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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello,
    I just purchased a new Sedan EX-L for 22,800 Including destination of 710.00. We had a 93 trade that was worth 400.00 and they gave us 1,000.00. Our total was 21,800 plus tax of 1308.00 and fees for 412.00. We bought in NJ, total out the door for the EX-L was 23,512.20. I paid cash. You can do better than the 23,600.
  • read the post 24568. never heard of activating the security system. looks like a dealer trick. anybody on this post - have you heard of this about security system.

    i really like to know how low a dealer can go to rob people cold with any tricks they can come up with.
  • was there a doc fee also?
  • just pulled the trigger on an EX-L V6 with navi today

    sticker was for $31,800 and i got it for $27,600. plus TTL and the OTD price was $30,008.
  • Thank you Edmunds and all those who posted on this thread!!

    Thru Edmunds I asked 5 Dallas dealers to quote me a price on the 2010 EX-L V-6. Researched the incentive discussed here which was $900 for 4 cyl and $750 for V6. Most dealers were doubling that incentive until today, Jan 30th.

    Here are the negotiated terms of my lease
    Price $ 25300 (MSRP=$29815 with standard options)
    12K miles/yr
    MF .00132 or 3.17%
    Residual $ 16696
    Payment $263 per mo

    I only paid TT&L $1986 + 1st mo $263 = $2250
  • zowzowzowzow Posts: 4
    Thanks for the very helpful breakdown. Turns out, the 09 was gone, but the advice helped me to purchase a 2010. I'll post that purchase price paid in a new thread. Thanks again.
  • zowzowzowzow Posts: 4
    Just purchased a 2010 Accord EX Auto Sedan (black) for $19,844 from Prime Honda (Boston, MA). This was the out-the-door price, plus vehicle administration fee ($290, whatever that is), plus title and registration ($126), plus sales tax (0.0625). I had a 98 Civic that I traded in for $500 (probably could have gotten a few hundred more for it, but was off my negotiating game by that point). Total out the door (including tax, including my trade, and of course including the incentives): $21,627.

    I then paid for all-season floor mats ($167), wheel locks ($93) and remote autostart ($359).

    Experience with Prime was very good. Would welcome feedback on how I did. Thanks to everyone on this blog. What a great resource!
  • mz2009mz2009 Posts: 10
    Thanks for sharing experience. I think this is a good deal.
  • I bought a 2010 (6 miles on it) EX-L I4 Auto 4 Dr for $23100+TTL yesterday (Jan 30). Here is the breakdown:
    tax: $1443.75 (6.25% in Dallas, TX)
    Dealer's Inventory Tax: $48.51
    Government License and Registration fee: $77.30
    Government Certificate of title fee: $33.00
    Government Vehicle Inspection fee: $21.75
    Documentation fee:$50

    Total (out-of-the-door price): $24,774.31.

    The vehicle does include the following dealer add-ons:
    (1) Paint Sealant
    (2) Fabric Sealant
    (3) Accent Stripes
    (4) Rear Mud Guards
    (5) Window Tints(lifetime warranty
    (6) Wheel locks
    (7) Trunk tray
    (8) Nitrogen Upgrade
    (9) Door Edge Guards/Wheel Trim

    This price used a honda loyalth incentive of $900. I might push one or two hundred bucks down, but need too much energy to negotiate. I thought the price is acceptable considering those add-ons, so decide to buy it at that price.

    Finance part: No speical finance deals. got a loan of 4.65% from Honda Finance for 66 months, will get $500 from Honda finance from a coupon (they sent me a $500 coupon because I financed my car from Honda Finance before). .
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    Congratulations on getting the new accord. I am a toyota owner for over 4 years now with 0 problems.

    I've been looking for an upgrade for sometime now.

    I have looked at a lot of luxury cars and am not sure if I could afford it.

    Should I buy the cheapest 5 series as new which Iam not sure if I'll be able to, or maybe slightly used, or is the new accord a better choice?
  • OK. I purchased the car on the 30th and here is the price I got: $18,759.42(after all the discounts) plus tax, title. I did not manage to get any lesser from any other dealers. Hope this helps someone.
  • Dear, Accord LX-P Fan,
    Congratulations on your purchase! I need to compare apples to apples ( I don't presently own a Honda). It sounds like your deal got better during the week, but unclear if the final price included destination and which rebates you got. I would appreciate it if you could let me know your final price within your original format which follows......"I am looking to buy Honda Accord 2010 LX-P in Cincinnati area. The best price I got till now is 19,600 + 710(dest fee)+250(doc fee)+33.50(title) + TAX. Is this a good price? I am not sure what rebates you are mentioning above"...........Also, not crucial, but if possible, can you name your dealer?
    Many thanks....keep on truckin'...cincyaccord
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,348
    Never thought honda will have this problem"

    Why not, it's a car with wheels and tires.

    You seem to be overeacting to what is probably a simple wheel balance problem.

    Tires can flat spot but it doesn't take 1000 miles to stop. Probably more like ten miles.

    A wheel balance problem is an easy fix!
  • I was in the same boat, researching if I can buy one or two year old car, but after so many negotiaions, it looked like they are almost(though not exactly) as costly as new. So I decided to upgrade myself to a new car!
  • Yes we already own a Honda and this is our second one.

    This is what I have got: M.S.R.P. = $23,565.00
    Discount = $4,305.58 (I am not sure what all added up here but my husband told me that this included existing honda owners incentive)
    Dealor Coupon = $500.00

    Price = $18,759.42 plus tax, title & fees
    We purchased the car from Matt Castrussi Honda of Dayton.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    But the thing is, I have waited over a year to get the car I want, maybe this is not the right time.
    Accord is a good car, but I can't say I'll be happy with it...
    How is the accord experience been so far? What car did u have before the accord?
  • ilovenewcars: I am looking for a 2010 V6 EX-L too. Where did you purchase yours?
  • We just bought a 2010 Accord LX for $19,050. I imagine we could have gotten it a little cheaper had we messed with another dealer or two, but we were in a hurry and I hate dealing with salesmen.
  • is loyalty program still on for honda owners
  • There are quite a few in the inventory at Fuoco Honda here in Grand Junction, including at least one 2009 in Silver with grey leather.
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