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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes, my price included the loyalty discount. If they don't budge on the price, maybe you can get some throw-ins, maybe a remote starter or something. Not sure about what the dealership looks like where you're going to, but the one I went to is very nice - they're still making money.
  • Yeah I bought my 2010 Accord Ex-l V-6 for $25,945 out the door after EVERYTHING (no extended warranty of course why do we need that's why we bought honda in the first place). Last month Honda had a couple promotions running one of which was $750 in dealer cash and another that was a loyalty program for current honda owners that was another $750 that I made the dealer take to cost for the car. Basically tell them you want to pay invoice or $100 over less the dealer cash and rebates.Make them show you the invoice to as the invoice pricing you will find on line will vary, but for my model it was roughly $26,600. They want to sell cars so if you are getting the run around from the dealer you are at call another one in town or near you and tell them what I said about paying invoice less dealer cash and rebates. Good luck to all the car is awesome! hope this helps
  • mattwus,

    Which state did you purchase your ex-l v6? Thats a great deal.
    What was your final price of the vehicle itself without the tax, title, license, etc.???
  • this is my final email as after 5 long days of fighting and talking tons of insults and many calling me a lair my journey has almost ended. on the 2010 honda accord ex automatic i ahve 2 dealers at $22,300 out the door including everything period. write a check for $22,300 its yours. that alos inludes free mud guards,cargo mar and pinstripes and nitrgoeng in the tires and 1/2 price oil changes ,balancing and nitrogen refills for life. all in all i think i got near cincys incredible $19,900 price. AND THAT DOESN'T INCLUDE THE LOYALTY BONUS. i would suggest usuing cincys letter to invite bidding at the end. many will not respond and say the other dealers are lieing jsut to get you in. its funny i only talked with 1 out of the 15 dealers . from what i saw honda dealers are stuffed with huge inventory. one dealer had at least 60 accors on the lot. udnerstand theres new hgue compition in the awesome sonata and car of th year focus. the sonata gets rave reviews and to be honest its 3k cheaper and it caught my attention as it has huge rebates and 100k warranty. i really don't know how car co's making money. but the moral of story is don't give up and keep plugging till you get the best price
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    Who were your dealers in cincy
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    who were your dealers in cincy send me mail at
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    meant jk_send at
  • That's a good price. We got the same car but an '09 for 23500 out the door which is about 20300 or 20800 before taxes. What is your tax rate over there? In my area it is 9.75%! Ouch!
  • applepie1applepie1 Posts: 9
    edited February 2010
    I have a question to ask about the bluetooth feature in the EX-L sedan. Today I visited a dealer and he says the bluetooth HandsFreeLink is an add-on rather than a standard in the 2010 EX-L. I was surprised because I saw at that HandsFreeLink is a standard feature for this model. The dealership lists it as an add-on for around $600. Anybody can confirm this? Thank you.
  • tex18tex18 Posts: 82
    Are all of Accord's radio XM ready? It doesn't make sense that you have to get an EX-L to get XM radio. On some Honda's its a dealer installed option.
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    got mail from atlanta dealer saying that the $900 incentive expired feb 2. any truth?
  • Got a quote of $24,485 what do you guy think? good price?
  • picked the car up tonight.paid $22,300 cash out the door and got the cargo mat(thats a must) MUD guards .and pinstripes included.everything went as i was told and no suprises. the one i bought drives much better than the demo. wow the stereo is very nice. car rides great and the noise that that bad. it takes a ton of tenacity to go back and dorth with 15 dealers. very happy
  • tasaytasay Posts: 36
    Where did you get your car from? What city and state and name of the dealer. I am actually looking at LX-P thought.

  • Hi all,
    Just wondering if there is any new incentives from Honda for the presidents day weekend. I got an email from one dealer saying Honda is giving 0% APR, but don't know the details. is it true? Is that for everybody or there are limitations? Did you guys here anything about it? or any other new incentives for this presidents day weekend??? am in MA.
  • I just got a 2010 Accord Coupe EXL - Bluetooth HandsFreeLink is listed as a interior feature of standard equipment at no extra cost on the window sticker.

    Hope this helps
  • Are you in eastern MA? If so, check out Boch Honda. As low as 0.9% on Civics and you can really deal with them.
  • jack167jack167 Posts: 9
    edited February 2010
    Just Come home tonight with my New LX-P 20900 out the door including exerything taxes title and reg. I think its a good price
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    Has the 900+900 incentive expired?

    I am getting this quote for ex auto 4cyl

    710.00 (shipping)
    587.00 (dealer svc. chg)
    18.00 (title)
    3.00 (lemon law)
    21,649.51 + tax

    This is in Georgia
  • tasaytasay Posts: 36
    What is your base price w/o TTL? I might like to base on your base price to negotiate.

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