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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Purchase 2011 Accord LX price S17699 (metal metalic, gray) from Gunn Honda in San Antonio, Texas. Plus TTL is $19100. I put down $10000 and the rest I loan at 0.9% for 36 months. Is is a good deal.
  • Sounds like a good deal, is that for the manual or automatic?
  • Where is Crosstour forum? Have I missed it? Was it deleted and not replaced?

    Any info is appreciated; many thanks!
  • I noticed it does not show up if you search honda forums and then look for crosstour as an option. It does still exist though - just search Honda Forums without selecting a model and you will find the Crosstour section - 3rd down I believe after Accord Sedan, and Accord Coupe forums.
  • Automatic.
    BTW, it is one simple price. There is no negotiation.
  • That makes it an even better deal.
  • I have a quote of $19,620 OTD for a 2010 Accord LX with automatic from Russell & Smith in Houston. Your deal is $500 less, and for a 2011 instead of a 2010. Do they have any left? I am only about 3 hours drive time from San Antonio.
  • Followup. I contacted Gunn Honda in San Antonio. The deal appears to be legitimate. They have gone up $200 as of today, and say they will be going up again before the end of the week. Right now, Tuesday, 12-21-2010, the deal is $17,899, $19,316 OTD. 2011 Accord LX Sedan, automatic. They have several, you get to choose your color. I am trying to get a similar deal in the Houston area, but the dealers I am talking to claim this price is NOT possible. Sounds like I will be taking a road trip, San Antonio is only about 3 hours away.
  • I was just quotted $23,650 plus tax & tags for a 2011 EX-L. That would make the OTD price approx. $25,500. I am hoping to close the deal this week so I would also like to know what others are paying for this vehicle. The price quotted is below inovice so the dealers must be getting some nice incentives that are not showing up on Edmunds.
  • ldw01ldw01 Posts: 2
    do any of you know there could be a larger variation in fees (beyond car price and car accessories)? I know there is a document (or processing) fee, Virginia dealers $399, and Maryland dealers $100. But there seem to be other fees involved that is not fixed amount. such as tag fee/handling fee etc. Also I was alerted possibly an Out of State purchase fee charged by MD dealers. Can anyone confirm? thanks for help

    I got quote from Amex purchasing program, the lowest quoted car price is not that much different, but untold fees may differentiate the OTD price.

    I am in NC, buying car in VA or MD
  • Has anyone purchased 2011 Honda Accord SE? I am getting $23,500 out the door price. I believe its a bit high. Any thoughts.....
  • sattisatti Posts: 1
    hey....i bought mine for $24,821 plus tax, tag, fee I got OTD for $25,459 EX-L in south carolina...I did my research and picked the best offer...
  • Bought an 09 accord in Dec 2010. Then an oddy in June of 10.
    But my FIRST new Car was side swiped (very lightly) but I cant take the fact that my FIRST new car got hit. So next friday on the 31st, Im going to Honda.
    Asking for a 2011, telling them Im going to pay 18500 for it. And ask for $16k on the one I own now.
    Hopefully it works. Im currently paying 2.9% financing. So I'll get the .9% financing and a new car.
    CROSSING my fingers.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    edited December 2010
    A good body shop can fix the car so YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL it's been side swiped.

    As long as you are on the public roads...there are idiots every where.

    Your not considering you will have to pay sales tax, license, etc. all over again.
    Save your money.
  • I bought 2011 Honda Accord EX-L with Pro Package & Tint for $25,000 out the door. I bought it at Gillman Honda in Houston Texas. I would like to thank everyone on this forum for helping me get this deal.
  • I want to buy 2011 Honda Coupe EX-L w/o nav. I am living in New York. Does anyone know the OTD price?
  • I am not sure why people wouldnt specify if its a v6 or v4 since EX-L comes in both.

    Will def. help others and would take the guessing game out.
  • Again v6 or v4?
  • V6 or V4? hehehe..

    May be the admin needs to put up a sticky..
  • Just bought a 2011 Accord EX-L in PA for 24,200 plus title,tags and tax. Was quoted $20,988.00 plus title, tags and tax on an SE.
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