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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I just closed the deal on the above car. I drove both the auto and manual many times and came to the conclusion that the performance is much better with the manual plus the gas mileage is better. The manual shifts very smoothly and the clutch is light and fast. There is to much delay between pressing the gas and getting moving on the auto. The I4+5Spd is much better then the V6+6Spd from a smooth shifting perspective. If you want pure power then get the V6 but you really do not need it.

    $23,115 - MSRP + Destination

    $19,831 - Purchase price including destination
    $45 - Doc fee NYS max fee
    $172 - Title and tags with refund if it is less
    $1636 - NYS and local sales tax

    $21684 - OTD

    I really wanted the EX-L but the sunroof was just a non starter. The one thing I really want is heated mirrors but I have a few months to figure out how to make that work on the LX-S. If any one knows how to do this "upgrade" I would appreciate it since it is a nice feature in this cold region in the winter months.
  • bjfromsdbjfromsd Posts: 5

    8.75% for most of Southern Ca. the fees are about $300-350.
  • ppmmppmm Posts: 12
    Hi Chikki,

    Did you get the information from oliverjia ? I am looking for the same info.
    Please let me know if you have the contact information of the dealer.


  • jswiftyjswifty Posts: 19
    The base price for the car is a very good deal.
  • 2004mdx12004mdx1 Posts: 1
    It is a very good deal. Would you please share with me the contact information of the dealer. Thank very much.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    Buy the LX-P. This is a excellent deal!
  • dengludenglu Posts: 12
    This is an excellent price. I also live in Philadelphia area and would appreciate if you could share the name and location of the dealership. My email is
  • bjfromsdbjfromsd Posts: 5
    Dear all,

    Thank you very much for your response. I will talk to the dealer in a couple of days. I will share you my transaction then.
  • ppmmppmm Posts: 12
    Hi guys,

    I just moved to MD a few days ago from MA. I plan to pick up a new car soon. But my insurance is still from MA. Do I need to change my insurance to MD in order to buy and register my car in MD ? Do I need to buy full coverage ? When should I change my driver license ?


  • mike_smithmike_smith Posts: 11
    I am hearing a lot of problems with the new ACCORD's re: Rear Brakes. has anyone been experiencing the problem to the extent that we should be staying away from buying an Accord until the time Honda has a fix for this ??

    Consumer Complaint Sites are filled with issues for atleast last 6 months and honda has not done anything to fix the issue till date with no fixed timeline on when it might be solved.
  • action378action378 Posts: 7
    Not a problem.

    I purchased the car at Valley Honda in Aurora, IL.

    A few days before I went to Valley Honda, I recieved 2 (from different dealers) on-line quotes. I took these quotes in with me and told Valley that I'd buy the car from them if they beat these prices.

    They were very easy to work with.

    Let me know if you need anything else
  • cpboy99cpboy99 Posts: 8
    I am planning on picking this up in the next couple of days.

    The price I was given was $20,500 for an Accord Coupe LX-S I4. This is in So Cal. Any opinions on if the price is good, bad, or really bad...

    I know it's about average, not really sure on how good it is.

  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17

    Yes it is going rate! I did buy the same in March 2009, (LX sedan, Auto, WHT, with VIN starting = JH....) (FL 6% tax & OTD = $19,890), but if you can wait 50-60 days, Honda summer clearance will start and may be you get another $400-$800 off.

    Try more haggling, and may be you can get another $200.

    Let us know what's your plan and what did you do?.
  • 09' Accord Coupe EX-L I4 5 Spd Purchased on 12/31/08 in Nashua NH.

    Price Paid:
    Car $22,150
    Ext Warranty $935
    Total: $23085
    Financing 1.9% for 36 mo

    *Extras included floor mats and Autobahnd Paint Protector (Invisible Bra)

    Good buying experience...

    Good deal?...
  • roc571roc571 Posts: 2
    thanks for sharing your purchase information.

    actually i got a quote from bay area dealer(CA) for 17888(including dest) so for otd around less than 20K. I trying to offer 17.5K and they refused. I'm hanging here and confident that accord will be on sale in one or two month after 10 models come out.
  • roc571roc571 Posts: 2
    I got 17888 quote for LX two weeks ago and LX-p should be just + 900.
    this is for bayarea
  • solar2000solar2000 Posts: 25
    I asked Planet Honda in NJ for a detailed quote on an Accord ex-l v6 and they had the nerve to tell me that they don't talk pricing over email for this vehicle. Ever heard of that? Ridiculous!

    May I ask you experienced car guys out there how you went about getting quotes? Email/Phone/In person? and did the dealers give you exact details of each fee/tax etc? They all seem so hesitant to give full disclosure and they expect me to buy the car without knowing what i'm paying for?? i don't want to lowball them, but c'mon, you have to be forthcoming. i hate this process!
  • chi0328chi0328 Posts: 4
    I'm going to pick up my Crystal Black Pearl Accord EX-L Navi 5spd with wing spoiler today. The deal worked out to be $24,800 before TTL ($24,530 w/o the spoiler). It's hard to find the 5spd with colors and trim level you want so I'm satisfied with this price. I could have pushed harder, but it's hard when you know there is only 1 of these cars in the five state area I live in.

    A note on the spoiler for those that are interested. The installed dealer quote was $650. I was able to get them down to $270.

    I just wanted to post my deal to help any others out there. I've learned a great deal from this forum durning the purchase of both my '05 Pilot EX-L DVD and the '09 Accord.

    Thanks to everyone out there.
  • chi0328chi0328 Posts: 4
    It depends on the dealer. I've had dealers say I have to come in before they will talk price. I've also had dealers offer to send me pricing info over email without evening asking for it. I generally call the dealership and ask for the internet sales mgr. That person is generally used to dealing with folks who've done their research, know the car they want, and are just shopping price. I would try that. Don't hesitate to call smaller dealers that are outside of a major metropolitain area. I've gotten great deals from them. In the end, I think it just depends on the particular dealer/sales person you end up going to.
  • solar2000solar2000 Posts: 25
    Wow great car! I'm looking for accord ex-l v6, with navi as well. Black on black. with deck lid spoiler, body side molding, wood trim, bck up sensors and alarm system.

    no one is willing to give me a detailed quote.

    thanks for the info. i'll try to post if/when i actually get to buy the car.
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