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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kl1220kl1220 Posts: 1
    I got a quote for basic LX w/o Alloy wheels for $17,995 + tax & fees. Is that a good deal? Thanks
  • emengaemenga Posts: 18
    I would say it's a very good deal if the dest fee is included.
  • Did 0, 0, 0 deal. In CA, Capitalized Cost $20,260. Monthly lease payment is $254 per month including sales tax. Paid DMV fees for 2010 of $328 so not really 0 upfront. 2010 Accord LX-P Automatic.
  • johnohjohnoh Posts: 8
    You should also find out what the fees are.

    I'm in ohio and basically most here are $250 doc fees, and $38.50 reg fees and thats all.

    but fees can be a spot where dealers can just throw random numbers in there for some extra profit.


    me on the other hand, am now leaning towards a certified pre-owned '07 accord ex-l 4 cyl 10k miles @ 16.9k ish....

    wife really wants leather and a '10 ex-l seems 23+k, and that is a bit much, plus i just got laid off in jan, so we probably shouldn't push it..

    but if it were me that 21.3k OTD for lx auto & 1.9% seems like a pretty sweet deal... congrats emenga!
  • brat7705brat7705 Posts: 8
    Just got this quote from dealer online.... Sounds like a great price. Car dealer in VA and will transfer registration to PA.... Also, approved for 1.9% APR.
  • I got a quote from a dealer here in PA on a Honda Accord EX-L 2010 for $23,500. This is an initial internet quote, no negotiations have been made so far.

    What do you guys think? Is that a great price or it can be lowered to $23,000?

  • I was able to get $21K out of the door in NJ @ 1.9% APR; price without destination, taxes, etc was $18.4K.

    Remember the key bargaining trick - they should know that you ready to walk out to another dealer.
  • Well here goes! I am ready to sign on Tuesday for the following lease on a 2010 Honda Accord LX-P Sedan. The lease offered by a NJ Honda dealer is as follows:

    MVC Reg/Title/Tags
    Bank Fee
    Doc Fee
    Tire Fee
    Total Upfront fees--$1128.00

    36 month lease--$220.00 per month includes NJ 7% sales tax

    That's it! Remember it is the LX-P Honda Accord.

    Now, will a Howie Mandel out there say to me--"I made a good deal."
  • margesammargesam Posts: 1
    New to site and shopping for a 2010 Honda Accord LX-- got a price quote of 22.3K
    OOO in Zip 33025, is that a good Price? Also looked at a 2010 Toyota Camry for 22.0.3K with spoiler and having trouble deciding...

    Your input is appreciated.
  • I got a quote from a dealer here in Houston: Drive out price of 22.0k with 0.9% 36 month APR. The car has tinted windows and splash guards. Is this a good price or not? Thanks for your suggestion.
  • joer2001joer2001 Posts: 32
    Depends on Tax, In S.C. I was offered an LX-P for 21,200.00 Out the door, tax and tags here are $335.00 so the car was 20,865.00, I think a motivated dealer will sell an LX-P for 20,600.00 plus tax and tags.
    Good Luck!
  • smaniarsmaniar Posts: 2
    How good/bad of a price is 26,890 "out-the-door" ? I think this is based on a quote of 24,500, but the dealer hasn't faxed me the paperwork yet.
  • Thanks for your comment!

    Tax here in Houston is 6.25%. It is LX-P automatic, I forgot to mention.

    The drive out price is 20360 + TTL = 22000.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I wish I lived in SC. The tax in Tennessee is 7% state tax on a automobile and an add on local which usually runs no more than $100.
  • 4nucar4nucar Posts: 4
    20,600 before tax is too high. You should be able to get LX-P for 19,600.
    lxp only comes in automatic transmission, no manual available for LXP.
  • Can you tell me which dealer did you go? I am in Houston too. I want a LX-P with tinted windows, but the dealer wants to charge me $22000 drive out. LX-P is supposed to be $1000 more expensive than LX?
  • I live in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

    The wife and I had never driven a Honda Accord, but we have a friend who swears by them. We originally went to test drive some pre-owned 2007 Accords, but when they over-appraised my trade in (said they were paying top dollar because they need more pre-owned SUVs on the lot) we then looked at some of 2010s.

    In addition to the high appraisal offered, they went right to the invoice price of the car when we discussed numbers. I realize there is a $1,200 dealer incentive, but I wasn't going to quibble about that when he was already willing to buy my trade in for several thousand more than any other dealer (I already had some other quotes).

    While I liked both the 4 and 6 cylinder models, my wife had a preference for the V6, so I willingly obliged. I found both engines to be fun, and was very surprised by the pep found in the I4. I also found the handling of the cars to be very responsive.

    We added a Honda extended warranty (7 years, 100,000 miles) for $1,100. The whole process was very pleasant and the most stress we endured was from having to choose between the I4 and V6 models.
  • tfd123tfd123 Posts: 4
    I don't know, Howie. I just leased an LX (I know the LX-P MSRP is $1,000 higher) for $159/month, 36 months, 36,000 miles and wrote a check for $1,148 to the dealer, which included the first payment. Basically I paid a $595 bank fee, a $259 dealer doc fee, first payment of 168.94 (includes MA sales tax) and license/registration fee of $125.

    I think you might have been able to do better. The sale price on my car was $17,800. They really discounted it to get the deal done.
  • Can you please tell your Dealer name? I am also in NJ and have seen most of them offering LX for 18,300 plus destination, tax, tags
  • ambusherambusher Posts: 1
    I am planing on buying Honda Accord LX/EX, the best rate quote i have received so far is 19100 and 21800 respectively plus taxes, is this a good deal
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