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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Have a Volvo that has lease ending this December.

    I am hoping to pick up a 2009 Accord

    Went to local dealer ( armed heavily with Edmunds Data)

    2009 Accord EX-L V-6 w Auto Transmission - Black - Tan

    26,500 +TTL

    or 2009 Accord EX V6 w/ Auto Transmission - Black Tan

    Except leather added aftermarket but they left out XM/Separate Climate Control and Heated Seats. - 23,919 + TTL

    They also say you choose $1500 in dealer cash or take the Honda Financing

  • I dont know what is the MSRP. I always looked for OTD price.
  • I just purchased a Honda Accord EX-L in Fremont (AutoWest). It was a very fast negotiation since I did the ground-work. I was quite happy dealing with their internet dept.


    2009 Honda Accord - EX-L Silver Exterior/Black Interior
    $23000 + TTL +$50 document fee.
    * I did not require financing. :)

    After a great deal of research, I presented my offer to another Bay area earlier in the day. I arrived with my check book and a low offer and detailed information on the value of my trade. I explained that I wanted to pay $23000 + Tax, Title and License w/o any hidden charges. I explained that I knew this price was possible based on research in this forum. They said this was a great price and explained of how low it was compared to msrp and list. I countered by talking of inventories, recent sales prices, 2010 models available, and the $1500 cash from Honda. This price was indeed possible..

    The real problem was trying to get my old Civic traded in as part of deal. Of course they started with ridiculously low trade-in offer. We got very close but would not go for my final offer even when I told them I was going to bring the offer to another dealer...they said that I could call them back if anything changed and that they had my phone number...I then gave them one last chance - I told them that I intended on buying the car today and was going directly to another dealer to seal the deal. No dice.

    Then, I went to AutoWest and we were able to come to an agreement very quickly - I presented a low price and was ready to sign a check (I don't want to waste anyones time - nor do I want to spend my time at dealerships). They accepted the offer. A short while later, I drove home in my new EX-L :). They were able to wash the car while I was doing paper-work.

  • I am looking to buy today or tommorrow. Did you get the v-6 for this price or the I-4?
  • Picked up a 2009 Honda Accord EX V-6 That the dealer added aftermarket leather to and then the customer backed out

    It was missing- power adjustment on passenger side - xm - home link a slightly less powerful stereo system - also single climate control ( is that really a big deal in a Honda?)

    Black with Ivory interior

    24,408 - Out the Door TTL Excluded - this includes 489 doc fee

    Did a 36 month lease - 1999.00 cap reduction

    Payment $320 ( no tax)

    54% residual

    .01171 money factor

    Hope that helps

    PS - This is in Atlanta Area - Hennesy Honda - Woodstock GA
  • This was for the EX-L i4. I think an excellent price for the v6 (no-nav) would be around $24,400.00. + TTL

    Good luck.
  • I am looking at a 2009 accord EX-L V6 and noticed that the VIN # was a little odd.
    The vin # starts with 5KBCP. All other accords I have seen begin with 1HGCP.

    Can anybody decode the first few caharacters of this Vin # for me 5KB?
  • .01171 Money Factor???

    That is roughly a 28% interest rate. Are you sure about that?
  • FYI, on Edmund's site, they didn't include the dest charge on invoice initially, you have to click on the next page to get the invoice plus destination to get the total invoice.
  • cszulc

    my error - money factor was .000171
  • rlblake1, don't worry about choosing between the 1500 factory cash or honda financing at 5.9%.

    You can bypass that, I just got 6% honda financing and 1500 dealer cash on a 72 month note. I intend to pay like a 60 month note, but I got an extra tenth of a percent and the dealer cash!
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    Your deal sounds a lot better than what I was offered. I was at a dealership today in the Sacramento, CA area and was told there's little difference between the 2009 and 2010, so opting for the '09. As the 2010s arrive, there's probably better deals on the '09s. I checked out an Accord coupe, EX-L V6 with leather seats as standard, but no navigation. Quote out-the-door was 28,400, including $1,500 dealer incentive. A potential problem was the car comes from a dealership 50 miles or so away. Your O-T-D purchase is really great!
  • Hi Pat,

    I was offered many poor deals also :). Be assured there are very good deals out there for Accords.

    Here is what worked for me - perhaps you will find it useful - most of this was learned from other postings to this group.

    1) Determine exactly what you want - year, make model, interior and exterior color - based on desire, test drive, etc.
    2) Determine price by consulting this forum - a great rule of thumb - is to take 83% of msrp (That is the type of deal that is available on 2009 Accords presently). This includes 1,500 from Honda (assuming you don't require their financing). This includes EVERYTHING except TTL.
    3) With 1 and 2 complete, you are ready to deal on price alone; This puts you in a very strong bargaining position. Call several dealers and talk numbers with them. Be sure to talk only with the Internet Sale Dept. - not individual sale people. Tell them that you are serious in making a deal. Illustrate knowledge of deals available and tell them that you are ready to buy if you get the right price. Keep in mind that they will start out with an unimpressive number and will rarely give you their best price over the phone ( lots of people trolling for deals and many are not serious).
    4) Once you get a good number within about $300-$500 of where you want to be - it is likely time to visit the dealership. Call ahead and meet with the internet sales person. Bring your check book and tell them you are ready to buy. Since the price you are offering is obtainable, they are not likely to let you leave the dealership without purchasing. Be sure to talk about this forum and in detail about deals that you have knowledge of - also mention what you were offered from other dealerships. Eg. Dealer X's opening offer was lower than that. This may also speed up negotiations.
    Hopefully, you will get a very good deal. However, if not, you will likely leave the dealership with a very good number that you can use to shop around.
    5) If necessary go to another dealer - book appointment first and tell them the deal you want and how close the other dealer was. They will understand that you can go back to the other dealer and will likely give you the deal since they can sell the car in 15 minutes.

    A couple other tips..

    * Not every dealer will give you the deal that you want. That is why I suggest calling first and talking numbers a little bit. You don't have to agree on a number over the phone however, this will allow you to rule out a dealer that will not budge ahead of time. You will have to gauge whether they find the numbers you are discussing are impossible or whether they just won't commit over the phone.

    * Be sure to mention (in a nice way) that any deal would be contingent upon no extra hidden fees suddenly revealing themselves and the car being in new shape. Of course you will inspect the vehicle before finalizing the deal.

    * Be respectful of the dealer's time.

  • Hi, I bought a Honda Accord EX yesterday in TX. I was looking for a EX with no leather and one with metallic grey color. There were lot of EX-L around, but I did not want leather and located one from about dealers. It had

    Car: Honda Accord EX
    Options (Pre installed) : Tint + Extended Paint Protection + Splash guards (MSRP $1260)

    Price quoted : $24763 + TTL
    Price Paid : $22200 + TTL (Inc doc fess (rip offs etc)
    OTD : $24000 (TTL + Doc fees included)
    Financed $19K at 4.9% for 60 months

    Extended Warranty - $1680 for 7yr/100K (added to financing) - I know this is a rip-off and hence going to take it off.

    Is this a reasonably god deal?

    Compared to slydog2's post of 83%, I am 84%

  • Apparently this incentive ends today, but i dont need to buy til later in the month. what's the best guess as to what happens to prices? do they really go up on 2009 accords after today or is that just a ploy to rush you into buying? Could'nt the incentives actually get better.
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    Thanks a million for the info and tips. I now see that 28,400 is high. Funny, I countered at 27,900. The dealer should have jumped at that, but haven't heard from him. A great deal would have been around 26,566 (O-T-D) using msrp of 28,995 at 83%, or new msrp of 24,066, plus 2,500 est. Tax/Lic--if I did the math correctly.
  • I haven't decided if these postings are written by salesman when they are waiting for buyers or by buyers who have a lot of money to spend. Either way I find the prices people say they pay are very inflated.
  • Just to make sure the $1680 was factored into the OTD price right? Also could you provide a better detailed breakdown of your other fess. Also we are lucky in Texas that the doc fees are only $50 well at least in Houston because other people pay $300++.
    So basically could you provide the price of the car by itself with no options or other fees included. You talk about the pre-installed options and give msrp but you do not say how much you paid for them.
    I know you put the price paid but it would be much better to know the break down: if it included the extended warranty and the options (this is why I would want to know the car price without anything else.
  • I am sure there are some posts that have been placed by dealers to get people excited and think they can get those deals as well.
    As far as prices being inflated I disagree with you. I think this forum provides many post that have got pretty good deals. I have seen just a few that get bad deals. Of course not everyone is going to get those amazing deals that some people post because e it all depends in your location. Plus you have to consider many things when you look at final price.
    For instance, some people have paid around $22,500 for an ex-l I4 while in Houston people are paying around $22,900. But then you have to see that other locations pay $300+ in doc fees while in Houston doc fees are $50 so it kind of evens out you basically get the same deals . This is why I would consider the doc fee as part of the price paid many people do not and that is why it might seem as well as some get great deals.
    If you look at the TMV in edmunds most of these deals are way better than the TVM so I would say they are good deals . Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn’t you consider getting a good deal if you are paying less that the average price for those cars in your area.
    Also if you are comparing prices paid for american cars and Honda cars then yeah it might seem that prices are inflated but come one overall Honda is much more reliable than most american cars.
    But nonetheless but maybe you could be right only thing is that you do not provide concrete information on how the prices are inflated
  • Sriramb, yes, return your Honda Care Warranty, and get back your $$. That is, unless your dealer wants to sell you a 96 month (eight year) 100,000 mile warranty for $925.00. (no sales tax) That is what I paid for my extended warranty this week from a dealer that I found on the internet located in Middletown, R.I. I'm from Pennsylvania. Go on to Google, and type Honda Care Warranties, and you will find dealers. My dealer in Philadelphia wanted $1600.00
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