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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sam011002sam011002 Posts: 8
    I can't say enough about Matt Castucci Honda in Dayton. They beat all the other prices I got by about $500. Also, the extra items you want, the spoiler, deflector, organizer, tend to be high profit items for the dealers. You can probably do better just buying the car from the dealer and not including those items. After you get your price, you might ask what they will do on those items, but you check out the prices at or another online honda dealer. They have good prices. For example, their price on the items you mentioned is $204 off retail.
  • sam011002sam011002 Posts: 8
    That looks like a great great price.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    Are you looking at the LX or the LX-P? The LX-P has a $1000 higher MSRP ($850ish after discounts) and it adds 16" alloy wheels, security system, auto-up and -down feature on driver and front passenger windows, illuminated window switches, chrome exhaust tip finisher and 8-way power driver's seat. It's a lot of extra features for under $1k, in my opinion. It also should be easier to sell/trade in the future.

    The Edmunds TMV for the LX-P with Automatic Transmission (using an Atlanta zip code) is $20,544. Another site, CarsDirect, is showing it at $20,244.

    I'd suggest emailing all of the local Honda dealers in the Atlanta area for a quote. Here's the link to locate Honda delaers by Zip Code or City- LOCATOR
  • I just received an Internet offer for 21,900.

    We'll probably take it.
  • ram_mdxram_mdx Posts: 13
    I was looking to buy the same car. I got lowest offer $23000 +TTL in PA.
    Your quote looks to be good. May I know the dealer name?
  • la20la20 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the input guys, looks like the $21800 is a good deal. For those who wants to know the dealer is san francisco honda, you will have to haggle the price cause another dealer gave me this same price and sf honda wanted to earn my business so they match it. I am going for them as they are closer to where I stay.
  • mnssmnss Posts: 3
    It should be an excellent price. I got a quote for $22800 for the same in Minnesota.(ofcourse +TTL)
  • squattysquatty Posts: 2
    If I may ask, which dealer in Minnesota quoted you $22,800 for an '09 EX-L? The best I'm getting is $23,200.

    Also, does anybody know for sure whether the manufacturer-to-dealer incentive in May 09 is $1500? Wonder if there is any chance of last month's additional incentive coming back in June?
  • sibfsibf Posts: 5
    Dear all,

    I am in the market shopping for a new car and really like the Honda Coupe. I got quotes from several dealerships and all of them are in the 25K range; the lowest quote I got is $25,185 +TTL which is $27,915 OTD. It seems that no dealerships are willing to lower the price. Is this the best I can get? Please help! Thanks in advance.
  • jimbo30jimbo30 Posts: 4
    I bought an Accord LX with a security system.

    Price of the car itself was $18,570. Including TTL (9.25% tax in ca) plus security system, I paid $20,950 OTD.

    I had just about given up on buying an Accord. I started emailing dealerships for Camrys and Mazda 6, but a salesman called me to ask if I could buy the car that day if he gave me the above quoted number. The deal was done.

  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 1,680

    18.5 for a new Accord? I'd say you got a great deal. What color? Auto or manual. I've got an 08 EXL myself, and I love the car. It may be the best overall value on the road right now, if you take the quality that Honda puts into design and assembly into account. Nice work!
  • mcbuyermcbuyer Posts: 21
    Thanks for sharing your (horror) story with us. I just went in to a dealer today and got quoted $29,920 (car + destination) for a 2009 Accord EX-L 4 cyl, 4 DR Sedan AT. The price after TTL + doc came out to $32,074.
    Granted the salesman came back to me and said this is not the price you're going to pay, so why don't you tell me what price would get you to buy the car?
    Had I not known any better, I could've asked for a $5,0000 discount and still overpaid substantially (~ $2k over invoice - dealer incentives). I offered $23,000 +TTL and they seemed to want to make a deal. I was not quite ready to pull the trigger just yet as they did not have my color in stock. The saleman was pretty professional and courteous and overall, I thought he did a fine job. It's just the system that the dealerships have in place or set up. They mark up over MSRP and then make you think you're getting such a great deal negotiating them down a few grand. What has me a little hesistant besides the color of the car is seemingly how eager they were to have me sign on the dotted line for the price I asked for. Which to me seemed like a good deal. I'm wondering if there are any additional incentives that I'm / we're not aware of. I don't necessarily have to get another 1k off the price if that was the additional incentive. But an extra $500 of the $1,000 would be good and fair I think. If there is and they can then I think I'll sign the purchase agreement with the my color choice, of course.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    WOW, how did they inflate the price to the $29,920? The MSRP for an EX-L AT is only $27,075- they tacked on an extra $2800!?!?

    As for incentives, there is $1500 "Marketing Support" (cash to dealer) on this model. If you qualify, they also have 2.9% APR for 24/36-months or 3.9% for 60-months.

    Edmunds TMV for this car is $23,535 (using my Zip Code, your state/region may be slightly +/-). I also checked the pricing at and they quoted $22,985 (again using my Georgia Zip Code). I typically use the lower of those two as the highest price I'm willing to pay. So your offer of $23,000 was spot-on and a pretty darn good deal, IMO. Since they were so willing to take $23k, I say go for at least another $500 or so off if you're up to haggling.

    Do you have a trade-in? If so, does that factor into the $23k price quote?

    Was the $23k price for a car on their lot or are they willing to get it in your color choice for that price? I'm just curious, what color are you wanting?
  • mcbuyermcbuyer Posts: 21
    Yeah, seems like a lot of dealers have markups. I was blown away at the Infiniti dealership. I was thinking that I was shown MSRP pricing, but even that sounded high. And now that you mentioned it, it was $2,800 over MSRP at the Infiniti dealership. They also did not have my color choice for a G37s. So didn't even get down to numbers because I was not going to settle if I was shelling out > $32,000 for a car.

    To answer your question. No trade-in was involved, but they did ask if I wanted to trade my vehicle in. I guess maybe they could recoup some profit there. I'm not against a dealer making a profit. I just don't want to be bent over. In the end, a dealer is not going to lose money on a deal. So if they accept an offer, they are and should be making something on it. I wanted Polish Metal and they asked if I would buy it if they could get it in next week. Sounded like they were going to do a dealer swap and I could buy it basically off the boat. No one would (test) drive it, which sounded appealing. I may just do that. I wasn't in a rush to buy today or this month or the next for that matter. I was willing to wait another weekend to see if Honda would bring back the special incentives.

    Does anyone know if the special incentives were based on a percentage of previous sales (i.e. 120% of previous month or quarter, to make it more fair to individual dealerships) or an absolute number (i.e. 2,000 cars, etc. which would make it hard for a low volume dealership to achieve).? Just curious as I think the dealerships in my area are low volume by national standards.
  • sibfsibf Posts: 5
    Can anyone offer comment on the Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 Coupe price of $25,185 in Southern CA? I want to do if this is a good deal. If so, I am not going to bargain anymore and buy it before the registration hike on Tuesday.

    Also, shall I get the Honda Care extended warranty 7Yr/100,000 miles $0 deductible for $1,000? Thanks again!
  • I'd like to buy a 2009 Accord EX-L V6 Auto Coupe in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm Beach area. Can anyone recommend a good (honest) dealer in the area?
    Thanks in advance!
  • jimbo30jimbo30 Posts: 4
    Yeah, 18.5. 2009 Accord LX, polished metal, automatic. I think I did ok, but just wanted some reassurance/comments especially for future reference. And thanks.
  • igorkrigorkr Posts: 7
    What should the target price on a new 09 LX Manual be? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  • ram_mdxram_mdx Posts: 13
    I Bought 2009 Accord 4 CY EXL Auto Sedan for $22.7K.
    24.3K with TTL. Is it a better price?
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    Back in 2004, I got the previous gen EX-L V6 model for $24K + TTL, an excellent price at the time.

    Maybe back on November, when the whole world seemed to be at an end, you had a shot at a better price, but now, considering the price for the newer model, the discount you are getting is even better than what I got.
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