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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    Selling prices now days is pretty much based on +/ - invoice. MSRP is only useful for calculating leases. There was $1,500 dealer cash available, not sure if it will continue. If it does you should be looking at a price around $1500 below invoice or better.
  • carplzcarplz Posts: 8
    I dont't think the incentive is still good. However the end of the month will be here soon enough so I will see if Honda comes up with any new incentives. I looked at a civic a week ago and Honda dealers weren't offering any good deals on them so hopefully it will be different for the accord. I mean you would think that since the 2010 will be out shortly they would be willing to negotiate more.
  • sgandlasgandla Posts: 6
    I am planning on buying Accord LX '09 before end of august and I live in DC metro area. Can you tell me name of the dealership and the person,contact info you worked with.

    Appreciate your help in advance.

  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    Sorry i know this is not dealing with prices guys.

    to frankdux: what exactly are they going to do about the paint chips. Also just to let you know you will be getting a lot of chips which the dealer service manager will tell you they are from road debris/rocks. i just got mine a month ago and it has several rock chips. in hood and side of the car

    i have read many complaints in other forums that due to environmental friendly paint that honda uses paint chipping is more common.

    But the main issue that should worry you: check the paint in this area on both sides of the car : near the front bumper and front side panel close to the headlights. my paint is chipping off (on bumper) in this area on both sides and it is clearly not due to road debris. i took it in to service manager and he agreed that is not normal or cause by me or the environment.
    Service manager solution: they need to repaint the whole front bumper. Wow after only a month with a new car and already getting a paint job. i told him that would lower the value of the car and he said that it would not yeah right it will. i called honda as well and they said they have nothing to do with it BS.

    also in the same general area near the tail lights this has been reported by other people so no its not only me since this has happened to other people in the same area (dont take my word for it do a search).
    guys check this area to see if this is happening to you look in the gap between the front bumper and panel (on the bumper par)t

    about the loaner i think it all depends on the dealership. they offered to give me a loaner and told me that if i get it repainted it would take about 3 days.
  • frankduxfrankdux Posts: 2
    the dealership said they would take it next door to their repair/body shop to get the paint chips fixed. they were being cheap on the loaner car. i purchased the vehicle from them last Monday 6/29 and it already has paint chips. very disappointed in the quality of the paint and their refusal to offer me a loaner when it takes 4 days to re paint the damaged areas.

    which dealership did you purchase from?
  • daj3daj3 Posts: 2
    Last night I purchased a 2009 Accord EX-L Automatic no Nav for $22,900 including destination fee. Can anyone let me know if I negotated well for this car. Any input is welcome.

  • saxon2nsxsaxon2nsx Posts: 19
    Guys, what are the differences between Lx and Lx-P in Accords? :confuse:
  • action378action378 Posts: 7
    Purchased this car back on 6/13/09 and paid 23,800 including destination fee. I also purchased an 8yr 100,000 ext warranty for 900.00. Buying process was quick and easy.

    By the way, ran across this site a few days ago and there's so much good information.
  • Just an FYI. All dealer incentives have remained the same. However, the dealer cash and special APR, can NOT be combined as of 7/9
  • houdini33houdini33 Posts: 11
    Hi Heather,

    Keep us posted as to what you end up doing. I am currently debating whether I want to try for the EX V6 or the EX-L 4cyl. Assuming the V6 can be had for only a few hundred more than EX-L 4cyl, I think I am inclined to go that route. I prefer the extra power, as well as the slightly better exterior look (IMO of course). However, it appears that not too many people shop for this trim, so I don't know what kind of deals can be had.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    How about dealer cash and leasing, can they be combined?
  • carplzcarplz Posts: 8
    So there are still cash incentives? I didn't see any listed for Honda, please explain. Thx
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    i got it at a houston, texas dealership. i called the sales manager on monday and said he would call me in an hour after he talked to the general manager. guess what i am still wating for his call after 3 days. bad thing you will get more rock chips due to hondas paint and any little thing is prone to give you a chip on the paint. so everyone keep an eye on this maybe you dont believe me right now but you will see once you have you car.
    check the bumper area to make sure it doesnt have the same issue as mine.
    i dont want to get my whole front bumper repainted after only a month of having the car as this will lower the value of the car. this would suck specially when the issue is not normal
  • jlee8071jlee8071 Posts: 8
    Hello everyone,

    Can you recommend a good dealership in LA county? Which dealers should I stay away from ?

    I'm interested in lease an accord

  • Talked to our best dealership and they were tracking me down an 09 for 23.7K + shipping. Called them today and Accord prices went up in general and it will be closer to 24.2k, BUT another dealership that's owner is a friend of my previous Realtor talked to them and they decided that because I knew the owner through someone, they would give me a 2010 model, exactly how I want it, for invoice price, plus a 399$ dealership fee, which I plan on arguing since I will get my car serviced there and that's where they make the money anyway.

    I told the 'best' dealership this and the guy laughed and said omg they are soo lying to you, no way in hell you are getting a 2010 at invoice when the 09s are going for just at invoice. No way no way no way, blah blah. I asked if he would take that deal if he could then, and the guy said 100% for sure but he'd get it all in writing cause it's a BS deal.

    Well I go in tomorrow or Saturday to put $500-1000 down and get the brand new 2010 Accord Coupe EX-L at invoice price!!! (when they are released)

    Here is to hoping they don't try to f-me over!
  • heather23heather23 Posts: 4
    I just went to the dealership to test drive today. 6cyl feels smoother and quieter to me compare to EX 4cyl. However they asked for 23450 for the EX 6cyl, $200 more than the quoted price, and they don't even have that in stock. They also offered EXL 6cyl at 24800. I walked out
    I'm sticking with 6cyl, but I'll check other dealer, maybe other 6cyl cars, camery or impala.
  • dave4242dave4242 Posts: 8
    looking for an Accord V6 EX-L sedan w/o nav. Saw that Cars Direct is about $25,500 + taxes and fees. Is that a good price? Thanks.
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    it sucks for most that waited for this month for better incentives. it is still only $1500 but what sucks is that you can no longer combine it with special financing. this will be like this until september. i guess this is when the new 2010 is probably going to start arriving at the dealers.
    i wonder if honda is selling more that other makes since they did not better anything

    i wanted to wait last month when i got mine but i could no longer wait i needed the car. i am glad i bought last month.
  • dave4242dave4242 Posts: 8
    Wouldn't 24,800 be a good price for the V6 EX-L? I found it for $25,437 on If not, what would be a good price for the V6 EX-L?
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