I had was 24,200 OTD from McDavids. would have probably end up with 24,000 OTD, but we found a preown 09 TSX with 6K miles and dealer was down to 24,700+ ttl which is 26,800 OTD. figure for the 2,600 difference it was worth going for the acura TSX.
  • usc2002usc2002 Posts: 1

    I live in Southern California and have received several internet quotes for a 2009 EX-L with NAV 4cylinder automatic. The lowest price I have received is $24,915 including destination charge but not including tax/license fees. The sticker price on this car is $29,195.

    Does anyone think I can get a lower price than this? If so, how would you recommend approaching it?

  • I don't see the value of the navigation system on a Honda. It costs $2000 extra, and you can replace it with a Garman model that also has bluetooth for around $600.
  • travdog34travdog34 Posts: 10
    Just signed a lease today.

    Got a Accord Sedan LX (MSRP: $22,375) for a 36 month lease. 12k miles/year.

    $249/month for 36 months and they covered my first month. So it was $249/month for 35months.

    Selling price was $18,439, plus tax, tag, and documentation fee. The out the door number is $19,464.17.

    Extremely satisfied with the deal. Did everything through email and online. Spent about 30 minutes in the dealership.

    Leith Honda in Raleigh, NC. Ask for John Brennan.
  • krishna4krishna4 Posts: 6
    I have a good news for you. I got the following quote from Livermore honda. I think this is valid only though this weekend. This is including destination fee. $1000 less than your best quote. Call the internet sales manager and you can refer my name.

    2009 Honda Accord EX-L w/navigation sedan (auto)
    MSRP............................................. $29,275.00
    Special price.................................. $23,999.00*
    H90070 H90293 H90516 H90348

  • falashanfalashan Posts: 22
    If this is the wrong thing to do, I apologize, and please remove this post.

    But I am hoping that someone reading this list will know where to find a 2009 Accord EX-L Coupe V6 6M non/Nav in Red/Ivory anywhere in New England.

    Can it be that there are none exist in six states?

    I have been going crazy the last two days trying to find this vehicle.

    Thanks for any help.
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