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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The OTD price includes taxes and fees -- it was $23175 before taxes and fees. It was at Matt Castrucci Honda across the street from the Dayton Mall. It was a good experience. FYI, we didn't have a trade and took care of our own financing.
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    You would drive a brand new car off the lot, then not change the engine air fiter or cabin air filter during the first three years? It's every 15,000 miles for both. They both need it, too. I just changed both in my '08 Civic, they had 14,500 or just under. Haven't even driven on a dirt driveway, and I was suprised at the dirt in the Cabin filter, which I thought would be like new. Dealers swear you need to change tranny fluid every 15,000. Don't know if that is covered under maint plan that started this exchange. I think 30,000 will do. Had my tranny fluid drain/fill done at 15,000 and 30,000. Just hit 45,000 and changed the two above mentioned filters myself, and got an oil change. The rest can wait until 60,000 mi service. I'm scared to find out how much the Dealers or high-end local shops want to adjust the valves, as I'd like to have it done for peace of mind in case my financial situation takes a nose dive, as it may. :( The reason I'm sniffin around Accord Forum is because the "upgrade" kicking around in the back of my head (if I don't join the unemployed) is the Accord coupe. Can't find any current posts on it, so looked around under this thread.
    Sometimes a new buyer will post, and you can feel their excitement and joy shining through the post. Then someone rains on their parade ( I'm not perfect),which is why I responded to you. There is a difference between asking for help (opinions), and sharing what is already done.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 176
    Agree that bothe engine & cabin filters need replacing every year or so, regardless of miles driven. It is amazing how dirty they get.

    Re: transmission fuild changes. Given the magnitude of transmission problems Honda has been having across their product lines (e.g. Accord, Odyssey, Ridgeline, etc.), the dealers are probably paranoid and manic about fluid changes, and rightfully so it seems. I would really hate to have my transmission fail a month or so after the warranty expires.
  • I was just informed that Honda is matching or doubling their 2009 or 2010 Accord/Civic rebates to all current Honda owners.

    I believe 2009 Accord EX (if you can find one) has a $1500 rebate. If you own a Honda vehicle, they will give you another $1500.

    Honda will give you $1800 ($900+$900) rebate for Accord LX-P.

    This extra rebate supposedly end on Jan 30, 2009.

    Not sure if this is national or regional (Edmunds or TrueCar do not have this info) but I live in the NY/NJ area.

    I negotiated for an in-stock Accord LXP for $450 under (Edmund's) invoice $, PLUS $1800 in rebates.

    God luck!
  • i did hear the similar news about double rebate from dealer. can you break down the price of your purchase. I assume you bought 2010 sedan lx-p auto accord.
    also let me know the dealer name and location.
  • "Re: transmission fuild changes. Given the magnitude of transmission problems Honda has been having across their product lines (e.g. Accord, Odyssey, Ridgeline, etc.), the dealers are probably paranoid and manic about fluid changes, and rightfully so it seems"

    I can't get the local Honda dealer to do a transmission flush! They say Honda doesn't recommend it!
  • Didn't quite pull the trigger yet as I am deciding between Honda Accord and Subaru Forester.

    Stock 2010 Accord LX-P with auto

    MSRP: $23,565 ($22855+$710 destination)
    Invoice: $21,437
    Discount: -$500

    Net: $20,937

    Rebate 1: -$900
    Rebate 2: -$900

    Total: $19137 + TTL

    If you want the contact info, please pm or email me

    By the way, if you are in NJ/NY/PA area, there are bunch of auto shows this weekend.

    (full disclosure: I am in no way related to this particular dealership, both professionally or personally. I will not personally benefit from your purchase in anyway)
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141

    So if I am looking for a 2010 Accord EXL (4 or 6 cyl) you are telling me my rebate will be $1500 + $1500 = $3,000.

    This is for a 2010? Where do I get this info from - I am in Philly and my guess is if this is available, the dealers will all play dum

    Is this only for purchase deals or can I lease?

    Where did you find out about this from?

  • albert72-

    according to edmunds, for 2010 accord ex-l, there is $900 rebate. so yes, if you have an existing honda (must provide registration and insurance as proof), you should be able to receive another $900

    i believe there is a $1500 rebate for 2009 accords and civics.

    "double" rebate is apparently only valid on 2009/2010 accords and civics and you do not have to trade in your old honda vehicle to qualify.

    i have not checked any pennsylvania honda dealers, but honda's own wording says "...rebate varies by participating dealer...".

    not sure about the lease though....

    i received this info from couple of NY/NJ dealers and confirmed it with a general sales manager from a local honda dealer.
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141
    Thank you Allthumbs
  • kaizhukaizhu Posts: 1
    I want to buy a new honda accord coupe EX in missouri. today i just go to the honda store. the car which is 4-Cyl, VTEC, 2.4 Liter,Automatic, 5-Spd w/Overdrive is about 25000 dollars. i want to know what is the lowest price about this car? thank you
  • I am looking to buy Honda Accord 2010 LX-P in Cincinnati area. The best price I got till now is 19,600 + 710(dest fee)+250(doc fee)+33.50(title) + TAX. Is this a good price? I am not sure what rebates you are mentioning above. Are there any valid rebates that we can use currently?
  • ^ accord-lxp fan

    Are you a current Honda owner?

    If yes, I am pretty sure that 19,600 includes $900 dealer cash and $900 Honda Loyalty incentive that is good until Jan 30, 2010.

    Using Edmunds invoice price of $21,437 (standard Accord LX-P auto without any options), you are getting approximately $37 discount from the invoice price, before any rebates.

    Invoice: $21,437
    Dealer discount: -$37

    Net before rebate: $21,400

    Rebate (Honda to dealer): -$900
    Rebate (Honda to consumer for current Honda owners): -$900

    Net after rebate: $19,600 (+ dest + doc fee + tax + title)

    I am not sure what the market looks like in OH, but if I can get a $500 discount in a busy metro area where Honda is extremely popular, I am going to guess and recommend that you try to get a greater discount (and also let other dealers compete with each other)

    Also, doc fee is nothing more than pure profit to the dealer. I would try to knock it down to $100-125 or so.

    Good luck
  • 21,437 already includes destination price for LXP AUTO so 19,600 should be including destination.

    19,600 plus doc fee plus tax plus title should be the right quote and based on market and stock you should be able to get some more discount.

    edmunds true market value itself is about $250 below invoice plus 1800 rebate for honda owner so $19,300 to 19,400 should be a good price before tax tag and title.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    Suppose I get an accord for 21.5k and my trade-in is worth 2.5k, do I need to pay tax on 21.5k or 19k?
  • jimex10jimex10 Posts: 14
    Just bought a 2010 EXL Coupe from Boch Honda - Norwood, MA. They are very motivated. Here's the scoop.
    MSRP - $27,590.00
    Less all rebates, discounts - $4,766.00
    Price of unit - $22,824.00

    Plus they gave me $9,000 for my trade: 2005 Accord EX, I4, Auto, sedan with 124,000 miles on it. (Edmunds says it's worth around $8k).

    Net price - $13,824.00

    The whole buying process took 2 hours...I'm really happy!!
  • jimex10jimex10 Posts: 14
    Depending on your state, but you usually pay tax on the net price...or the 19k
  • I was quoted the following from a local dealer:

    2009 Accord LX $18,158
    2009 Accord LX-P $19,062

    2010 Accord LX $19033
    2010 Accord LX-P $20837

    Seems to be about a $1200 markup on the 2010 LX-P, but only $300 on the LX ???
  • Hello...
    I am extremely interested in this thread, as I also live in the Cincinnati area, and will be taking the plunge next week to negotiate a price on a Honda Accord XL-P. I have decided to buy this model or perhaps the EX. I am presently involved in arranging finances and deciding on the right color....To say the least, your posts and the great responses to them have been very helpful in relieving some of my anxiety (I haven't negotiated for a new car in over 14 years) as well as providing me with practical and useful information....It sounds like you are probably about a week ahead of me in your quest...I wish to now thank you, and the other contributing posters. I will continue to monitor your progess, and hopefully be able to contribute information in the future.....Thanks again.
  • Depending on your state, but you usually pay tax on the net price...or the 19k

    unfortunately, in Ohio they changed that law. You pay taxes on the negotiated price of the car before trade in :cry:
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